war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Beacon Church and Christian Centre

The church is situated in London Road



The "Good Shepherd" window in the church is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the wars. The words read:

Theirs is the supreme sacrifice - Ours the sacred memory
In remembrance of those who lost their lives in the
Armed Forces from Buckland and this Church in World
War 1914-1918 and from this Church in World War 1939-1945

detail from window




It was one of three new windows and seven replacements of windows destroyed by enemy action, unveiled in 1951 in the presence of Cllr Fish, the Mayor.

old church, probably 1901Like so many buildings in Dover, the church itself is a war casualty. The part that remains standing today is the back chapel. When it was erected, the building was much larger, extending to the edge of the London Road. the picture (left) is from 1901. In 1928 the church was enlarged again.

Bombardment in the Second World War destroyed much of frontage, and the remains had to be removed. The former church area was then used as part of the highway, developed into a convenient lay by for buses to stop safely. The white car in the modern picture above is parked within the former bounds of the church. 

Peter Street chapel


Opposite is the former Peter Street Chapel. This was a Methodist chapel, built in 1860.


The Beacon was formerly the London Road Primitive Methodist Church and is now also is the combined home of St Columba and the Tower Hamlets Wesleyan Mission  








pictures by Simon Chambers
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