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Salem Baptist

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The church is situated in Maison Dieu Road


Salem Baptist chruch, Maison Dieu Road, Dover, by Simon Chambers


The memorial is a brass plate on a wood base, and was made by William Norris and Co, Westminster. It was unveiled by the Mayor, Councillor C E Beaufoy,  and dedicated by the Pastor of 1903 to 1932, Rev Walter Holyoak (died 26th December 1944).

It cost £30 10s, less an allowance for the packing case, and was paid for by donations, with the remainder of £17 3s 9d made up from the Wyborn  Bequest. It was moved to the new church at Maison Dieu Road in the 1970s when the Biggin Street site was sold to Boots plc.

with thanks to: Tony Belsey

In Remembrance
of our Friends
who Laid Down their Lives
in the Great War
1914 - 1919
Francis A Hall
a Sunday scholar killed in an air raid
H Terry
J W Keely H Stevens  J Allen

J Stageman E T Richards
H J Cheeseman W S B Laslett
F W Banks A V Rigden
H E Parker J F Rigden
F J Vale D Wyborn
G Harris E J Edmond
P W F Parker A G Cloke
C J Crepin J A G Sarsons
G F Baker A R Breeze
T Baldwin
L Upton H H Landall
H B Burrows H Tester
J E Mount J P McMahon
F J Croft
T D Jackson
"Who through faith waxed valiant in fight"


PO1 Harry Terry
Sgt Joseph William Keely
Pte Harry Stevens
Pte John Allen
Gnr John Stageman
Francis Amos Hall
AB Edward Thomas Richards
Pte Herbert John Cheeseman
Pte William Samuel Barrett Laslett
Sgt Frank William Banks
Pte Albert Victor Rigden
Pte Harry Edward Parker (David)
Pte James Frank Rigden
Pte Fredrick John Vale
 David Wyborn
Pte George Harris
Corp Edwin James Edmond
Corp Percy W F Parker
Pte Arthur George Cloke
Pte Charles Joseph Crepin
Lc Corp James Alexander George Sarsons
DR George Frank Baker
Pte Alfred Richard Breeze
Stoker PO Thomas Baldwin
Sgt Louis Upton
Pte Hubert Harold Landall
Pte Henry Basil Burrows
Rifleman Harry Tester
DR Joseph Edward Mount
Pte James Patrick McMahon
Sgt Major Frederick James Croft
L Aircraftsman Thomas Douglas Jackson

Francis Amos Hall was a child civilian casualty; he is buried at Charlton
Pte Laslett was shot by a sniper
Corp Edmond died from gastritis at Shorncliffe
Pte Crepin died from heat stroke
DR Baker was killed by a shell
Pte Burrows died after amputation operation, necessitated by wounds
Pte McMahon died from poisoning
Sgt Maj Croft died from pneumonia at Gillingham after returning from Singapore
L Aircraftsman Jackson died from influenza after field operations

There is also a memorial for George William Stokes and his wife Margaret Ingram Stokes, née Whittaker, who were killed in the Boxer rising, on 9th July 1900. An In Memoriam in the Dover Express for 12 July 1901 reads:  "In loving memory of G W S, the second son of R T and L P Stokes of St James's Streeet, Dover. Also of Margaret, his second wife, the youngest daughter of the late Benjamin Whitaker, of Leeds and Liverpool, who were massacred at Taiyuen Fu Shansi, N China, July 9th 1900." Forty-five Christian missionaries and local church members, including children, were beheaded.

with thanks to Tony Belsey

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