war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


Vimy Ridge - 90 Years On


The Vimy memorial, with crowds gathering around it
Good Morning, Vimy
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Aerial view of Vimy, taken from a poster on display. The ceremony was held in the lawned triangle
Two Mounties
On the right, Ewen Booth. Both his grandfathers fought in the Great War in France.
Canadian Virtual Memorial stand
There were a ...
British soldier's billet, with re-enactor
...number of displays
Canadian heritage stand students photographing one of the stands
interviewing John Newell a newspaper reporter talking to veterans
The media were much in evidence


John Newell was at Vimy when the Memorial was first dedicated. The white badge beside his poppy reads "Canadian Legion - 1936 - Vimy Pilgrimage"

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One of the French guides
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Chai Kalevar, One World
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Pipe Major Mitchell Bain, Seaforths
visitros having their photo taken with gendarmes
Gathering for the ...
band and civilians gathering
...rededication ceremony

all photographs are by Simon John Chambers

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