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Queries on Service Casualties

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While working through records, we come across service people who have died and who (if they have died in the recorded years) are not commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Yet we wonder if their deaths may have been war-related, either through illness or injury received on service or through enemy action at home. Do please let us know if you have any information about them.

With thanks to Joyce Banks for her work on burial and in memoriam records.


John Avery, born 30 December 1886 at Maxton Hill, Dover died on 13 September 1917 after two years' residence at at Kent County Lunatic Asylum, suffering from TB in both lungs. He had served in the Royal Field Artillery. .


HITCHMAN, Charles Henry, Mercantile Seaman, aged 21, 35 Union Road, buried 24 October - 1Y? -16, mentioned on gravestone of Edward Hitchman, also Merchant Seaman, died 21 January 1917 on active service.


JONES, William David, Army Pensioner, Age 46, 8 Charlton Green, 4 May, Charlton 1.G 26.

FRIEND, George, late of Leicester Regiment, died 25 June 1918 at 44 Kitchener Road, from result of shell shock, at age of 39 years. He had been at the Front twice since he joined the army in March 1916. His relatives did not wish the funeral to be a military one. Mourners included Mr and Mrs William Friend, brother and sister-in-law. Cemetery unknown. 23 Feb 2010 - Further information: He was suffering from degeneration of his spinal cord which was not the result of but was exacerbated by war service. He had been discharged as no longer physically fit for war service. Service record notes

MASTERS, John, an ex-Gunner of the RGA, who died about 28 March 1918 at 42 Tower Hamlets Road, aged 26, "after much suffering, patiently borne". 


POTTER, George William, who served with the 87 Canadians. he was born in Dover on 10th May 1897 to G W Potter, and was working as a printer when he enlisted on 3rd July 1915. He then lived at 11533 92nd Street, Edmonton Street, Alberta, and had served in the Alberta Dragoons for around three months. He had brown eyes and dark brown hair and was five feet seven inches tall, with a mole on his stomach and warts on his left thumb. . He is buried in Canada

memorial gates at Stone1920

GROVES, Thomas Arthur, Private 1st bn Suffolks, died Mental Hospital, Stone, nr Aylesbury, buried 2 October from 17 Chapel Hill, aged 20, Buckland, 2593

St John's hospital no longer exists; it was demolished and replaced by a housing estate. There is a new road, St John's Drive.  These gates are the War Memorial for Stone, with the Fallen from both World Wars named on the plaques.




DAVIES, Arthur, ex soldier, aged 22, died St Thomas Hospital, buried 27 May 1921, from 110 Buckland Avenue, Buckland, 1983


HOOD, James Bradley or Broadley, 231038, born Dover on 26 December 1886, buried 19 June, died Keycol Sanatorium, Bobbing, Buckland 1788


HARRISON, Bob, late Captain of 2nd Royal West Kent Regiment, passed away 2 June, father to Margaret and Bobs


BUTCHER, Mary Elizabeth, née McMillan, born 1923 in Dover, married on 22 November 1941 in Dover to Cyril Butcher, serving in the WRNS. Died on 8 December 1942, aged 20 at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Waldershare. Her husband was unable to attend the funeral at St Paul's RC church as he was on service abroad. Mrs Butcher is buried at St James.


FOAD, Thomas William, buried 25 August 1943 from 38 Lowther Road, where he died on 20 August aged 26, at St Mary, grave 8FH, Seaman in Merchant Navy born 30 October 1916. Husband of the late Vera Joan Foad, eldest son of Mr Thomas William and Mrs Lily Florence Foad of 35 Odo Road. "Out of sadness into sunshine". (now confirmed, not war-related cause) Mrs Foad was the sister of Robert Charles Watson. (left, in memoriam announcements from 1944)


PAYNE , John Charles, Bosun, MN, died 11 January 1944, Charlton.


ALLEN, Frank Stewart, died 15 June at the RAF Hospital, Karachi, India. "In sad but loving remembrance of my dear husband" (1946). He was the youngest son of the late William E Allen, Trinity House pilot, and Mrs Emma Allen, of 1 Gordon Villas, 209 Folkestone Road, Dover. He had nine brothers and sisters, including Emma, Nellie, Minnie, Edith, Lilian, and Arthur. His brother, William Allen, was a civilian casualty in March 1943, and he was the uncle of Cyril Arthur Allen

RUSSELL, Robert Leslie, AB Merchant Navy, died SS Mi? RAF Gosport, aged 24, buried 30 October from 112 Snargate Street, his address at probate. His probate shows he died at sea on 24 October 1945. Effects were to Hilda Olive Ivy Russell, wife of James Russell. Buried St Mary's 22GH. "Treasured thoughts and loving memories of our dear son Bob (MN), accidentally killed on 24 October 1945. From Mum, Dad, Dennis, and John." 1949

SMITH. In ever loving memory of our dear son and brother, Ormond Basil Smith (Nibbo) Grenadier Guards, who passed away 3 September 1945. From his loving Mum, Dad, Sister, Aunts, Uncles and Gran.


WITHERS, Edwin Charles James, late of the RA, who died ("after much suffering, patiently endured") on 9 May 1947 at 24 Devonshire Road, the home of his mother. He was 33 and the husband of Norah S Withers. He was buried at St Mary's, with a gun carriage and bearer party supplied by the Royal Artillery


ROBSON, Michael S B, aged 47 years, at 281 London Road, Dover, on 3 December 1948. Buried at Charlton. His widow and son Mr P Robson and his wife were amongst the mourners, as were many representatives from the RA Association. The 47th Coast Regiment R.A. provided the gun-carriage and firing party, and sergeants acted as bearers. Floral tributes included those from Messrs Worsfold and Hayward and staff, Dover Armament Sub-District (All ranks and civilian staff), Officers and other ranks of 47th Coast Regiment R.A.


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