Civilian Service of
Remembrance and Thanksgiving - 2007

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Time for Photos

standard bearers

It was a beautiful ceremony. We'd like to thank very much the superb association standard bearers - the Royal Air Force, Burma Star, Royal Tank Regiment, Merchant Navy, Royal Engineers, Queen's Own Buffs, and two from the Royal British Legion.


three VIPs

above: Colonel Kevin Cotten and Cllr Bob Markham, with Burma Star veteran Albert Bennett, 94 years of age

right: John Cork with Marie-Christine Livermore, councillor from Sangatte, France

John and Marie-Christine


walking home

"As we wend our way homewards" ... Alan Taylor, Marie-Christine Livermore, John Cork, and Brian Dixon


And finally - the unsung star backstage. Here's master stonemason Ivor Spencer, in his workshop at Spencer and Cleverley's, who created the new memorial.

Ivor Spencer

So very many people came together, to remember those we lost from our town. So many people helped, advised, supported, and worked hard behind the scenes. Dover does not forget those we mourned, Dovorians still have that warm-hearted and proud sense of community, forged in the darkest times. Thank you to you all.

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all photos Simon Chambers

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