war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

St Andrew, Buckland




To the Glory of God
and in Memory of Parishioners
who fell in the Great War
1914-1918 this Chapel of
St Thomas has been furnished

F C Bailey
B J Bailey
A Baldry
T J Ballard
W E C Bean
H E Blythe
R J Brann
G Brown
G F Brice
W C Brice
R Bulloch
D E T Cannon
W H Claw
J E T Colemn
J M Coleman
E Coley
T G Cook
S B Cook
F Cook
A G Cork
H Cork
R J Dixon
P V Dixon
A E Durban
G A Ellis
H B Fisher
R H Fisher
R H Fisher
C W Freeman
H H Fry
T H Gill
F H Gillman
H Goldsmith
F G Goodwin
A Grant
H K Graves
P Harding
A J J Hare
M W Hogben
R S Holland
D R B Pott
W F H Chandler
J Howard
H J Husk
F J Husk
T E Kennett
E T King
E J Kingsford
J Kingsford
S W Knott
S G Lee
W I G R Maxted
J W Metcalfe
E W Minter
R J Mutton
A J McKay
M Norris
F Oliver
J J Pain
G T Palmer
S J A Palmer
W E Parker
W H Pettet
F C Purser
R S Reader
R E Reader
A V Reid
W J V Riches
H Russell
W C R Saunders
H Sharman
G H Simmonds
V J Skiggs
E W Solley
F J Symes
E W Thomas
J J B Thompson
T Tinnermans
C E Webb
A Wells
E Wells
E G Whiteman
S Stephenson

A new east window was dedicated on 11 December 1949, replacing the one destroyed by enemy action

pictures by Simon Chambers

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