war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Dover College

The school is situated at Effingham Crescent, Dover

(In the School Chapel)

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Old Dovorians gained 58 DSOs and 89 MCs during the Great War. 177 former pupils died; They are listed below.

These, at the call of King and Country, left all that was dear to them, endured hardness, faced danger, and finally passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self-sacrifice, giving up their own lives that others might live in freedom

Alderson A E Chawner M A Gallagher R H
Ames I W Child H A Geard W L
Ames R H Churchill C H M Gilchrist R C
Ames W K Clarke S S S Gillespie F M
Amesbury H F R Coles C Gillespie W R B
Barrett C R Cromie H J Gordon G D
Barrett H H G Cromie M F Gray A A
Barker W G S Cundell C Greenstreet F G
Barsto M W Cuthbert O R (see Dorking Museum) Greig M J
Bayard A R R Darwall J R Grover E B
Bearblock C H Dicken A Hakewill T G
Berry J A Dodson J E Hall D H
Bidgood T A T Dore A C Hebden-Phillips F R
Billing C G Dougherty L B C Halley C R B
Blagrove C R Drake-Brockman L A Hallward K L
Boddam-Whiltham A C Drake-Brockman R Z Harrington P W
Riach N M S Driver G S D Harris R M
Brabazon Hon E W M East H J Harrison A L
Bradley C M Elverson R W Harrison H G
Bradley G M Faire C S Harrison M Ci
Briggs H K Farley H W Hathorn G H V
Brooking H C A Featherstone C F Hathorn N McD
Bruce H K W Fitzwilliams J K L Hawes E H
Bryan I S Follit C A R Hayes-Newington C W
Cam A N Forbes G T R Hickson S V E
Card A U Frampton W J G S Hill F C
Carr A G H Frere F J H T Hillyer W H
Carter C S Frischling G H Howard D B
Chapman A R Fry C E Hunt E W A
Charsley R B Gale W N Johnstone R M
Johns T E Gagnier R Kearns A C R
  Follit J R  

arms from the panel; the shield of UK and N Ireland arms from the panel; non recuso laborem, I do not refuse work, Dover College mottoo

Kendall E H Podevin G S Stevens G V
Lamb H G W Quartley T W Stilwell M J
Lambert A F Rawes D Thorpe N J
Logan L S Rawle W R Thuillier G F
Lucas W H Revell R A Todd C W
Lynch P F Ridsdale R H Towse C H
Lynham F C Robertson-Ross P M Towse W N
MacFarlane W H Robinson A L Turner B A
MacKenzie C A C Robinson C E B Upton R M
Mahoney R H Robinson G D Vance J
Manby C J Robinson H P Waithman V de V
Markham J A Rogers D S Wallace H B
McLeod J H N Rose E D Wampach C C J
Mello A Ross R M F Ward W A B K
Mello P Schneiders A M Jacob C
Mercer L C Selby M Waterfall V
Meyer-Griffith H W G Sellers G E Watson A V C
Mills T L Shepherd G A G Watson F
Mole H P Sherren A O Watson G
Murray A G W Sherren H G Wellesley C G V
Nevill W P Simmons C D Wellesley R A
Newcome G Sloper G O Wills J G
Nicholas W W Smart G H Wilson C E
Orr J B Smith R C Wolferstan C R
Osborn G A C Smith T B Wood R E
Owen R H Smith-Rewse H B W Wrenford A L
Payton C M Squire B B Wynne E R L
Pelton K K Stanley E H P Wynter H T
Pyman C K L Statham H K L Young G N G
Pyman R L Steel E A Youngman J M
Perry-Ayscough H G C Smithett E C G Bradley G L H

For the Second World War Memorial Board, click here
For the College plaques, click here

with thanks to the staff and pupils of the College for all their help

* with apologies for the quality of some images - which was why we saved our pennies and subsequently upgraded the camera!
All pictures, Simon John Chambers

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