Civilian Service of
Remembrance and Thanksgiving - 2007

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John Cork

John CorkWe are here to pay our respects at the final resting place of Freddie and his father.

I would like to express my thanks to Dorne Easton, and to Marilyn and Simon of the Dover War Memorial project for their research in finding Freddie’s grave. A place I never knew about.

Let us not forget all those Dovorians that they have researched and found. They were just names on war memorials. Now there are facts, photographs, and details about them.

On the Dover War Memorial is listed J J Cork, who was my uncle, and now in their project there is more information about him.

Those of us who knew Freddie will remember his chubby face and his delightful smile.

As his best school friend I remember the scrapes we had. The war stories and adventures we got up to. That’s another story, but to me, fond memories.

Over 60 years have passed since he was killed but not a day goes by without thoughts of Freddie. Not gloomy but fond memories of our time together. I will never forget him.

Not goodbye, Freddie, just a fond farewell.

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John Cork, by Simon Chambers
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