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World War I

World War II Shelters

On 5 November 1917, the Air-Raid Shelters subcommittee reported that the following public shelters had been or were being provided, and that when completed they would be able to shelter 25,000 people. At that date 1,500 had been spent in constructing shelters

Pier Infants' School Viaduct Arch Viaduct Spur
Caves at Oil Mill Barracks Grand Shaft Guard Room, North Military Road
Sailors' and Soldiers' Home Snargate Street Finiss's Hill
Leney's Brewery Leney's Mineral Water Factory Navy and Army Canteen Stores
Trevanion Caves R E Caves Bussey's Caves
Police Staton School of Art Town Hall Crypt (part)
Pepper's Cave Connaught Park Jam Stores, Bridge Street
County School for Boys Crabble Railway Arch Sanitary Stem Laundry
Mannering's Mill Bradley's Stores Lloyd's Bank
Archcliffe Fort Army Pay Corps Offices, Buckland Mr Wakefield's, Chapel Hill
Dover Priory (2) Palmer's Carriage Works Dover Engineering Works
Burlington Hotel Beaufoy's Cave Military Hill (near Christchurch)
Military Hill (back of Clarendon Place (2) Markland Road Widred Road
Chapel Hill Tower Hamlets Chalk Pit St Radigund's Road
Co-operative Stores, River Maxton Brewery (2)  

The subcommittee recommended that further shelters be constructed, and that appeals should be made for voluntary labour:

Top of Belgrave Road Glenfield Road Grace Terrace, Heathfield Avenue
West Mount, Dover College Junior School Bunker's Hill Clarendon Place (short street, about half way along
Top of Astley Avenue The dug-out adjoining the Army Pay Corps, Buckland, for use at night

Meanwhile, kerbs, posts, trees (around 350), etc were being whitened to assist visibility in the black-out.The cost to 5 November 1917 amounted to 11 0s 8d

Trevanion Street - following a petition by residents that chairs should be lent to them for use when sheltering in the caves, the Town Council resolved on 30 May 1916 that 50 chairs would be provided
. Mr T Grimer lent the caves for the purposes of shelter. On 28 September 1916, the Council heard that the lessee of the caves had offered to surrender his lease to the Council, as he was unwilling to take responsibility of supervising the use of the caves during raids. It was recommended that a member of the police force should be in attendance on those occasions.

Bussey's Caves - on request by Alderman Bussey, the Council was resolved on 30 May 1916 that 25 chairs should be lent to people taking shelter in the caves belonging to Messrs J W Bussey and Co.

On 5 November it was recommended that  notices be placed in the shelters warning persons not to drink, smoke, or use bad language

extracts from the Dover Town Council Minutes
with thanks to Jon Iveson


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