war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


Readers' Questions


Can you help answer these readers' questions? Please contact us if you can

Foundry for the Dover War Memorial

Where was the figure on our beautiful memorial cast? We know that Richard Reginald Goulden cast at least three of his works at the Thames Ditton foundry owned by Arthur Brian Burton. Did he use the same foundry for any of the figures of Youth (see "Wee Willie")?

If you have any information - or even clues - please do let us know.

Clifford Edward R. Fox and Frank Albert Fox

These two brothers both lost their lives serving with the RAF during the Second World War. Clifford was born on 5 March 1922 at Caister, and served under the number 1332445 with 135 Pathfinder Squadron (Lancasters). As a Wireless Operator he was stationed at RAF Bexwell, Downham Market, Norfolk; he died returning from a raid on Nuremburg in MkIII Lancaster F2-'C' Charlie, ND711. The plane was shot down over the small northern village of Herschbach and it crashed and exploded on impact east of Steinen. He is buried at the Rheinberg War Cemetery, Berlin, grave 10 B 14.

Frank was born a year after his brother, on 6 June 1923, possibly in Hamburg. He was baptised in England on 26 June. He was an Air Gunner and Flight Sergeant, originally in the Volunteer Reserve, stationed at RAF Bardney and RAF Fulbeck, Lincolnshire with 189 Squadron (Lancasters). He died on 2 February 1945 in a night-time raid on Karlsruhe. he is buried at the Durnback War Cemetery, Germany, grave 1 F 18.

They were the sons of Edward Albert Fox, born at Runton, Norfolk, on 6 November 1896, and Edith May Fox, née Goffin, who was born in 1901 in the village of California, Norfolk. The couple had married in 1921, and Mr Fox had been a waiter at the Manor Hotel, Caister.

Do you know anything about these brothers? Perhaps you're even a relative. If so, please do contact us.

Unknown Soldiers

The photos below probably were school or family friends of Lucy Rowland, who lived in Folkestone Road, Dover. Do you know who any of them are? If so, please do let us know, quoting set 2707.


Dover Fire Service

In this picture of firefighters outside Ladywell, Dover, are two of the men who received George Crosses during the "Sandhurst" incident of 27 July 1940 in Dover Harbour (see plaque on this page and account in "From the Front" - Summer 2013). Ernest Harmer and (probably) Alexander Campbell are seated, 2nd and 4th from left respectively.

Also present is Lionel Hudsmith, 3rd from left in the row standing, a recipient of the King's Commendation for Brave Conduct in the same action.

8th from left in that standing row is probably Harold Wade, and seated between Ernest Harmer, 3rd from left, is James William Flack.

With thanks to John Walton for identifying some of these men. If you know any of them, please do contact us

Two Brothers?

We recently obtained this postcard, left.

Might they be brothers?

Any information at all would be very welcome.







Dover Fire Service during World War II

A reader is researching Firefighters in Dover and also the surrounding areas, during the Second World War. If you have any information or even memories, please do let us know

Daisy Eaves?

This lady was a member of the St Martin's School Old Boys' Association. The school is in Markland Road, Dover, and Tommy Eaves (Alfred Thomas Eaves) was a master there before he lost his life in the Great War. Tommy was one of the casualties featured in the Unknown Warrior project, and there is much more information about him here, here and here.

While her husband was in the trenches, Mrs Daisy Eaves, formerly Daisy Love, took Tommy's role in teaching the boys at the school. She continued teaching there until her retirement. We believe she died in 1971, possibly in Folkestone.

We suspect that this may be a picture of Mrs Eaves, but have not been able to confirm this. Do you know? Or can you tell us any more about Mrs Eaves - perhaps you even remember her. Please let us know.


A Corporal of the Royal Berkshire Regiment

Who is this corporal, in the centre at the front, wearing hospital blues? The badge on his cap has been identified as from the Royal Berkshire Regiment, and he has been awarded a Distinguished Conduct Medal during the Great War.

On his right is a lady named Eliza Joanna Jameson, and she was a florist in Hackney, where she was born and lived all her life.

Can you identify the corporal, or any of the other people in the picture? Or where - possibly about 1917? - and why the picture might have been taken?

If you can help, please let us know



set 1105/47An Event in Castle Street, Dover

There are crowds watching as servicemen pass by, sometime in the early 20th century. But what is the even and what is the procession?

If you know, please tell us




Dover Lifeguards Memorabilia

If anyone has any memorabilia, memories, or information for Dover Lifeguard, please do let us know. They are compiling the history of the club, and would love to hear from anyone who can help them.

The Lifeguards are the custodians of the magnificent Keith Gillman memorial cup, presented in his memory by his parents and awarded to the winners of an annual open-water race in the harbour.

The Unknown Warriors

Kindly sent to us were these four photos of young men, seeking their families. Do you know who they are? Could you be related?

Please tell us, and help our unknown warriors return home. 

George Graves, March 29th 1917

Sincerely yours, Benj J Booker
23rd (Res) Batt London Regt 29/6/18

F. Harvey, 53rd Rifle Brigade 1/12/17

Yours sincerely, Walter S Wheeler

One answer: Joyce Banks has found some service records relating to Benjamin James Booker, of 47 Strond Street, Dover.
Update - 2 May 2015: We're delighted to say that Benjamin Booker's granddaughter has contacted us, and his photo has returned home.

George Walker, Albert Edward Labbett, and William J Elston

During the Second World War,  George Walker, serving with the RAF somewhere in the north of England, met Albert Labbett, veteran of Dunkirk. George came from St Vincent and the Grenadines, where Albert's uncle, William J Elston, was buried on 12 February 1897. William had died at the age of 23 from pleurisy, while serving aboard HMS Talbot.

George offered on his return to St Vincent to take a photograph of the grave and send it to Albert, to pass on to his mother Lucy, William's sister. Albert's family are trying to trace relatives of George Walker, to reiterate their thanks and gratitude for George's kindness. We know that George had a sister, Olive, and that George was not a pilot but  serving in the role of perhaps "wireless technician"

Do you know anything about George, and could maybe help reunite Albert's family with George Walker's?  If so, do please let us know  

Seeking relatives or friends of:

Jack Leonard Miriams, died 20 January 1944

Albert or Alfred Ward, died 23 October 1943

If you are a relative or friend of these two casualties,  please would you contact us as we have some news to pass on.

Queries raised by burial information

While working through records, we come across service people who have died and who are not commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Yet we wonder if their deaths may have been war-related, either through illness or injury received on service or through enemy action at home. They're listed here:

Unresolved Queries

If you have any information, do please let us know.

Harry and Vernon Hudson.

They were twin brothers, who both served in the Great War. A book author in Canada who is studying twins who served in war-time would like to learn more about them, and contact relatives. If you can help, please do let us know 

More about the twins, with pictures, is here

E. G. Port

E. G. Port was a CSM and later, we believe, Lieutenant in 2nd battalion, The Buffs during the Great War. His home address was 11 Knotts Terrace, North Street, Ashford, Kent.

A reader is trying to trace surviving relatives of CSM Port. The reader's grandfather was killed in action in Belgium in March 1915, and subsequent to his death, CSM Port sent a "detailed and very moving letter" to his widow.

If you know of any such relatives - or if you are one yourself! - we would love to hear from you.  

Thomas Kelt

Do you know anything about Thomas Kelt? Please contact us if you do. He was an ex-Gunner in the 13th Battery, 7th Regiment, Royal Artillery. He died on 14th January 1946 at the Cottage Hospital, Sidcup, "after great suffering, so bravely borne with fortitude".  He was the dearly-loved son of Mrs and the late Mr Kelt (Jock) from 100 Heathfield Avenue, Dover. Jock Kelt died on 3 November 1939. An in memoriam notice in 1948 was placed stating, "Proud cherished memories of a beloved son and brother, Gunner Tom Kelt." from Mother, Charlie, and Hilda

The 1938-39 Street Book has listed:
Kelt T. 100 Heathfield Avenue.
Kelt C. W. 25, Mayfield Avenue.
The 1948-49 Street Book has listed:
Kelt Amy, 100 Heathfield Avenue

"A soldier and a man"

courtesy of Dover Express


Left: Tom Kelt, who served during the Great War. Of the London Regiment, attached to the KRRC, also late MGS and The Buffs, had served for two years by November 1917. He also had a large number of relatives serving. Tom's father had served with the Black Watch in South Africa, for which he held medals and bars.



courtesy Ann Richards and David BorrettA Little Friend

This delightful picture of two little friends was taken in the 1920s. The lad on the right is John Daniel Bernard Borrett, the nephew of Great War casualty John Collon Fox; his sister Madeline's son.


We believe the picture was taken in Dover - John Borrett lived at Astley Avenue in the town. But who is the lad on the left? His name may have been Archie. It looks as though the two boys are standing near memorial plinths of some sort.

If you can recognise the place or the boys, or offer any clues at all, do please do contact us


Cinque Ports Pilots - Leslie Gillespie

This comes from a lady in Australia. It is a small (silver?) desk plaque (the pen is included to indicate the size), and it was given to Leslie John Gillespie. The words read:

silver plaque

Presented to
L. J. Gillespie
by the Fellowship of Cinque Ports Pilots
As a memento of his stay in Dover
During the Great War of

Does anyone know why this might have been presented, and does anyone have any information about Leslie Gillespie? Please let us know   

Coach Trimmers in Dover - Cyril Beeston

In the early part of the 20th century, Dover had a number of coachers. Cyril Beeston was the brother of one of our casualties, Reginald. Their father had died, and Cyril was apprenticed to a coach trimmers' shop.  

That's the shop, on the right. Does anyone recognise anyone in the photograph, or know where this workshop might have been? Do let us know

Update: 27th November 2008 A reader may be  the granddaughter of one of the people pictured. We are now trying to contact her.

coach trimmers

Cairo - 70th General Hospital

These two pictures are of Ward D, No 7, of the Hospital, and were taken on 24th February 1918.  They were found in an album of photographs from a car boot sale.  Do you recognise them? If so, please tell us.







St Bartholomew's School, Dover

We're trying to find pictures of infants' classes from this school from around 1938 to 1944. Please tell us if you know of any.

Henry Thomas Allery

Private Allery served in the Australian Imperial Forces. There are more details about him here. A reader would like to know more about Private Allery's service in The Buffs and his family when they lived in Dover.  Can you help?

William Bernard Traynor - VC

William Traynor, Kent Messenger Group

We have been sent a lovely postcard picture of Mr William Traynor, well-known in Dover between and just after the wars as our VC winner. He gained his VC in the South Africa campaign. More details about him are here

This is a detail from the whole picture. Does anyone know what might have been the occasion, and to whom Mr Traynor is speaking? Behind the group is a shop, which we've identified as belonging to MacLeod and Company. Where might this shop have been?

If you can help, please do contact us

Update - 16 February 2008. Thank you to Joyce Banks, who found a reference to a MacLeod housewares shop at 1 High Street, Dover, in 1948-9. It's now known as White's, and is on the corner of Effingham Crescent. 

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