war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Mr Belsey's List of Memorials in Dover

(to be finalised)





Additional Information

Town Memorial

Town Memorial, Biggin Street

Cornish granite blocks surmounted by bronze figure, bronze roll of honour around blocks (picture) 

5 Nov 1924 unveiled by Sir Roger Keyes, dedicated by  Arch-bishop of Canterbury

designed by Reginald Goulden, 1876 to 1932


new inscription for WWII 1949. rededication  6 Nov 1949 by Rev A. Stanley Cooper, St Mary's.

new plaques 6-13 April 1934 (designed by Muriel Goulden), 3 Dec 2000, 11 Nov 2009



10 Oct 1872)

stone cross (CWGC) (picture)


designed by Reginald Bloomfield


St James
29 Jan 1855)


great stone (picture)


designed by Edwin Lutyens

WWII area

stone cross (CWGC) (picture)


designed by Reginald Bloomfield

Zeebrugge Raid

stone cross for Drifter patrol (picture)




St Mary
21 May 1870)

headstone-shaped memorial to 22 Lascar seamen

erected 1916
by P&O line


inscribed partially in Arabic for some of the casualties from SS Maloja



St Mary's, Cannon Street

stone cross in churchyard (picture)

24 Nov 1921 unveiled by L/Col Christopher Davidson, dedicated by Bishop of Dover


replaced a shrine which hung in the nave

window (picture)

10 July 1980 dedicated by HM The Queen Mother


for Air Sea Rescue and Marine Craft of RAF throughout world, WWII 

memorial inside church, tablet of dark oak (picture) (words)

Trinity Sunday, 12 June 1949, unveiled by Senior Cinque Ports Pilot, Captain D Magub, dedicated by Bishop of Dover


Cinque ports Pilots WWI and WWII

seafarers' window(picture)

1 June 1958 dedicated by Bishop of Maidstone

  for the RN, the MN, Dutch Navy, Dover Harbour Board, Southern Railway, Cable Ships

St Paul's, Maison Dieu Road

wood crucifix, tablet at base (picture)

17 June 1917 unveiled by Fr Grady



St James, New       church severely damaged in WWII, and the memorial was destroyed by order of the Commissary General after names recorded in St Mary's Book

SS Peter and Paul, Charlton

two framed lists (words)




SS Peter and Paul, River

stone cross in churchyard (picture)

23 May 1921 unveiled by Col Cmdt Arthur Marindin, dedicated by Bishop of Croydon Rt Rev Henry Pereira


WWII panel added, dedicated 12 Nov 2000 by Rev Peter Bowers

three other memorials

Salem Baptist Church

brass plate on wood base (words)

unveiled by Mayor of Dover, C E Beaufoy, dedicated by Pastor, 17 March 1920, 18.30

made by William Norris and Co, Westminster


St Andrew's, Buckland

brass plate




Buckland Wesleyan

white marble on black slate (words)

5 May 1920 unveiled by Mayor of Dover

made by C A Ashdown of Dover

now the King's Hall

Christchurch, Folkestone Road

plate (picture)

23 Sept 1921 unveiled by Bishop of Dover Rt Rev Bilbrough


church demolished in 1970s, memorial now at Museum

Congregational, High Street (URC) (St Columba)

brass plate on wood base (words)

6 May 1921 unveiled by Rev E P Basden, service conducted by Rev D L Nichol


memorial moved to The Beacon

Beacon, London Road, formerly Primitive Methodist window to armed forces 2 July 1951 unveiled by H W Hopper, service by Rev Arthur T Slater    

London Road Primitive Methodist

window (words)

8 Oct 1919 unveiled by Rev W W Goldstraw


lost in WWII enemy action, new window to WWI and WWII unveiled 1 July 1951 - The Beacon

Unitarian, Adrian Street

tablet in church (words)

3 April 1920, unveiled by Rev C A Ginever



St Mary in Castro tablet
nominal roll
framed notice
framed notice
    to Stevens brothers,
of 29th Siege battery
service of Theodore Harvey
75th Cinque Ports regt RA (TA)
St Barnabas, Cherry Tree Avenue/Barton Road junction oak tablet of names 11 February 1929, dedicated by Rev E J Hampson at evensong made by Messrs Whittle & Co, Exeter built 1901 (memorial stone laid 9 Oct 1901) church severely damaged 22 August 1940 in shelling, demolished 1950s
Our Lady and St Martin, Snargate Street brass tablet on oak base (words)

7 November 1920, unveiled by Lieut-Col Jourdain, blessed by Father Gifkins

made by C A Ashdown church severely damaged in WWII, unused for worship since

Tower Hamlets Wesleyan Mission Hall

oak tablet of names in hall, also electric light installed

9 Nov 1921 unveiled by Mrs Sellens, Mayoress of Dover, dedicated by Rev Stephen Gill


memorial missing

Holy Trinity Memorial Hall tablet of names in the hall opened 13 July 1927 by Lady Hammond designed by Mr A T Miller of Castle Street, built by Messrs G Lewis and Sons of Widred Road.  


Dover Boys Grammar

window for WWI (picture)




sports pavilion for WWII, book of Remembrance in school (pictures - and others)



book created by Charles Rowlands


weathervane for airmen who were former pupils dedicated 11 Nov 2010 by Revd Andy Bawtree designed by Harry Platts, a pupil  

St Mary's School, Queen Street

brass plate WWI (words)

6 Feb 1921, unveiled by Mr F. Howells, president of Old Boys, dedicated by Canon William Elnor


school now pulled down

Book of Remembrance WWII (words) 15 May 1955, dedicated by Rev A Stanley Cooper A F Adams list of names now in St Mary's church book, Cannon Street

St Martin's School, Markland Road

tablet in marble and alabaster (picture)

11 Sept 1921 unveiled by Mayor Sir Edwin Farley, dedicated by Revs Edward Robinson and Walter Holyoak

made by C A Ashdown of Dover


Prince of Wales Sea Training School, Queen Street

memorial in building (picture)



school ended, memorial moved to Ingham in Norfolk, Jan 2007
for rededication events see here

Dover College, Folkestone Road

wood board inside school chapel

Royal Charter - the college itself acquired from founders in memory of its WWI casualties, charter 1923 George V, patron 

18 Nov 1921 dedicated by Bishop of Dover, Rt Rev Harold Bilbrough


WWII panel added

numerous plaques and other memorials

Duke of York's Royal Military School, Guston

stone cross (picture), and panels inside school chapel

27 June 1922, unveiled by HRH Duke of Connaught, dedicated by Rt Rev John Taylor-Smith, Chaplain General of Forces


also two scholarships founded as a memorial to Old Boy lost in WWI



Gas Works, Coombe Valley Road

photograph (words)

unveiled by Mrs Herring, wife of chairman


photo of Cpl Frederick Purser, only member of work force to die in WWI

East Kent Road Car Co

plaque with clock (picture and words)

3 Dec 1946 unveiled by Mr A Boynton, General Manager, dedicated by R A Cooper, St Mary's


now at Dover Transport Museum, Whitfield, Dover

SECR, Marine Station (Cruise Terminal)

stone surmounted by figures, names engraved on plaques behind (pictures)

28 Oct 1922, unveiled by Henry Bonsor, Chairman of SECR, dedicated by Bishop of Dover Rt Rev Harold Bilbrough

sculptor William King b 5 Oct 1884, cast at Mario Nanenti, Fulham Road, London

WWII panel and wording added 

National Westminster, Market Square

tablet inside to right of entrance, and photograph




Palmer's Coachbuilders wooden plaque
(picture and words)
Books of Remembrance

WWII Book of Remembrance

illuminated book (pictures)

dedicated 11 November 1951


in Town Hall, now at Dover Museum

Dover Patrol

illuminated book (pictures)

written 1921


in Town Hall, now at Dover Museum

1st/3rd Kent Battery

illuminated book (pictures)

15 April 1951, dedicated by Rev Stanley Cooper


in Town Hall, now at Dover Museum

St Mary's (church book, not to be confused with the St Mary's school book) list of numerous rolls of honour and other rolls (contents) (pictures) dedicated 9 September 1956 by Rev A Stanley Cooper   in St Mary's, Cannon Street
Air Sea Rescue and Marine Craft honours book
(picture and 
further pictures and transcription)
  written by R. Forbes-Morgan in 1980, letter in 1995 with three further names in St Mary's, Cannon Street


Trawler and Mine-Sweeper, Holy Trinity

wood panels (picture,words)

27 November 1918 dedicated by Bishop of Dover, Dr H Hilbrough, unveiled by Lady Keyes


when church pulled down, given to Dover Sea Scouts TS Lynx, later to Dover Museum

Battle of Britain Memorial Home, Queen Street

Senior Citizen Homes (picture)



from money raised for rebuilding Victoria Hospital after it suffered a direct hit

Merchant Navy Memorial pictures, words from unveiling 3 Sept 2008, dedicated by Rev David Ridley, unveiled by Winston Spencer Churchill sculpted by Vivien Mallock, creation led by Donald Hunter sea front by Gateway flats
Channel Dash Memorial pictures, words from unveiling dedicated by Rev Pewter Nixon, unveiled by First Sea Lord   sea front by Gateway flats
Miscellaneous plaques and panels crosses and monuments miscellaneous acts






Additional Information

Town Hall, Biggin Street



designed by Sir Edward Pointer, painted by William Waites

Crimean War and Indian Mutiny 1854-1857

Camden Square

stone memorial

erection began August 1861


India Mutiny 1857

St Mary's, Biggin Street


18 April 1912 unveiled by F/Marshall Earl Roberts, dedicated by Bishop of Dover


South African War Memorial 1899-1902

St Mary's in Castro




to men of no 6 co Eastern Division RGA, SA war 1900-01


two windows



safe return of two sons of Agnes Boynham, wife of late vicar, from SA war 1899-1902

Dover College

tablets in chapel



SA war 1899-1902



Church Situated Minister
    1923 1938 1949
Church of England
Christ Church Folkestone Road

E J T Stanley

F. Martyn Cundy

H Mark Russell
Holy Trinity Strond Street S E Prentice J Clayson  
St Andrew Buckland C H Bailey

G J Browne

G J Browne
St Bartholomew London Road J Embry

J Embry

D H P Priest
St Barnabas   E J Hampson E J Hampson  
St James Parish Maison Dieu Road T B Watkins C K Chadwick  
St James Old St James Street T B Watkins C K Chadwick  
St Martin Church Road

E C Robinson

E C Galpin

G A Gadpin
St Mary in Castro The Castle

no name recorded

R J Stockdale

A H Gibson
St Mary the Virgin Cannon Sreet

Canon W G Elnor

Canon W G Elnor

A Stanley Cooper
St Nicholas Church Hall Buckland Valley no name recorded   E Lucock
SS Peter and Paul Charlton C S Playfair E S BasantMatthews H W Budgen
St Peter River     C K Chadwick
Church of Scotland
Presbyterian Co-op Hall, Biggin St various    
Roman Catholic
St Paul Maison Dieu Road G W Grady, J P Evans O Leake, P Taggart M Fahey
St Martin 123 Snargate Street M G Grifkins R E Florance  
Unitarian Adrian Street J Yeomans no name recorded Chair: C W Chitty
Apostle Alexandra Place   no name recorded Pastor T K Mitchell
Central Gospel Hall Townwall Street   no name recorded  
Congregational High Street no name recorded no name recorded H J Coxon
Brother- and Sisterhood 1938 meets at Town Hall   Sec: S Meadows Sec: E J Sutton
Railway Mission Queen Street no name recorded    
Friends Meeting House Queen Street no name recorded no name recorded  
Salem Chapel (Baptist) Biggin Street Pastor W Holyoak Pastor S G Tweed Ch Sec F A Holmes JP
Salvation Army Citadel High Street no name recorded no name recorded Co'ding Ofr Maj S Evans
Tower Hamlets Mission Tower Street   Sister B Johncock S'pintd Minr: A T Udey
Church Belgrave Road   J Grainger S'pintd Minr: A T Udey
  Common Lane, River     S'pintd Minr: A T Udey
  London Road   J Grainger S'pintd Minr: A T Udey
  Snargate Street     S'pintd Minr: A T Udey
  Folkestone Road   R Lenton  
Chapel Maxton   J Grainger  
Primitive London Road A T Slater    
Primitive Chapel Belgrave Road A T Slater    
Primitive Chapel Maxton A T Slater    
Buckland London Road   E J W Harvey  
Wesley Folkestone Road     R Lenton
Wesley Snargate Street, Buckland, Wesley Hall, Tower Hamlets J C Whiting, A J Shields, W StephensGill    
Synagogue Northampton Street Rabbi I Barnstein P T Hart (president)  

 with very grateful thanks to A. G. Belsey
  extras and furthers by Marilyn S-K

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