war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

The Grammar School for Boys




The school is situated at Astor Avenue, Dover

stained glass window at Boys' Grammar, by Simon Chambers

This Memorial  for those who died in World War I is a window. It is situated half way up the stairs in the entrance hall.

The inscription reads:



In honoured memory of Old Boys of the school who gave their lives
for King and Country in the Great War 1914-1919




The Old Boys are:

panel of names 1, by Simon Chambers panel of names 2, by Simon Chambers
panel of names 3, by Simon Chambers panel of names 4, by Simon Chambers


S W J Barron
G L Belson
L Broadbridge
V A E Brown
W J Coley
A E Durban
A T Eaves
R A Ellender
A W Evans
M R Fishwick
T J G Gates
A Gleeson
E T Goldfinch
F G Goodwin
F G Graves
A L Hadlow
P E R Hardy
R S Holland
H J R Hosking
R A Igglesden
G Keightley
L W Knell
C C MacWalter
J J Magub
C H Minter
D Parker
R Reeder
AW Stewart
R H P Ward
G E J Williams
A F Worster

All are commemorated on the Town War Memorial except Boy Scout R H P Ward

May we recommend also a search of the school photos held at The School Archives, maintained by Paul Skelton, where some of our casualties are pictured, for example, in school sports teams.

1906 Football R A Ellender
1908 Football M R Fishwick
R Reeder
1909 Football A F Worster
R Reeder
E G Coombs (?)
1910 Football R Reeder
1914 Football
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
G Tunnell?
R H Ward
G L Belson
1915 Football O Tunnell (master)
1917 In Memoriam H J R Hosking

with thanks to A. G. Belsey

For more about the Grammar School memorials, see "We Remember 06"

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