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World War I



Surnames A

Adams, S. F.
Sydney Fox Adams, 55555, was a Private Signaller in the 15th battalion of the Essex Regiment. He died on 11 February 1919 at the 5th Stationery Hospital Dieppe from bronchial pneumonia. He was 34. He is buried in the Janval Cemetery, Dieppe, France. II E 5

Christened at Charlton on 31 January 1902, he was the "dearly beloved" son of Anne and John William Adams. In 1901 and 1911 he was living with his widowed mother Anne, a tailoress, at 37 Dour Street, Dover. He was then working as a grocer's assistant and a shop assistant respectively.

The gravestone is in Charlton cemetery, and reads:

gravestone at Charlton, by Joyce Banks  

In Loving Memory
Annie Adams
Who died April 4 1922
Aged 66 Years


Also Her Son
Sidney Fox Adams
Who died in France February 11 1918
Aged 34 Years
"Rest in Peace"


photo and transcription, Joyce Banks

Could I have raised his dying head,
Or heard his last farewell,
The pain would not have been so hard
For I who loved him so well. 1919

Allery, H. T. 
Henry Thomas Allery, 396, was born at Deptford the son of Henry William and Julia Allery. He was five feet six inches tall with brown eyes and hair. He had a tattoo and a burn scar on his right fore-arm 

He was nearly 35 years old and was working as a bricklayer in Fremantle, Australia, when war was declared. Before going to Australia he had twelve years of service in the East Kent Regiment. He immediately offered his services again and joined the Australian Imperial Force. He was assigned to the 11th Battalion and by September 1914 had the rank of Corporal  but reverted to Private in January 1915

He left Fremantle on 2 November 1914 aboard the "Ascanius" and landed at Gallipoli on April 25 1915. He served until he was wounded in a left foot toe and admitted to hospital on "Ionian" on 1 May. He was evacuated to Egypt but returned to Gallipoli in June and in July was severely wounded in the abdomen by shrapnel, dying on the day of his admittance 5 July 1915 on board the hospital ship "Neuralia" He was buried at sea and is commemorated on the Lone Pine memorial, Turkey. Panel 33

Henry's mother died in 1897. Mr Allery, his father, went to Dover to live with his daughter, Julia Ann. She was married to Harold Goodwin Brewer, and they were the parents of Albert Brewer

During the war his father lived at 1 Sunnybank, Tower Hamlets, Dover. A further associated address was 46 St James Street, Dover, also the home of Harold and Julia Brewer, parents of Albert. His father later lived at 29 Gardner's Court, Chatham

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(Andrew is keen to know more about Private Allery's service in the Buffs and his family  in  Dover. If  you can help please contact us)

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