war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

The Prince of Wales Sea Training School



The Prince of Wales Sea Training School was located in Dover, off York Street, between 1953 and 1975. The premises are now boarded up, and awaiting a decision on their future.  

view of the Sea Training School, a large white building, by Simon Chambers


Seafarers' Centre, Snargate StreetAfter the closure of the School, the plaque for those Old Boys who lost their lives in World War II was housed in the Seafarers' Centre in Snargate Street (right). It was moved from Dover to Ingham in Norfolk in January 2007. (See the Dedication Ceremony)

The plaque and a transcribed list of names may be seen on the Prince of Wales Sea Training School Society website, at this page. Browse awhile! The website itself is most informative, with more about the Dover School (including views of the inside from 2002) and aspects of old Dover, as well as much about the Sea Training School and its Old Boys. There is also a forum. The home page for the Society website is here


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