Civilian Service of
Remembrance and Thanksgiving - 2007

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Albert Bennett


Sixty years on, but where have they gone?
As memories come to us now that still linger on.
We give thanks for all those years of peace,
And pray that in time all wars will cease.
For those who gave their lives to save us then,
May we never forget our debt to them.
And today, may each of us in our own way,
Look to the future with Faith and hope and say;
Now and forever we shall always remember them.

And then, as with the passing of the years,
we try to hide the sorrow, and the tears,
And with our faces changing and growing lined,
We will always try to keep in mind,
Those who did not return, like me and you,
Or lived to see their dreams come true.
The pains that we suffer may be the sign of age,
But having lived our span on this world's stage,
If God should give us that extra time to play,
Let us give him our thanks, for each and every day.

photo: Michael Munn
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