war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


Vimy Ridge - 90 Years On


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Royal Standard of Canada
flags, as caption
Maple Leaf and Ensign
inspecting the troops, the Vimy Memorial in the background closer image of Queen inspecting the troops
The Queen inspects the Troops

returning from inspecting the troops

the speech from Doninique de Villepin

M. Dominique de Villepin, Prime Minister of French Republic:

"The heroes of Vimy died to defend values which have constantly united us and brought us together: values of peace, freedom, tolerance and respect for man."

the speech from Stephen Harper

Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

"Every nation has a creation story to tell.

The First World War and the battle of Vimy Ridge are central to the story of our country."

bugler on the edge of the memorial, Royal standard in foreground
Last Post
violinist on the edge of the memorial, Royal standard in foreground
The Queen making her speech

Her Majesty, The Queen:

"Canada's commemorative monument at Vimy shows Canada's great strength and its commitment to freedom and also shows the deep solidarity that links Canada and France.

And lastly, it certainly shows the bravery, courage and sacrifice of the courageous Canadians that inspired a young nation to become a great nation.

To their eternal remembrance, to those who have recently lost their lives in Afghanistan, to Canada, and to all who would serve the cause of freedom, I rededicate this magnificently restored memorial."

The full texts of the speeches may be found here
on the hill crest, Royal standard in foreground
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The end of the ceremony - marching off

the colours leave the field

But memories remain. To this day the site around Vimy Ridge is pockmarked by shell holes. Many areas are not safe to enter, for buried there are explosives - undetonated and still live after nine decades.

No one knows how many bodies lie, undiscovered and alone, in land that no one will ever walk again. 

all photographs are by Simon John Chambers

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