war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


Vimy Ridge - 90 Years On


This, signifying a special friendship and honour, was granted to Canadian Troops on 8th April 2007.

The town hall, with its impossibly high tower and beautiful gilding, stands in the Place des Heroes
Arras Town Hall
three figures some twelve feet tall, representing a man, woman, and boy
Giants of Artois and Flanders
the buildings were hung with banners proclaiming "first battle of arras"
Commemorative signs
the French and Canadian flags, fixed to the balcony of the town hall
Tricoleur and Maple Leaf
two six metere wooden gates, especially erected,  in the centre of the place des heroes
The gates for the freedom
the crowd, with behind them members of the media with cameras
Part of the crowd in La Place des Heroes, awaiting the ceremony
this man was himself a veteran, pictured with a cameraman
Representing a first nation, the Cree
a member of the public, with a miniature Canada flag, and behind a windmill in Canada colours
Canada colours
Stephen Harper at a lectern in the square, giving a speech
Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada ...
as caption - the French mayor wears a tricoleur sash
 ... with Jean-Marie Vanlerenberghe, Mayor of Arras
seated by plant pots - the square was decorated with red, white, and blue flowers
Veterans and others awaiting the parade for the Freedom of the City of Arras

all photographs are by Simon John Chambers

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