war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Dover Patrol Book of Remembrance


An image of the Dover Patrol obelisk is here, and transcriptions are here

the book cover, brown with gilt lettering, by Simon Chambers
title page, Dover Patrol, Book of Remembrance in gilt lettering, with image of the obelisk, by Simon Chambers illuminated introduction, by Simon Chambers
first page of calligraphy, of extracts from works about the Dover patrol, by Simon Chambers transcription of above: This Book of Remembrance, being written in the year 1921, contains a record of the names of all those who died in the service of their King and Country whilst serving in, or attached to, the Dover Patrol.
They died that we might live
May we be worthy of their sacrifice

left: this is one of two pages at the front of the book about the Patrol. A transcription of them both is here

The Book was also known as
The Golden Book

first page, surnames beginning with A, first letter of first name illustrated, Abbott to Allbones, by Simon Chambers end page, surnames Y, Yeadon to Young, by Simon Chambers
page with "U" entries, including unidentified seamen, 2, and unidentified naval ratings 14, buried at St James cemetery, Dover, also the surname Urguhart, by Simon Chambers

with grateful thanks to Bryan Williams, of Dover Museum
note: the shadows on the images are owing to lighting conditions, not marks on the pages 

An image of the Dover Patrol obelisk is here and transcriptions are here

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