The Prince of Wales Sea Training School

  Page 4 - Old Hall - unveiling of Commemorative Plaque

Red Duster The Old Hall
The Red Ensign ("Red Duster") flying at the doorway to the Old Hall, Ingham
John Sail Andy Gale, John Sail, and Revd Potterton
Captain John Sail, the National Chairman of the Merchant Navy Association, unveils the commemorative PWSTS plaque at the Old Hall. There is a similar plaque on the lighthouse at the Prince of Wales pier, Dover Andy Gale, John Sail, and Revd Potterton beside the newly- unveiled plaque
plaque, PWSTS
"Dedicated to all the boys and staff of the Prince of Wales Sea Training School at Ingham. The knowledge and commitment of the staff of the British Sailors' Society gave the boys skills to become men of the sea. The sea made them men. From the four corners of the world they came and to the four corners of the world they have returned."  
After the unveiling everyone went back to the Village Hall.
ladies serving the lunch cutting the cake
The lovely ladies of Ingham provided elevensies before the dedication, and a super lunch afterwards. Andy cut a commemorative cake
... and there was more time to chat ...



Jenny Gale is ex-RN. Her father, William Porte, after 22 years in the Navy, became an instructor at PWSTS, Ingham. He went with the school to Dover, where Jenny was born and grew up.



Ted Hartwell came to Ingham in the severe winter of 1947.  A taxi brought him from the station between 12 foot high banks of snow.

Capt Colenutt


Charles Colenutt was at the PWSTS in 1945. He later moved to Toronto. Although he has been retired 14 years he still captains a charter boat.



Ted Dean, in his 1965 Zephyr Mark III. He was at the school in 1944.

group photo of Old Boys
Old Boys of the PWSTS, with Ingham church, where the WWII plaque now hands, in the background.

pictures by Simon John Chambers

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