Civilian Service of
Remembrance and Thanksgiving - 2007

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St Mary's, from Stembrook

Virgin Mary, detail of windowTuesday, 6th November, 2007, was the day we welcomed many friends, old and new, to the Service of Remembrance for the Civilians of Dover who lost their lives in the two World Wars, and the Thanksgiving for those brave people who defended us. That included especially our friends from Canada, under whose command the enemy guns along the French coast, that had for over four years bombarded our town with shells, were finally captured and silenced. St Mary's, painted on east window

The service was held at St Mary the Virgin, Cannon Street, Dover. There's been a church on the site since the 11th century. but most of the present outlines date from the 1840s, when a full-scale restoration was undertaken.

The church itself is a casualty of the Second World War:  a replacement east window was just one of the works needed after war damage. Left is a detail from the window, showing the Virgin Mary.

Particularly charming are the small painted pictures at the base of the window, depicting landmarks in Dover. Right is St Mary's church, as seen by the artist. 


There's a ring of eight bells at St Mary's, with the tenor in E at just over 15 cwt. Bellringers called the congregation to worship.

congregation arriving






We were delighted to welcome Colonel Kevin Cotten, CD, from the Canadian High Commission, and The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Dover, Councillor Bob Markham.  procession

Kevin and Bob

At exactly 10.30 am, the cross led the procession down the aisle.


With Ralph at the organ, the congregation rose to sing  the hymn "Praise my soul the King of Heaven". The Reverend David Ridley welcomed the congregation.
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all photos Simon Chambers, except procession, Michael Munn

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