St Peter and St Paul, Charlton

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The church is situated by Frith Road and was consecrated on 18 April 1893, replacing the older church near the riverside.

St Alban window church

Inside the church are two windows, to Saints Alban and Herbert, dedicated for the safe return from the South African campaign of Herbert and Alban Boynham, the two sons of a former incumbent

St Herbert window

roll of honour roll of honour
European War
Roll of Honour
European War
Roll of Honour
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man
 lay down his life for his friends
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man
 lay down his life for his friends
Albert Dearlove
Lionel Halford Hughes
William Stewart Blackett
Henry Burley
Robert Myles Heywood
William Dunn
Gordon Osborn
Raymond Parsons
George Sandeman
Horace Benjamin Tucker
Vere de Hoghton
Sydney Bordeaux Cook
Robert O'Lone
Henry Edwin Daniell
Francis Daniell
John Huskisson Parr-Dudley*
Harold Church
Walter Ernest Hanwell
John Allen Mills
Humphry W. Arden
John Thomas Hanson
John Butcher
Cecil Francis Jackson
Percy John Maxted
Thomas Wall
Henry Nicholass
Maurice Paul Tierney
Cecil Percy John Bromley
Henry Frederick Barton
Harry Le Marchant Lovell
William Charles Parsons
Stanley James Parsons
Robert James Dowle
Reginald Victor Dunn
Albert Ernest Heron
Stanhope Douglas William
Geoffrey Church
William Menzies
C.Roy Barrett
Frank Hall
     Arthur James Nash
Bernard Ponny
Cuthbert H C Wills
Godfrey Cook
Rolland Sutton Franks
James Alexander Sarsons
Michael Bridgeland Reeves
Charles Kingsnorth
Henry Charles Nicholas
Frederick Richard Coppard
John Collon Fox
Harold Cave
Frederick Stephen Hall
George Bloomfield
Albert Victor Harris
William Robert Dowle
Charles Edward Ellis
Montague William Johnson
Grant them, Lord, Eternal Rest, and let light
perpetual shine upon them
Grant them, Lord, Eternal Rest, and let light
perpetual shine upon them

interior of church

At the north west end of the church there is an unusual memento of the Second World War. The last north west pillar is displaced on its column (see right). We were told it was lifted by the shock of an explosion in September 1944, during one of the last of the many enemy bombardments suffered by Dover

displacement of pillar  

church through the trees


(Above) Charlton church from Frith Road. The cross atop the pinnacle was dedicated on Monday 4th June, 1951, to replace the one damaged in the war.

The Rector, Rev H W Budgen (left), climbed up the scaffolding then in place, a distance of 70 feet, or over a hundred rungs of the ladders, to perform the ceremony, accompanied by his churchwarden and two workmen.

In the picture below, by Martin Jacolette, Dover photographer, the older Charlton church may be seen in the foreground. It was demolished at the end of the 19th century

the two Charlton churches, imaged by Martin Jacolette, from the collection of D and C Borratt





*John Huskisson Parr-Dudley was known as "Husky" to his comrades

pictures by Simon Chambers

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