The Prince of Wales Sea Training School

Page 3 - After the Service

plaque, with candle

the old ensign from the school

old boy giving the thumbs up sign to the plaque, by Simon Chambers

The unveiled plaque. The ladies of Ingham  have kindly said fresh flowers will always be placed by the plaque. . The old school ensign, now hanging in the church Thumbs Up! Bob Ball, an old boy, salutes the Memorial plaque

Mrs Pollard with kneeler, with PWSTS logo on the design

the two buglers

Enid Pollard, with the PWSTS kneeler especially made by Margaret Bargewell. It was dedicated during the service for the School and in memory of Mrs Dunsby, once cook at the School.  Tim Thirst and his son, Robert, the two buglers during the service

people looking at the exhibition, by Simon Chambers

people looking at the exhibition, by Simon Chambers

people looking at the exhibition, by Simon Chambers

The exhibition attracted much interest. There were many pictures, and old boy Tony Sullivan (1953) brought along memorabilia, including his old kit bag. 

Tony remembers two lasses from the village, and has been hoping to renew acquaintance. He hasn't found the first girl yet but ...  ... here is the other! Joan, nee Ames, easily recognisable half a century later by the same big smile.

A reunion. Here's Tony, with Joan, pointing to her picture. There must be much to talk about.

But first - it's time to go to the Old Hall, where the School used to be. It's now a residential home, and the owner has kindly permitted a commemorative plaque to be placed near the entrance. This too will be unveiled today.

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pictures by Simon John Chambers

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