war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


World War II



Surnames M to P


Marjoram, A. V
Alice Violet Marjoram, née Lewsey. She died at 19 St Andrews Terrace (but lived at Chestnut Cottage, Crabble Avenue) on 29 August 1944, aged 61. She was buried on 1 September at St James, Dover. 31 DR (note, the newspaper report states "Charlton")

Formerly surnamed Lensey or Leusey, Mrs Marjoram was the widow of David John Marjoram, who died in 1940. Born in Dublin, he had been in 1911 a railway porter for the SECR, living at home with his father, David Marjoram, ex-RHA, who was the publican at the Castle Inn in Russell Street.

Marklew, H.
Henry Marklew. A ganger, he died on 14 November 1940, aged 59 in the Sick Bay, H.M.S. Lynx (Dover College). He was buried at St Mary's, Dover. 13 YH

He was the husband of Mrs Marklew, of 134 Folkestone Road

In memoriam, courtesy Dover Express
November 1941

The time is passing swiftly,
But we shall never forget;
In the hearts of those who loved you
Your memory lingers yet

From his wife Mag

Beautiful memories are all we have left of him we loved, and shall never forget

From his sons Jack, Peter and Frank, and daughter Betty

Never forgotten

Fondly remembered by his brothers and sisters, Roland, Ernest, Ada and Jenny

note: Peter Marklew, aged 31, third son of the late Henry Marklew, of 21 Church Road, was drowned on 31 December 1948 in the Hudson River, New Jersey, USA

Marsh, D. G. and E.
Dorothy Georgina Marsh died, aged 13, on 3 April 1942, in the Union Road Trenches. She was the daughter of Sidney George and Rosina Elizabeth Marsh, of 84 Union Road.

Her grandmother Emma also died, aged 71. She was the daughter of Henry and Ann Hopper, of West Langdon and the widow of George Marsh, who had died on 22 June 1928. She lived at 96 Union Road. In 1911 the Marshes had been living at 84 Union Road, with Mr Marsh working as a general labourer at the gas works. At home then were Sidney George Marsh, who would become the father of Dorothy, and Annie Ethel Fassoms, a niece aged 21, who would become Mrs Warman, killed with her husband on the same day.

Emma and Dorothy had a double funeral on 8 April, with the first part of the service being held at the Primrose Mission Hall. Dorothy is buried at Buckland, Dover,  in Grave T 1, and Mrs. Emma Marsh in Grave H 10

In Memoriam In Memoriam, courtesy Dover Express

Sidney Marsh married Rosina Goldsack in 1917 in Dover. They had several children; Sidney, born 1918, Winifred, born 1919, Vera, born 1921, Margaret, born 1923, Florence, born 1926, Dorothy, born 1928, and Horace, born 1931.

Mrs. Jane Frances Easton, née Hopper, sister of Emma

Marsh, F.
Coastal Defence badge, shrapnel, Canada, courtesy Tim HeasmanFlorence Jane Marsh. She died on 26 September 1944, aged 67, at her home at 41 Salisbury Road. She was probably the last civilian casualty in Dover, as just over four hours later, at 19.15 the last shell fell on the town before the guns were captured by Canadian troops. She was buried on 3 October at Charlton, Dover. 7 2S

The badge was given by a Canadian to Mrs. F D Heasman, who worked in the Ferry Cafe at Snargate Street. Before she was married she and her fiancé narrowly escaped becoming the last victims themselves (see more at Last Shell)

The badge is a German Coastal Artillery Badge, awarded for "merit in action" in Coastal Defence. It is believed the badge was obtained when the guns were captured. Accompanying it is a piece of shrapnel, believed to be air-burst, and probably from a 16" calibre shell, and a Canadian forces badge. The shrapnel is sized 2.5" by 0.5" by 0.5" and weighs about 2oz 

with thanks to Tim Heasman for badge photo and information

see also Frontline Britain

In Memoriam 1943Marsh, W. G.
William George Marsh. He died on 5 October 1942, aged 36 at his home at 28 Adrian Street. William's father and mother were injured and were rescued from beneath deep rubble (RH)

His parents were William Henry Marsh, who in 1911 was a sinker at a Kent coal mine, and his wife, Alice Sarah, formerly Smith, who married in 1903. In 1911 the family were living at 11 Riverside Terrace, River, and William had an older sister, Alice Sarah, aged 7.

William was buried on 10 October at St Mary's, Dover. 26 ZE. The cortège left from 239 London Road and his coffin was draped with the Union Flag, borne by workmates from Messrs Hoare, Gothard, and Bond Ltd


In memoriam 1943

May, E. N.
Ethel Nellie May. She died on 7 May 1941, aged 21, at the Market Square, during a shelling attack at sunset, and remained unidentified until the following day. She was buried on 13 May at Charlton, Dover. Grave 2 D, with the funeral leaving from 31 Hamilton Road and members of the FAP acting as bearers. The funeral was conducted by Rev E C Galpin with Captain Geary of the Day Star Mission assisting.

She was the daughter of Thomas Charles and Ethel Maud May (formerly Coleman), of Hougham Lodge Farm, Church Hougham, who laid a wreath, "Her broken-hearted Mum, Dad, and family"

Cherished memories of our dear daughter and sister
"Resting where no shadows fall,
In perfect peace, she awaits us all."
From her loving Mother and Father, Sisters and Brothers. May 1942

Mrs Maycock, courtesy Dover ExpressMr Maycock, courtesy Dover ExpressMaycock, M. A. and W. C.
Mary Alice Maycock and William Charles Maycock. They died around 10 o'clock on Saturday night, 24 August 1940 at their home 15 Chevalier Road, Elms Vale, after an aircraft crashed onto theirs and a neighbouring house and burst into flames

The aircraft was an RAF Coastal Command Bristol Blenheim, from 53 Squadron. It had taken off an hour earlier from Detling, Kent, to conduct a patrol along the Hook of Holland to the Ostend line. All three of the crew, Stephen Rochford, aged 24, William Briggs, and  Dennis Brook, 21, were also killed

Mr and Mrs Maycock's funeral was held at St James' cemetery, Dover. 22 FX (EX?) A large number of mourners attended and there were many floral tributes

Mary was the daughter of the late Charles Francis Coughlan and Ethel Lilian Rose Coughlan, of Folkestone, while her husband William,  was 31, and son of Louisa Maycock, née Wood, of 20 Chilham Road, Cheriton, Folkestone, and of the late William Walter Maycock, who died in 1928.

PC Maycock had joined the force in 1931, and was a keen athlete. He was a swimmer and water polo player, member of the Police and Dover Swimming Clubs, and was also a boxer, having on three occasions competed in the Police Boxing Finals at the Albert Hall, London

When they died, PC Maycock had just arrived home from duty. It was Mrs Maycock's thirtieth birthday, and she had that week travelled home from Southall Middlesex, in order to spend the day with her hPeter and Stella Maycock, courtesy Mrs C Cookusband. One of their cousins recollected the tragedy. "I saw the plane come down and explode ... They said at the time the plane may have hit a barrage balloon cable. They were both killed. I remember going over to see it (the wreckage). There was nothing left, not a brick standing. ... So very sad, they were such a lovely couple"

Mrs. Maycock had been expecting the couple's third child.  Their son, Peter, aged 6, and their daughter, Stella, aged 2, had remained in Southall, where they had been evacuated with their mother 

In 1960, Stella qualified as a SRN at Charing Cross Hospital. She is married to Keith, and they had three sons, Andrew, Mark, and Clive, near to whom they live. Her brother Peter joined the Royal Navy, and was serving as a Lieutenant when he was sadly killed on 27 November 1962, with five others, in a flying accident at Greencastle, Northern Ireland. He was 27. He is buried at Helston, Cornwall, in the RNMAS Culdrose RC Section 

bench, by Simon Chambers The bench is on the sea front at Dover
plaque on bench, by Simon Chambers

The plaque reads: This seat was presented by former members of the Dover Police Force in memory of PC W Maycock and PC R Thain, killed in World War II

picture by Ivor Spencer

The Maycocks' grave is at St James' cemetery. The headstone reads: "In loving memory of William Charles Maycock, late Dover police, aged 31 years, also of Mary Alice, wife of the above, killed by enemy action on 24 August 1940, and of their son Lieut Peter Maycock RN, killed on active service 27 November 1962, aged 27 years."



Stanley Maycock, William's older brother, continued the family's sporting  traditions. He was a President of the Channel Swimming Association, and, like William, swam in cross-Channel relay teams. He also joined the police force, and was a keen boxer. He died in 1986, his beloved wife Grace in 2003.

Left is William Maycock, with Stanley and their sister, Irene.






courtesy Trevor HarkinFlying Officer Stephen Rochford, the Pilot of the Blenheim, is buried at Hertford. He was the son of Joseph and Lena Rochford, of Little Berkhampstead. Sergeant William Briggs, the Observer,  was the son of William and Elizabeth Briggs, of Coventry, and is buried at St John the Baptist, Westwood, Warwickshire. Sergeant Dennis Brook, the Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, is buried at Haltemprice (Anlaby Tranby Lane), Yorkshire.  He was the son of John and Edith Brook, of Anlaby Common

Left: a memorial plaque to William Briggs, in the Memorial Park at Coventry

with thanks to Stella Scott-Green
with thanks to Chris Cooke

with thanks to Dean Sumner
with thanks to Trevor Harkin

McDonald, W.
William McDonald. A boilermaker, he was killed by a shell on 9 September 1940, aged 54, at his home at 5 Clarence Lawn. He was the "darling husband" of Cicely Sophie McDonald, formerly Gudgen. The couple had married in 1922. In 1911 the then Miss Gudgen had been working in the box office at the Hippodrome in Dover.

His funeral was on 14 September at St Mary's, Dover. 29 WG. His wife laid a floral tribute "To my darling husband, from his sorrowing Wife"

McGuire, E. L.
Ernest Lionel McGuire. He was aged 15 when he died at Folkestone Road on 12 September 1944. He was the son of John Joseph McGuire and his wife Amy, formerly Amos, of 27 Clarendon Road. The couple had married in 1912.

He was buried on 16 September at St James, Dover, 10 NF. Amongst the mourners were his parents, his brothers Jackie and Sidney, his sisters Annie, Mary, Joan, and Lily, and his aunts and uncles from the Amos family. His brother Ron was away on service in France. Mr P Williams, the ARP staff officer, was also there, with wardens Partington and Salisbury from Post X3. Flowers included those from friends at the Winchelsea and Westmount Caves and the Old Contemptibles.

Mrs McGuire may have been the aunt of Freddie Spinner
Ann McGuire probably married Frederick, the nephew of William James Mack in 1949 at St Paul's Roman Catholic Church ; Frederick's father Nathaniel was William's brother.

McKenzie, D.
grave, by Joyce BanksDonald McKenzie. He died on 23 March 1942 at the Conservative Club, aged 53. He had been the bakery manager at the Co-op for some ten years. He was the husband of  Thirza Ada McKenzie and lived at 69 Barton Road. His home was severely damaged in the same raid

His funeral was held on 27 March, with the first part of the service at the Methodist Church, in London Road. He was buried from 69 Barton Road at Charlton, Dover in grave 18 QV. His coffin was draped with the Union Flag. Along with his family there were a large number of work colleagues and managers, with representatives from the Oddfellows Manchester Union Club, the Conservative Club, from Women's Own at London Road, and from the Freemason Peace and Harmony Lodge, No 199

The headstone is difficult to read but some words are:

Loving memory of my dear husband Donald McKenzie, who was called home 23 March 1942. Aged 53 years

FW Mead grave, by Simon ChambersFW Mead, name stone, by Simon ChambersMead, F. W.
Frederick Wilshaw Mead. He was a smallholder, and died on 10 September 1944, aged 53, at London Road. He was the husband of Dorothy Adelaide Mead, of 7 De Burgh Street. and the son of the late Mr and Mrs Mead, of Hull. He was buried on 16 September at Charlton, Dover. 23 TT

Amongst the mourners were his widow, his two daughters, Mrs J Holbrook and Miss V E Mead, and his father-in-law Mr V W Bean, his brothers-in-law Mr D R Bean, and his uncle, Mr R N Bean.

The inscriptions on the grave read:
In Loving
Memory of
Fred Wilshaw
Killed by Enemy
10 Sept 1944
aged 53 years
Rest in the Lord
also his
Beloved Wife
who Passed Away
11 Feb 1983
aged 89 Years
Dear Dad and Dear Mum
Sadly Missed and Never to be Forgotten
In God's Care
and of their Daughter
Vera Emma Mead
1929 - 1993
Re-United in Heaven

Mills, E. K. and Y. M.
Ellen Kate and Yvonne Mary Mills died on 1 September 1944, as they were running across the High Street towards Peppers Close and Lagoon Cave to shelter  They lived at 9 (18?)  Peter Street

The daughter of Albert Robert Savage and his wife Ellen, Ellen Kate was living at 4 Dublin Cottages, River, with her family in 1911. Her father was then working as a gardener..

headston for Mrs Mills and her daughter, by Simon ChambersEllen, formerly Savage, was the wife of  Private Bert Thomas Mills, Corps of Military Police. They had married in 1926 and Yvonne was one of their daughters. Yvonne's grandmother, Ellen's mother-in-law, just escaped, as she had remained on the pavement  

Ellen and Yvonne Mills were buried on 5 September at Charlton, Dover. 15 2S. The first part of their burial service was held at Charlton church. The headstone at Charlton reads:

In memory of
Ellen Kate Mills
aged 39 years
Yvonne Mary Mills
aged 4 years
killed by enemy action
1 September 1944


(2013) The headstone has been replaced. It now reads:

In memory of
Ellen Kate Mills
aged 39 years
Yvonne Mary Mills
aged 4 years
killed together by enemy action
1st September 1944
also remember
Janet Winifred Whitaker
formerly Mills
aged 72 years
died 16th August 2010
beloved & loyal wife of
Robert Whitaker

One of Bert's brothers, Walter Mills, died in 1922, and another, Sidney Mills, by enemy action in 1941.

with thanks to Joyce Banks (and Bob Hollingsbee)

Mills, H. M.
Hilda May Mills. She died on 12 June 1941, aged 22, at her home at 14 Randolph Road. She was the wife of Pte Ronald Edward George Mills, The South Lancashire Regiment, and daughter of James and Hilda Wills, who, with her brothers Horace and Brian and her sister Vera, also died. Hilda May appears to have been entered twice in the Book of Remembrance, under Mills and Wills (as Hilda Mary)

She is buried with her brother and sister at Charlton, Dover. 2 T7. Her parents and young brother Brian lie in the neighbouring grave

grave, by Joyce BanksMische, F. C.
Frederick Charles Mische. He died on 23 March 1942, aged 45, at the East Kent Garage. He was the husband of Rose. Mische and lived at 11 Winchelsea Street. He was in the Home Guard and an A.R.P. Ambulance Driver.

He had worked as a driver for Mr W E Hollis of Orange Motors and, while driving a bus from Buckland, was unfortunately involved in a fatal accident in 1923, when Mrs Croft was struck in the London Road near the Cherry Tree Inn. Her daughter Lillian was injured. The inquest returned a verdict of accidental death and said that no blame attached to anyone. Mr Croft's brother emphasised that the family did not consider Mr Mische in any way to blame. Mr Mische's address at the time was 118 Clarendon Street. In 1925 he was living at Watersend Cottages, Temple Ewell; a report states that another bus crashed into the back of his bus at the Market Square.

His funeral was held on 28 March, at St James, Dover. 10 (19?) JL and six East Kent Road Car Company employees carried the Union Flag draped coffin. Many of his colleagues attended with his family, and there were representatives from the West Mount First Aid Party and the Transport and General Workers' Union

Note: Frederick's widow Rose, née Goodban, was the sister of Stoker Frank Goodban, who is commemorated at St Augustine, West Langdon. Her sister, Daisy, was probably sister-in-law to Walter Lelliott, having probably married his elder brother, Frederick.

Moore, D. W. A.
gravestone, Simon Chambers, 67-5148
Doris Winifred Agnes Moore. She died at the Casualty Hospital, Union Road, on 12 December 1942, aged 16, the day after being injured at her home at 31 Victoria Street. She was buried on 26 December at Charlton, Dover. 26 2S

She was the daughter of Rose Doris Lillian Potter (formerly Moore). the annoucnements were placed in 1943

Moore, F. W., I. V., M. E. and F. R.
Frederick Walter, a lorry driver, Ivy Victoria (daughter of Mrs. A. E. Chatwin (formerly Wilson), of 201 London Road, and of the late H. J. Wilson), and their children, Minyon Elsie and Frederick Ronald Moore. They died at their home at 20 Randolph Road on 12 June 1941

Their funerals left from the "Duke of Wellington", 201 London Road, on 16 June and their coffins were draped with the Union Flag. Little Freddy was laid in the same coffin as his mother. There were many mourners at their graveside, in Charlton cemetery, Dover

Their gravestone at 2 T2 reads:

In Loving Memory of
Frederick Walter Moore
Aged 33 Years
Also Ivy Victoria Moore
Wife of the Above
Aged 26 Years
Also Minyon Elsie Moore
Daughter of the Above
Aged 4 Years
And Frederick Ronald Moore
Son of the Above
Aged 10 Weeks
Killed by Enemy Action 12 June 1941
Loved in life, treasured in death,
A beautiful memory they have left,
Now it's only a grave that needs our care,
The ones we loved are sleeping there

photo and transcription, Joyce Banks

"At rest, loved ones. Sudden death; sudden glory"

See Memorial for In Memoriam verses 1942

Frederick Moore was the brother of Violet Moore, wife of Joseph or Joshua Blagrove

Mullane, J.
John Mullane was born in Ireland. In 1911 he was a bacon drier for a provision merchant, living at 41 Albany Place, Dover with his wife Daisy, whom he had married the year before, and her son, Reginald Lester Tutt.

John was a cleaner at the East Kent Road Car Company and died on 7 June 1944, aged 64, at his home. Albany Fourteen others were injured. He was buried on 12 June at St James, Dover. 13 FG, and members of the Road Car Company were present with other mourners.



Nicholls, R.
Rosa Nicholls died on 31 March 1941, aged 77/8, at the Casualty Hospital, Union Road, after being injured at 22 Bartholomew Street. She was the widow of Edward Nicholls, a fishmonger, and in 1911 the family were living at 11 Lower Road, Durham Hill, Dover. Three children were at home; Albert, 13, Edward, 9, and Arthur, 3. Mr Nicholls died on 8 February 1913 outside the Granville Hotel in Townwall Street. He had suffered from a bad throat for some years, and had choked when eating his breakfast at home.

In 1941, Mrs Payne's son Arthur thanked the AFS, the ARP and the Rescue Party for coming so promptly to their aid when their house was hit, and for helping rescue his wife and children.  He added, "Unfortunately my mother died as the result of injuries received, but everybody concerned in rescuing her did their work extremely well, and could not have done more."

She was buried on 9 April at St James, Dover. 9 FR. Major Flannigan, from the Salvation Army officiated  

"Always in our thoughts" - Arthur, Elise, and grandchildren, March 1942

Norley, W. J.
William John Norley. A stoker, he died on 1 November 1941, aged 52, at Astor Avenue.

The son of George Norley, who had been a gunner in the Royal Garrison Artillery, and his wife Ellen, William was the "dear husband" of Alice Maud Norley, formerly Styles, of 4 (16?), Northbourne Avenue. The couple had married in 1916. He was also the "dear Dad" of Phyllis, with Albert and little Glenis. The family were later to lose another member, their son, Ronald Norley, RAFVR, who was killed in 1943

William was buried at Charlton, Dover. 30 2S. Many floral tributes were sent

"Forever in our thoughts" - 1943, from his loving Wife and family



Odell, E.
Emma Odell was the wife of Frederick Odell, of 95 Balfour Road and the daughter of  Richard Gatehouse, of Charlton Green.

In 1904 Frederick and Emma were living at 46 Chapel Place. In 1911  they were living at 39 George Street, Dover, and at home also was their son James, a general labourer, and were at 39a George Street in 1915. On 15 March 1939 they were living at 34 Hartley Street, with Frederick working as a coal porter. At that time they suffered an intrusion into their home, from a man who wished to borrow money. He had been discovered under the bed from which Mrs Odell, aged 80, who was deaf, had just risen, her husband having gone to work half an hour before at 6.15am, leaving the door on the latch.

She died on 5 October 1942, aged 86, at 22 Adrian Street. She was buried on the 10 at St Mary's, Dover. 25 ZE, with her brother, Henry Gatehouse, who was also killed by enemy action on the same day. Their coffins were draped with Union Flags 



Parfitt, J. T.
John Thomas Parfitt. He died on 28 June 1943, aged 54, at the General Post Office. He was the husband of Frances Winnie Parfitt, of 5 Halisfredd Terrace, Lower Road, River. He was a telephone operator and a Corporal in the Home Guard

His coffin was draped with the Union flag and borne by members of the Home Guard when he was buried in River churchyard, Dover. Amongst the mourners were Mrs Parfitt, his widow, and their sons Ron, AB.RN and G Parfitt, and their daughter Peggy

Pascall-Ricketts, L
Lill Pascall-Ricketts. She is probably the same person as Lydia Ellen Ricketts, buried in Charlton, Dover. 14 2S

1949 - Pascall - Ricketts. In loving memory of our dear ones, Mabel, who died 26 August 1946, aged 40 years, and Lill, killed by enemy action 1 September 1944, aged 43 years. Always in our thoughts - From their loving Mother, Brothers and Sisters

In 1911 Lydia Ellen, aged 10, was at home with her parents, William, 50, a Port Dredger Worker, and his wife Lydia, aged 38. They lived at 11 Tower Hamlets Street, and also there were brothers and sisters, William John, 19, and out-of-work carman, Florence, 12, Walter, 8, Elsie H, 7, Mabel Grace, 5, Leonard G, 3, and Beatrice A, 9 months.

Note: Mabel Gardiner married William Pascall in 1924, and Lydia E Gardiner married Leonard Ricketts in 1922. They may be the sisters of  Sidney Gardiner. Lydia Ellen's husband lived at 18 Wyndham Road, Dover, in 1944. They had at least three children; Nora, born 1922, Leonard, born 1925, and Vera, born 1926. 

Payne, P. S.
Phoebe Sarah Payne died on 25 October 1943, aged 58, at her home at 20 Glenfield Road. She was the wife of Edmund John Payne and the daughter of Mr Mockett, of Whitstable. In 1911 Mr Payne was working as a traction engine driver, ploughing, and the couple were living at Barham. With them were Alice, their daughter, and their sons George, 3, and Frederick, 1.

Mrs Payne was buried on 30 October with her daughter, Alice Shearn, and her granddaughters, at Charlton, Dover. 1 3S

Pearson, W.
William Pearson was a bus conductor. Born in Wolverley, Worcestershire, in 1888, he died on 23 March 1942, aged 56, at the East Kent Garage. From 134 Mayfield Avenue, he married in 1910 at Christchurch in Dover Ada Wayte, later of 140 Mayfield Avenue. On his marriage he is described as a soldier at the Shaft Barracks.

He was in 1911 living at 170 Clarendon Place with his wife, and serving as a a Lance Corporal in the Army. He had formerly served in the Worcestershire Regiment and in 1916 was serving as a staff sergeant in the Royal Irish Fusiliers. He had been to France, Egypt, and the Dardanelles, and had been wounded and invalided home twice. 

The couple had  two sons, William, born in 1911, and Ernest, born in 1917.

His funeral took place on 30 March at St James, Dover, 14 CR, his coffin borne by six work colleagues.  His two sons were away on war service, and sadly unable to attend, but his widow and many workmates were present.

Mrs Pearson was the sister of John Wayte

with thanks to Joyce Banks

Perkins, P. M. A.
Patricia May Ann Perkins. She died on 25 September 1944, aged 7, at London Road. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Perkins of 3 Erith Street, Dover.

She was buried on 30 September at Buckland, Dover. Grave C 5(?). Her parents, her aunt Mrs Tomlin, her uncle Mr Gillis, and Miss Stamford, a friend were her mourners.  

Pilcher, V. W.
Victor William Pilcher. He died at the Casualty Hospital, Union Road, on 27 (26?) March 1942, aged 43, after being injured on 23 March 1942 at the East Kent Garage. The son of Henry Richard Pilcher, a tramway inspector for the Town Council, and his wife Annie Maria, Victor was living with his parents at 28 Alfred Road, Dover, in 1911.

Married in 1925, he was the "dearest husband" of Gladys E. L. Pilcher, formerly Quinnell, of 2 Knights Way, Buckland. The couple had at least one daughter, Kathleen, born in 1925.

He was buried at Buckland churchyard, Dover. C11 16. His coffin draped with the Union Flag and six EKRC Home Guards were bearers

1943 - "Until we meet again", from his ever-loving Wife

Playford, C. T.
Cyril Thomas (John?) Playford. He was a shipwright, and died on 8 October 1940, aged 20, at Crosswell Lockgates, Dover Harbour. He was the "beloved son" son of Mr Robert S and Mrs Florence B (née Giles) Playford, of 2 Pilgrims Way, and brother to Maurice. Miss Sylvia Morris was his fiancée. Two of his brothers had predeceased him, George William, born 1918 on 11/13 March 1937 and Philip Spencer, born 1925, on 11 December 1932

Wreaths laid on his Grave, 5 WJ, when he was buried on 23 October at St Mary's included, "From his sorrowing Mum, Dad, and Maurice" and "To Ginger, his old pal, Owen (River)"

Victor, Cyril's brother, born in 1922, perhaps expressed the wishes for home and the longing for peace of many serving when he wrote while on service with the RAF in North Africa in 1943:

Oh! to ride on a Dover Bus,
"Mid" all the clatter and all the fuss,
And like a kid on the upper deck,
To sit in the front and crane my neck,

To see the Bridge and Market square
And London Road, and everywhere;
To mingle with a picture throng
To feel again where I belong,

To breath the sweet, salt laden air
To be at home with one so fair,
And finally above all choice
To hear St, Mary's bells rejoice

Note: When Dover was liberated from the cross-channel shelling in September 1944, St Mary's bells were not in a condition to ring extended changes. They did, however, ring a special tribute of five slow and two quick notes representing the word "Dover" and rang rounds and call changes including Queen's and Whittington's. However, at Eythorne, in place of St Mary's, 5,040 changes of Grandsire Doubles was rung on 24 October 1944: treble:: W Brooks, 2: L. Bodman, 3: C Turner (capt), 4: T. Ellender, tenor: B. Smith

Potter, E. M.
Elizabeth Margaret Potter died on 13 September 1944 at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Waldershare. The wife of Stephen Potter, whom she had married in 1913, she lived at 32 Cherry Road, Dover. Although she is not listed by the CWGC, a plaque on her grave and "in memoriam" notices placed by her husband in 1946 and 1947 record that she died through enemy action.

Born on 25 January 1890 in Bromley, Elizabeth was one of the ten children of George David and Elizabeth Anscombe. Mr Anscombe was a harness maker and in 1905 and 1911 the family were living at 142 Mayfield Avenue, Dover. Elizabeth was then a domestic servant. Ten years previously the family had been at 23 Dover Street, Canterbury, and in 1891 at 26 Park Road, Bromley.

In 1939, Mrs Potter was living at 32 Cherry Road with her husband and with her son Ronald Patrick A, born 22 June 1929, and her daughter Elizabeth M(argaret?), then Mrs Christie, born 6 July 1916, a laundress. Mr Potter, born on 21 October 1890, was a retired naval stoker, incapacitated and epileptic. The family had at least two other children, Stephen M W, born in 1917, and Lily May, born on 23 February 1914. Lily, given away by her father, married George Swift Bowles at St Paul's RC church, Dover, on 21 November 1937; at that time her parents were living at 1 Ruffin's Court, Princes Street, Dover. In 1939 Lily also, with her husband, a general labourer, and their son Peter, born 6 August 1939, were living at 32 Cherry Road.

Mrs Potter was buried at St James on 18 September 1944. The plaque by her grave reads, "Potter Elizabeth Margaret, 1890 - 1944, by enemy action. Mother Margaret Peter Ronald and families. Always remembered."

In memoriam - 1945

Mr Potter probably died in 1964. Mrs Anscombe died in Dover in 1913 aged 45 and Mr Anscombe in 1918, aged 52.

grave image and discovery with thanks to Mark Chapman

Pratt, W. A.
William Ashworth Pratt. Major Pratt died on 13 November 1940, aged 50, at the Salvation Army Citadel, High Street, and was the Commanding Officer of the Salvation Army. He had been in charge for nearly three years, before his death. He lived at 24 Charlton Avenue and was the husband of N. S. Pratt. His wife chose to retire after his death. They had a son, Will (Billy), who later became a Commissioner in the Salvation Army

Major Pratt was buried on 16 November at Charlton, Dover. Q V2. His cortege was led by the band of the Salvation Army, who also led the singing of the hymns at the cemetery chapel and at the graveside. Amongst the mourners were Mrs. Major Pratt, his widow, and his sons and daughter, Captain Wycliffe Pratt, Lieutenant Doreen Pratt, Lieutenant Bramwell Pratt, and Corps Cadet Billy Pratt. Wreaths included those from "your loving life's partner" and the "local officers and soldiers of the Dover Corps"

Price, J. A.
John Arthur Price. He died at Kearsney Avenue on 13 September 1944, aged 40. He was the husband of Ruth E. Price, of Elstow, Laleham Road, Margate, and the son of Mr and Mrs J Price, of 26 Windsor Avenue, Margate. He was in the Home Guard.

A notice of his death was placed in the Dover Express by his friends and workmates, Rice and Son Ltd, and all departments H.M. Naval Base, Dover

Pritchard, L. E.
Louie Elizabeth Pritchard (Lou-Lou). She died on 7 May 1941, aged 18 and ten months. She was a firewatcher and was injured at 'Igglesden and Graves', Market Square by plate glass blown from their window (RH) during a shelling attack at sunset. She died at Royal Victoria Hospital, High Street, and was buried on 12 May at St James, Dover. 16 ER

She was the "dear daughter" of Mr and Mrs Ernest James Pritchard, of 142 Clarendon Place. At her funeral there were fifty-five floral tributes listed.

A light is from the household gone,
A voice we loved is stilled,
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled
From her loving Dad, Mum, Brothers and Sisters. May 1942

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