war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Trawler and Mine-Sweeping Patrol

Dover 1914-1919

image of memorial

The memorial is made from teak and the copper cross from HMS Britannia. On the shelf in front, on the day of dedication, there were four shell cases containing white chrysanthemums. (see note beneath the casualty lists for more information)


This memorial was originally in Holy Trinity Church, Strond Street, where the men of the Dover Trawler and Minesweeping Patrol had worshipped since the beginning of the Great War. It was dedicated by the Bishop of Dover (Dr H Bilbrough) on 27th November 1918. That day the King had crossed the channel, accompanied by Sir Roger Keyes, to show his gratitude to the troops, prisoners of war were beginning to return, and the Dover Barrage had been removed.

During his address the Bishop said, "Those who have gone out from this harbour have won a name that will last in all history by what they have accomplished."  He added, "There is no need for you to have a memorial of them; they will be carried for ever in your hearts, the memory of them and their friendship with you, but yet you will feel that it is right that what honour we can do in their memory should be done by the erection of such a memorial. And for the rest it is certainly right for those who have not known them, and for those who will live in future generations, that there should be for all time that perpetual memorial to remind them of what men did in those days of war, and the sacrifice they made as an inspiration to all in the coming generations for truer service and higher sacrifices."

The memorial was unveiled by Lady Keyes.

Names were added to the Memorial from the Mine Clearance work in the Dover Straights after the war. The last addition was Robert Swindle, killed 15th May 1919. In 1945, Holy Trinity was demolished, and the memorial given to TS Lynx, the Sea Cadets HQ at Archcliffe Fort. When they moved to Old Broadlees School near the Castle, the Memorial was given to Dover Museum.

"Greater Love Hath No Man Than This" 

Left Hand Leaf

Centre Panel (Left)

Ridding, J.H. (S.Lt.)

Fielder, A. (P.O.1)

Brown, D. (S.Lt)

Allen, F. (P.O.1)

Sutton, E.A. (W.Tel.)

Randall, F. (Sea.)

Merton, W.H. (Lt.)

Lambie, J.N. (D.H.)

Winpenny, F.R. (S.Lt.)

Shelley, W.(2.Eng)

Calder, H. (Lt. Comdr.)

Smith, G. (Stwd.)

Pender, F.W. (A.E.)

Moore, W. (Cook)

Macintosh, J.A. (S.Lt.)

Major, G. (As. Stwd.)

Sandford, J. (Skpr.)

Manning, A.W. (Sig. By.)

Saunders, R. (Skpr.)

Moss, W.H. (Tr.)

West, G. (Skpr.)

Mott, A.S. (Fmn. Tr.)

Rose, G.A. (Skpr.)

Ayles, K. (Fmn. Tr.)

Pearce, I (Skpr.)

Pritchard, E. (Grsr.)

Kay, T. (Skpr.)

Carling, H. (A.B.)

Roberts, R.E. (Lt.)

Draper, E. (As. Stwd.)

Brown, W.J. (2.Eng.)

Alward, H. (3.Eng)

Fair, W. (3.Eng.)

Turner, S.C. (As. Ck.)

Clark, J. (Lt.)

Church, E. (Sig. By.)

Shaw, J. (E.S.Lt.)

Clarke, J.H. (Tr.)

Geddes, A. (Skpr.)

Eniff, T.M. (Tr.)

Williams, F.J. (Skpr)

Midgeley, A. (Dk. Hd. Ck.)

King, C. (Lt)

Fitzgerald, W.E. (Tr.)

Pearce, B.J. (2.Eng.)

Harvey, J. (Eng.)

Rowland, S. (Skpr.)

Wignall, R.C. (2 Hd.)

Bee, G. (C.Skpr.)

Abbott, W.L. (Eng)

Sayer DSC, A.E. (Skpr)

Martin, J. (Tr.)

Carpenter, G. (Skpr.)

Bayes, J.T. (D.H.)

Sinclair, P.C. (Skpr)

Jones, J. (T.R.)

Jackson, J.M. (Cmdr.)

Lee, J.S. (D.H.)

Linwood, F. (Wt. T.)

Jones, W. (Sea)

Richardson, H. (E.S.Lt.)

Cloke, A.G. (Tr.)

McClorry, J.R. (Lt.)

Batty, J. (Eng.)

Brown, W.H. (2nd H.)

Norgate, F. (2 HD)

Norris, H. (D.H.)

Stephenson, T. (Tr.)

Smith, H. (D.H.)

Howling, T.S. (Tr.)

Boyle, W. (Tr.)

Grunnell, H. (D.H.)

Freeman, C. (2.HD.)

Joynes, H. (D.H.)

Howe, A.G. (Eng.)

Chilvers, J. (D.H.)

Baker, T. (D.H.)

McKinnon, C. (Sea.)

May, T. (D.H.)

Thomas, W.H. (Eng.)

Clay, J. (D.H.)

Large, N. (Tr.)

Hill, W.E. (Tr.)

Hunt, T. (Tr.)

Millet, J.R. (2.HD.)

Gordon, G.W. (D.H.)

Martin, A. (D.H.)

Bessant, P. (D.H.)

Low, H. (Eng.)

Bentley, W.J. (D.H.)

Ramster, A. (Tr.)

Morrison, D. (Sea.)

Baldry, W. (D.H.)

McKay, H.J. (2.HD.)

Wright, F. (Tr.)

Thomas, W.H. (A.B.)

McLachan, D. (Skpr.)

Barkham, S. (D.H.)

Butt, F.J. (Sea.)

Griffiths, T. (Eng.)

Boniface, W. (C.P.O.)

Barker, J.W. (D.H.)

Brown, J. (Tr.)

Walters, S.A. (Tr.)

Jones, D. (Sto.)

Riddel, J.H. (D.H.)

Smailes, G. (Eng.)

Griffin, J. (D.H.)

Lorimer, T. (Tr.)

Coulson, J. (Engr)

Proffitt, C.M. (D.H.)

Astrop, G.W. (Sea)

Tomlinson, T. (D.H.)

Kirk, G.H. (D.H.)

Charlers, R. (D.H.)

Stafford, R.L. (Eng.)

Forrest, J. (D.H.)

Sleeth, J.F. (Eng.)

Brook, C.W. (Eng.)

Burton, J.E. (Tr)

McPhail, J. (D.H.)

Norton, F. (Tr.)

Robertson, P. (2.H.)

Evans, F. (D.H.)

Denney, A. (Tr.)

Baker, R.S. (D.H.)

Longman, J. (Ldg.Tr.)

Simpson, C.E. (D.H.)

Pilbeam, A.E. (P.O.2)

Langmaid, J. (Ldg. D.H)

Brook, R.J. (2.H.D.)

Drew, W. (2.Hd)

Murphy, J. (D.H.)

Taylor, S. (Sea.)

Godfrey, J. (Sea.)

James, J. (Sea.)

Glenner, G. (D.H.)

Sharman, G. (D.H.)

Stout, W. (D.H.)

Bennett, G.H. (Engr.)

Paiton, G. (2.Hd)

Gibbon, T.E. (Tr.)

Raper, W.T. (D.H.)

McLennan, D. (D.H.)

Burgess, A. (D.H.

Panther, C. (Tel.)

Walker, J. (Sig. By.)

Warden, C. (D.H.)

Bray, R. (Tr.)

McPherson, A. (As.Stwd)

Smith, E. (Eng.)

Houston, R. (Stwd)

Shea, P. (Sea.)

Tuffin, A. (P.O. (Pen))

Sparkes, S. (Sea.)

Graves, W. (Tr.)

Greaves, R. (O.Tel.)

McKay, D. (Sea.)

West, G. (Tr.)

Miller, D. (Sea.)

O'Connor, W.T. (O.Tel.)

Lewis, W. (Tr.)

Stone, F. (Cook)

Monk, A.G. (Tr.)

Southwell, J. (2.Hd.)

McDougall, P. (D.H.)

Rayfield, A. (Eng.)

Halls, G. (A.B.)



Centre Panel (Right)

Right Hand Leaf

McDermott, J. (D.H.)

Grimes, J. (Sea.)

Jones, T.O. (Sea.)

Passey, H.A. (Sig.)

Cavanan, W. (Sea.)

Manning, W.J. (D.H.)

Hilton, E. (W.T.O.1)

Knell, I (L.S.)

Armstrong, H.E. (Sig.)

Monak, J.G. (Sea.)

Myleshurst, D. (Ldg.Tr.)

Taylor, A. (Tr.)

McLeod, D. (D.H.)

Leask, C. (Sea)

Smith, G.H. (Tr.)

Hawley, J.H. (Sig.By.)

Wooton, E. (Stwd.)

Skinner, P.A. (Tr.)

Spillane, D. (As.Stwd.)

Judges, M.F. (Ldg.Tr.)

Pickering, A. (Sig.By.)

Ryder, W.T. (Tr.)

Rae, J. (Tel.)

Bilsborough, J. (Tr.)

Williams, O. (Tel.)

Rendall, G. (Eng.)

Mitchell, W. (Sea.)

Larkin, J.C. (Tr.)

Jackson, W. (Tr.)

Gee, F.W. (2.HD)

Colvin, A. (2.HD)

Robertson, J.L. (2HD)

Innes, A.J. (D.H.)

Lynch, J. (D.H.)

Hutchinson, W. (O.Tel)

Corstorphine, A. (Tr.)

Weedon, J.F. (Eng.)

McNeal, R. (D.H.)

Kennett, G. (D.H.)

Morton, H. (D.H.)

Pitcher, R.W. (D.H.)

Davies, W.J. (D.H.)

Jones, T. (D.H.)

Cotter, W. (Eng.)

Leadley, F. (D.H.)

Vicars, F. (Eng.)

Wake, J.L. (Tr.)

Reese, J. (Tel.)

Aird, J. (Sea.)

Prince, H. (Sea.)

Anderson, G. (Eng.)

Benyon, J. (Sea.)

Wills, J.A. (D.H.)

Osborne, T.H. (D.By.)

Milner, T. (Tr.)

Smith, R.P. (D.H.)

Sheares, W.P. (Tr.)

Blunshond, G. (Tr.)

Gordon, F. (Tr.)

Armstrong, W.J. (Tr.)

Gould, F.C. (Sea.)

Nunn, H.G. (D.H.)

Southern, A. (Sea.)

Bloomsfield, C.W. (O.Tel.)

Hulston, E.H. (Sig.)

Binnington, J.F. (Tel.)



Bennett, R. (O.Tel.)

Kingsbury, W.F. (Tr.)

Roberts, G. (Tel)

Titmuss, E.R. (2 W.Tr.)

Speight, E. (O.S.)

Walton, R.H. (Sig.)

Stephen, G. (2HD)

Trenoweth, R. (Lt.)

Forrest, J. (O.S.)

Bowman, H.M. (W.R.N.S.)

Morton, J. (Eng.)

Springall, V. (D.H.)

Jacobs, R.G. (Eng.)

Haire, A. (Sto.)

Well, A. (Tr.)

Child, C.R. (D.H.)

Stewart, J. (D.H.)

Bentley, J.H. (2HD)

Bennyworth, H. (Eng.)

Johnston, W. (L. Tr.)

Rees, R. (Tr.)

Flook, H. (Sig.)

Main, D. (D.H.)

Hawkins, A.R. (Lt.)

Hunn, W.G. (D.H.)

Bissett, J.D. (Eng.)

Napier, A. (Engmn.)

Allen, E.C. (Sto.2)

McDonald, J. (Tr.)

Pople, F.R. (Sto.2)

Flynn, J. (Sea.)

Dennis, W.F. (P.O.1)

Payne, J. (D.H.)

McLeod, J. (D.H.)

Watson, J. (Tr.)

McLeod, M. (D.H.)

Cawley, A. (D.H.)

McLeod, A.J. (D.H.)

Reading, R. (2.HD)

McIver, D. (D.H.)

Hodgson, J. (D.H.)

Campbell, M. (D.H.)

Benny, W.H. (O.S.)

O'Connell, G. (2.Eng,)

Belton, A.W. (O.Tel.)

Butcher, W. (D.H.)

Lambert, G. (O.Tel.)

Jeffery, R. (Sea.)

Ford, W.J. (A.B.)

McGowan, J. (Sea.)

Fielding, H. (Tel.)

Moore, C.A. (O.S)

Cotton, A.H. (L.S.)

Lynch, P. (L.Tr.)

Middleton, H. (2.Hd.)

Tinley, W. (C.P.O.)

Farquharson, J. (Tr.)

Davidson, A. (D.H.)

Bird, C. (As.St.)

Swindle, R. (O.S.)

Holmes, J. (D.H.)


Hyslop, R.F. (Tr.)


Cook, W. (D.H.)


Peterson, H. (Sea.)


O'Hare, R. (Sea.)


Green, J.W. (D.H.)


Woodhouse, F. (D.H.)


Portz, F. (D.H.)


Chaulk, R. (Sea.)


Smith, J. (Tr.)


Marlow, A.J. (Eng.)


Wright, F. (D.H.)


McLean, H. (Tr.)


Gatehouse, W.J.(D.H.)


Huntley, F.G.P. (Sto.2)


Anderson, H. (Sto.2)


Appleby, F. (Tr.)


Johnston, P. (Tr.)


Harrison, H. (2HD)


On the brass plaque on the frame is written:

Davidson, G.T. (Sub-Lieut.) 

"In Affectionate Remembrance of George Thorold Davidson, Sub-Lieut. RNVR, Hood Battalion Royal Naval Division Oct 25 1916 And in Memory of the Officers and Men of the Trawlers and Minesweeping Patrol who have made the Supreme Sacrifice"



A.B.                  Able Seaman

A.E.                  Assistant Engineer

As.Ck.              Assistant Cook

As. Stwd           Assistant Steward

C. Skpr             Chief Skipper (Area Skipper?)

Cmdr                Commander

C.P.O.              Chief Petty Officer

Cook                 Cook

D.By.                Donkey Boy or Deck Boy

Dk. Hd. Ck.       Deck Hand Cook?

D.H.                  Deckhand

Eng.                 Engineer

2.Eng.               2nd Engineer

3.Eng.               3rd Engineer

Engmn.             Engineman

E.S.Lt.              Engineer Sub-Lieutenant

Fmn. Tr.            Fireman Trimmer

Grsr.                 Greaser

2.HD./2nd H.       Second Hand

Ldg. D.H.          Leading Deck Hand

Ldg. Tr.             Leading Trimmer

L.S.                  Leading Seaman

Lt.                    Lieutenant

Lt. Cmdr.           Lieutenant-Commander

O.S.                 Ordinary Seaman

O.Tel.               Ordinary Telegraphist

P.O.1.               Petty Officer First Class

P.O. 2               Petty Officer Second Class

P.O. (Pen)         Petty Officer (Pensioner)

S.Lt                  Sub-Lietenant

Sea.                 Seaman

Sig.                  Signalman/Signaller

Sig. By                         Signal Boy

Skpr.                Skipper

Sto                   Stoker

Sto.2                Stoker II

Stwd                 Steward

Tel.                   Telegraphist

Tr.                    Trimmer

W.R.N.S.          Womens Royal Naval Service

W.Tel or Wt.T.   Warrant Telegraphist

2 Wtr.               Second Writer

W. T.O.1           Wireless Telegraph Operator (First Class?)

with grateful thanks to Mark Frost, Dover Museum, who supplied the picture and the transcriptions, and Joyce Banks who supplied the dedication service information

memorial at St Kenelm, by Simon ChambersFurther Information

At St Kenelm, the church at Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire, is a smaller but very similar memorial (right). Before removal to the church, it hung in the village street, near the public house.

On the left-hand edge is a small plaque (below), with the words "Made from timber removed from HMS Britannia, Cadet Training Ship at Dartmouth, 1869-1905". On the right-hand edge is a twin plaque, bearing the words "Manufactured by Hughes, Bolckow, and Co, Ltd, Battleship Wharf, Blyth, and 10 Dover Street, London, W."

Hughes, Bolckow and Co were shipbreakers, and made from the scrap many different items, including garden furniture, cabinets, tables, lanterns, candlestick holders, coppers - and, it seems, memorials. 


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