war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

The Book of Remembrance

The list of all names in the Book is here
The Dedication Order of Service is here  

The World War II Book of Remembrance is now kept at Dover Museum Front ocover of book, brown with gold lettering, by Simon Chambers These are illustrative images from its pages
title page, Borough of Dover, Book of Remembrance 1939-1945 The page right reads:

This Book of Remembrance contains a record of the names of the men and women of Dover who died in the service of their King and Country during the Second World War (1939-1945).

It includes members of the civil Defence Services and those of the Civilian population who lost their lives in enemy air attacks and cross-channel bombardments of the Town

"Their name liveth for Evermore"
Ecclesiasticus Ch 44 vv 14

introductory page, by Simon Chambers
page with names beginning with A, Abbott to Arbuckle, calligraphy script, illustrated first letter of first two names, border at bottom, with leaves and flowers, by Simon Chambers some from the page of names beginning with S, Smissen to Stanford, by Somon Chambers W and Y name page, surnames Wisdom to Young, with flower and leaf lower border, and at the bottom a portcullis and two small boats, by Simon Chambers
above - the first page of names, beginning with "A"

centre above - a centre page, with names beginning with "S"

end page, produced by A R Adams, on Goatskin Parchment by Wiggins Teape, by Simon Chambers above - the last page, with names beginning with "W" and "Y"

left - maker's credits on final page, with D C Judd as designer and artist

with grateful thanks to Bryan Williams, of Dover Museum
note: the shadows on the images are owing to lighting conditions, not marks on the pages 

The list of all names in the Book is here
The Dedication Order of Service is here

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