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World War I


airship raids

aeroplane raids














first bomb - Christmas Eve 1914, courtesy Dover Express office


370 bombs, 85 shells: approximately 26 killed and 75 injured. In Dover 207 bombs and shells were dropped on an area less than 3 square miles, a density of over 69 impacts per square mile. London received the most bombs, 800, but over 144 square miles. this was a density of 5.5 impacts per square mile. 


     image - a German artist's depiction of the first ever bomb raid on English soil




Date Name Injury Location
24 December

Mr Banks

bruises when knocked out of a tree Terson's Garden, Leyburn Rd (he working in neighbouring garden of St.James's Rectory cutting holly for decoration)


Date Name Injury and Notes Location

23 January


James Browning  

bomb came through the roof and exploded in the upper room, Mr Sladden killed

Red Lion Pub, St. James's Street
George Gambrill  
Richard Willis  
Daisy Marlow (14)  

7th bomb hit wall at back of Cottages, frag-ments hit the children, also Mrs Philpott in bed in an upstairs room (Mrs Philpott believed to have died some months later)

Golden Cross Cottages
Grace Marlow (10)  
3rd girl child  
Julia Philpott (71)   2 Golden Cross Place (off St James)
19 March Maude Lloyd

right arm amputated, left seriously hurt, also broken jaw

bomb fell in the back of the workshop, Mrs James killed

Barwick's Workshop, Northampton Street
Florence Collier slight/or leg amputated?
Sister Vincent injured by glass bomb exploded on roof Convent and Home, Eastbrook Place
W J Burford     New Mogul Inn, Chapel Place
Joseph W. Mickle     2 Clyde Villas, Church Road
J Nichols      
Mr Clarks      
three men

injured by splinters thrown some distance

Mary Ann Asseling, née Gilshnan severe shock

an invalid on her way to hospital, she arrived by cab in Dover during the raid

died 22 June 1916 at St Margaret's, aged 71
20 May

Mrs Bridges Bloxham/Bloxaham?

struck by bomb fragment in her bedroom, level with the road

bomb exploded in the middle of the road

Military Hill
a man      


Date Name Injury and Notes Location
2 September Mrs Daisy Warman


slightly hurt

a bomb fell on the roof of the cottages, but blew the wall of the bedroom out, rather than expending its energy inside the room

18 Castlemount Cottages
Leslie Starham      
John Wilson      
Mrs Sergent detained in hospital lived at no 6 - was she the woman blown bodily out of her cottage? Prospect Cottages/Maison Dieu Post Office
Mrs Knight (King?)  
4 September

Mr. G. Smith

leg broken: his wife and father-in-law (Mr Little) died

a bomb smashed the backs of nos 4 and 6 Widred Road 4 Widred Road
Mrs Voller   6 Widred Road
Master Voller  
Mrs Hollands   15 Widred Road
a boy slight injury bomb hit front of house, bed-rooms remained Mr Burwood's house, 14 Odo Road
a child    
24 September Miss Pilcher fractured thigh

bomb fell in the garden of no 10 five or six yards from the wind-ows; the ladies were in the lower front room

Miss Pilcher's Shorthand Class, 10 Folkestone Road
Miss Greenland lost an eye


4 other ladies  
Mr Keates' sister-in-law bomb fell in back yard 40 Glenfield Road
a woman    
a man    
a boy

bowled over and over by a bomb that exploded near him - remained deaf for some time  


30 SeptemberMr H Marshall

hit by bomb fragments

bomb hit 59 Peter Street

Mr Marshall was across the road at his home - 35 Peter Street


Date Name Injury and Notes Location
16 February Willie Boorman (15) badly damaged leg and shrapnel in his body

shelling from a vessel outside the harbour, the shell went through Mr Shovelier's house and burst in the children's bedroom

4 Cowgate Hill
Sidney Boorman (9)  
Amelia Boorman (11)  
Mr F C Shovelier slight3 Cowgate Hill
inmate (woman?) slightshell struck roofDover Union Infirmary
19 May

Miss Joad

slight Priory Hill Villas

photo: German medal depicting Zeppelins, 1915, courtesy Rob Baker






Date Name Location
9 August

three sailors

Zeppelin bomb|


Date Name Location
19 March

eleven men

5th Batt., Royal Fusiliers, Northfall Meadow Hutment (22 Jan?)
20 May Deckhand James Harvey HM Drifter EES, Commercial Quay, wounded by splinter of bomb as he stood on deck
12th August five soldiers on parade
RNAS man
a further soldier
Fort Burgoyne, injuries slight
near airsheds by East Cliff, slight injury to leg


Date Name Location

22 August

three men 32nd Training Reserve Battery, Dover College
2 September soldiers injured 5 Bty Royal Fusiliers
31 October

unnamed seaman

Prince of Wales Pier


Date Name Location

23 February

two soldiers old Convict Prison, Langdon Battery



Date Name Location
10th August trawlerman in the harbour, injured after bomb fragments pierced sides of trawler



Date Bombs Estimated Damage £
24 December 1914 1 nil
9-10 August 1915 3 nil
22-23 January 1916 9 1,591
19 March 1916 24 2,375
20 May 1916 15 903
9 July 1916 7 48
12 August 1916 4 nil
25 August 1916 4 nil
22 September 1916 3 nil
21 April 1917 1 shell nil
22 August 1917 9 1,288  2s
2 September 1917 14 3,486  4s
4 September 1917 14 1,626  4s
24 September 1917 42 6,672
30 September 1917 3 173  10s
31 October 1917 3 nil
6 December 1917 2 nil
16 February 1918 22 shells 1,055
19 May 1918 4 4,874

most dates and locations kindly supplied by Mark Frost, Dover Museum; further and additional information by courtesy of Jon Iveson, Dover Museum (including bomb counts and damage estimates), and Maggie S-K from a variety of (so far) secondary sources. Dates and numbers in different sources do not always agree.
statistics Dover Express, 20 December 1918 and 14 February 1919

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