Civilian Service of
Remembrance and Thanksgiving - 2007

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The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Dover

Bob with AlbertHis school friends have remembered little Freddie for over 60 years, and those memories have brought us all here today.

There is something unique in Dover. It's probably the main thing I noticed when first I moved here. If you do not know the person someone is talking about, you will know their Auntie, brother, or maybe their neighbour. This is something that I believe can only happen in a place that has seen such tragedy and despair and has fought together shoulder to shoulder to overcome.

The Town is like a big family and they never forget their own. I'm very proud to be here with you all today to share with you your special memories.

The whole Town of Dover is a Memorial. All around us are modern buildings amid older ones, where homes were destroyed in the shelling and bombing. Caves and shelters, where people took refuge during the many raids.

As we go about our business in our town let us look out and see. The memories are still there.

Let us never forget how many lost their lives, that we might live in peace.

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photo: Cllr Bob Markham with Albert Bennett, by Michael Munn

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