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CARTER , Deck Hand, ERNEST EDWARD, 14511DA, HM Trawler "Ina Williams" Royal Naval Reserve. Killed by mine explosion off Berehaven 30 May 1917. Age 20. Son of Harriet Carter of 8 Tower St, Tower Hamlets, Dover, and the late Henry Hall Carter. Panel 24

CLARINGBOULD, Trimmer, THOMAS RICHARD, HMS "City of Belfast" Mercantile Marine Reserve. Accidentally drowned 26 December 1915. Age 25. Born in Dover, the son of William Claringbould and Hester, his wife, formerly Hartridge. In 1901 the family were living at 14 Norman Street, Dover, and Mr Claringbould was working as a butcher. Husband of C. M. J. Bullen (formerly Claringbould) of 5 Dickson Rd, Tower Hamlets, Dover. At home too were William, 20, a billiard marker, Francis, 19, a cellar man, Charles, 12, and Thomas, 10. Panel 9

DUNNE , Ship's Cook, DENIS, 998261, RFA "Hughli" Mercantile Marine Reserve. Drowned in loss of vessel off the Belgian Coast 26 April 1919. Age 36. Son of John and Mary Dunne of Templemore, Co. Tipperary; husband of L. Dunne of 38 Chapel Place, Dover. Panel 32

DYMOCKE , Assistant Paymaster, MAURICE DYMOKE, HMS "Indefatigable" Royal Navy. Killed in action at Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916. Age 22. Son of Capt T. H. and Alberta Dymocke of "Sea View" Priory Hill, Dover. Born Bombay, India. Panel 10

$GRIFFITHS, THOMAS, 4 March 1916. Panel 19

GRUBB, Ordinary Seaman, WILFRED CHARLES, J/33855, HMPMS "Ascot" Royal Navy. Killed in action with submarine off Farne Islands 10 November 1918. Age 19. Son of Wilfred Grubb (Ch P.O.) of 11 Limes Rd, Buckland, Dover. Panel 27

HARE, Deck Hand, THOMAS, 691DA, HM Trawler "Amy" Royal Naval Reserve. Killed by mine explosion off Havre 11 April 1917. Age 40. Born 4 December 1877. Husband of Elizabeth Hare of 12 James St, Neyland Pembrokeshire. From Dover, the son of Alfred Hare, a Gunner in the Royal Artillery, and his wife Sarah. A brother, Charles, and a sister, Elizabeth, were also born in Dover. Panel 24

JOHNSON, Petty Officer, FRANK, 235231, HM S/M "E47" Royal Navy. Killed in loss of vessel in North Sea 20 August 1917. Age 29. Son of Frank and Emma Johnson of Llandudno, Wales; husband of Emma J. Broadley (formerly Johnson) of Newsole Farm, Whitfield, Dover. Panel 20

SUCCAMORE, Trimmer, WILLIAM J., 931462, HMS "Champagne" Mercantile Marine Reserve. Killed in action with submarine in Atlantic 9 October 1917. Age 17. Son of Thomas and Lavinia Succamore of 13 Claremont St, North Woolwich, London. From Dover. In 1901 Mrs Succamore was living at 35 Hartley Street, Dover, with her sons Thomas, aged 3, and William, aged 1. They were all born in Dover. Panel 26

$WILLIAMS, Able Seaman, WALTER STEPHEN SOCKWELL, J/15758, HMS "Defence" Royal Navy. Killed in action at Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916. Age 20. Son of Walter and Alice Williams of 3 Heverham Rd, Plumstead, London. From Dover. 12.


HOY, Officers' Cook 1st Class, ALFRED JOHN, 362365(PO) HMS "Sarepta" Royal Navy. Born 9 February 1866. Died from disease, 2 September 1919. Age 56. Son of the late John Hoy; husband of Annie Hoy of 7, previously 4, Douglas Rd, Tower Hamlets, Dover. 596. His son, Edward Hoy, died from wounds in 1917.

photo: Dean Sumner

Portsmouth memorial by Dean SumnerBAYFIELD, Lieutenant, GEOFFREY HARRY VERRALL, HMS "Black Prince" Royal Navy. Killed in action at Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916. Age 23. Son of Matthew Albert and Helen Campbell Bayfield of Hertingfordbury, Herts. Served in Dover Patrol 1915-16 in "Nubian" and "Mohawk". Panel 11

BOWDITCH, William, 207154, 1st Class Ship's Corp, died 31 May 1916 at the Battle of Jutland aboard HMS Invincible. Born on 9 January 1884, he was the son of William and Louisa Bowditch from "Lynton", Ash Road, Sandwich. Mr Bowditch was the inspector for the NSPCC and they lived at 103 High Street, Dover. Mrs Bowditch died after a very short illness in 1918 and is buried at Charlton, Mr Bowditch died in 1930

$CAY, Captain, ARTHUR LINDSAY, RN, 31 May 1916. Panel 10

$COOPER , Leading Stoker, ARTHUR WILLIAM, K/10234, HMS "Invincible" Royal Navy. Killed in action at Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916. Age 23. Son of Henry and Emily Cooper of 9 Guildford Lawn, Liverpool St, Dover. From St. Helen's, Isle of Wight. Panel 16

$CURTIS , Leading Stoker, ALBERT EDWARD, 19384, HMS "Tartar" Royal Navy. Killed by mine explosion in Straits of Dover 17 June 1917. Age 24. Son of Mr and Mrs John Curtis of 23 Hope St, Landport, Portsmouth; husband of Nellie Gertrude Curtis of Mitre Hotel, 77, Snargate St, Dover. Panel 26

$DICKS, Stoker 1st Class, SAMUEL DRESSER, HMS Invincible, 31 May 1916. Panel 18

HALL, Able Seaman, EDGAR WILLIAM, HMS Monmouth, 1 November 1914, Panel 2

HAMMOND, Gunner, JOHN WILLIAM, HM Submarine K4 Royal Navy. Drowned through collision in North Sea 31 January 1918. Age 32. Son of John F. B. Hammond; husband of Sarah Elizabeth Hammond of 8 Markland Rd. Dover. Panel 28

HILL, Bugler, GEORGE JAMES, RMA/6306, HMS "Indefatigable" Royal Marine Artillery. Killed in action at Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916. Age 32. Born 22 July 1882. Son of the late Gnr George Hill, RMA and Charlotte Hill. 1891 at 20 Worsley Street, Portsea, Portsmouth, George Hill, 41, Marine Artillery Pensioner, born Whittington, Gloucestershire, Charlotte Hill, aged 37, born Pembroke, Cosheston, Amy J, 12 and Maud, 10, both born in Walmer, George J, 8, born Dover, John E, 6, born at Eastney, Hampshire, and Frank, 2, born at Maidenhead. 1901 George James Hill, a soldier and bugler, 18, at Eastney Barracks. His sister, Annie(?), at 38 Cornwall Street, Deal, was notified of his death. Panel 21

LELLIOTT, Able Seaman, WALTER GEORGE, J/20278, HMS "Queen Mary" Royal Navy. Killed in action at Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916. Age 18. Born 17 June 1897 in Liverpool. Son of Walter Sydney and Annie Eva Elizabeth Lelliott of 32 Salisbury Rd, Dover, Kent, parents notified of his death at 126 Clarence Place, Dover. In 1901 the family were at Hospital(?), Bridle Road, Bradford, Yorkshire, where Mr Lelliott, born in Ireland, was a Timekeeper on the Waterworks. There also were Walter's elder brother, Frederick, 4, born at Rhyader, Radnorshire, and his younger sister, Eunice, 8 months, born at Langsett, Yorkshire. Panel 13

MANN, Leading Seaman, ROBERT JAMES, J/9573, HMS "Invincible" Royal Navy. Born 6 July 1894 at Runcorn, Cheshire, killed in action at Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916. Age 21. Son of William Henry and Catherine Mann of 3 Russell St, Dover. In 1901 the family were living at Westerleight, Chipping Sodbury. Mr Mann was 32 and a locomotive fitter, born in Landley, Derbyshire. Mrs Mann was 36, born in Ireland. Robert's younger brother, Thomas Sidney, was 1, born at Westerleigh. Panel 12

NAYLOR, Sick Berth Attendant, ALBERT GODFREY SANDERSON, M/6821, HMS "Hampshire" Royal Navy. Killed by mine explosion off Orkneys 5 June 1916. Age 20. Only son of Albert Ernest and Florence Elizabeth Naylor of 37 St. Paul's Rd, Northampton. Born Dover. Panel 20

NORRIS, Sam, 363319, Officer's Steward 1st class, born Eythorne, Dover 7 May 1879. Royal Navy, HMS Bulwark, died 26 November 1914, wife Emma, 122 Clayhill Road, Gosport. Son of Stephen Norris and his wife Hannah. 1881 at Upper Street, Eythorne, with brother Alfred, aged 3. Mr Norris was working as a general labourer. In 1891 at The Kennels, Waldershare, with Mr Norris working as a Kennel Man. In 1901 Sam was a footman and servant at 1 Cambridge Gate, St Pancras, London.

O'BREE, John, was a hired mate and Admiralty civilian. He was one of two people killed when HM Dredger St Dunstan was mined off Portland Bill on 23 September 1917. In 1884 he had married Charlotte A Dyer  in Dover; she was half-cousin to William Yorker. In 1891 Charlotte was living at 32 Strond Street with their two children, John, 4, and Cicely, 2. In 1901 the family were living at 5 Finnis Hill, Dover, with Mr O'Bree working as a fisherman. (His wife is here named as Amelia C). John had become a port errand boy for fish, and there were three more children; Willie, aged 9, Alice, aged 5, and Albert V, aged 1. Visiting them was William Yorker, aged 40. Panel Reference 28.

$PHILLIPS, Able Seaman, OWEN, 217302, HMS "Bulwark" Royal Navy. Killed by internal explosion of vessel off Sheerness 26 November 1914. Age 30. Husband of Alice Louisa Gregory (formerly Phillips) of 33 Wyndham Rd, Dover. Panel 2

PILBEAM Arthur Edmund, 183240, Petty Officer, Royal Fleet Reserve, from 1 St James Passage, Townwall Street, born in Hastings on 30 March 1878, married to Ellen Mary Pilbeam, one of twelve men who died 28 March 1916 when Saxon Prince, a minesweeper, was lost in a storm in the Straits, commemorated in Dover Patrol Book of Remembrance. Panel 12

RAPER, Signal Boatswain, 229595, WILLIAM FERRY, HMS "Invincible" Royal Navy. Killed in action at Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916. Husband of Ivy Victoria Laura Raper, née Ashby, of 13 Bridge St, Dover. Panel 11. Born on 15 November 1887 at Towton,Tadcaster, in Yorkshire, he was a clerk when he joined the RN at Portsmouth for twelve years on 5 November 1905. He had brown hair and blue eyes and was half an inch short of six feet. He had a tattoo of ships on his right forearm and a flag and anchor on his left. In 1911 he was a Leading Signalman serving with the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert. He became an acting Signal Boatswain on 30 April 1914; his rank was confirmed on 27 May 1915. At this time he was serving aboard the Invincible, having joined the battlecruiser in August 1914. He married Miss Ashby at St Paul's church, Dover, on 29 April 1915.  Ivy remarried in 1922, to Sydney Clark. See also Admiral Harvey (casualty Lucy Wall), Ivy's stepfather Frank Rogers, and brother Charles Rogers.

$SAMWAYS, Stoker 1st Class, ALBERT HENRY, K/15010, HMS "Invincible" Royal Navy. Killed in action at Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916. Age 26. Son of Mr and Mrs Samways of Wareham, Dorset; husband of Alice Stockney (formerly Samways) of 67 Bulwark St, Dover. Panel 19

$SCOTT, Archibald, Chief Stoker, died 23 January 1917, HMS Simoom, panel 22


$THURLEY , Boy 1st Class, CHARLES ALBERT, J/42039, HMS "Invincible" Royal Navy. Killed in action at Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916. Age 17. Son of Robert and Amy Florence Thurley of 11 Edred Rd, Dover. Panel 14

$WILLIAMS , Stoker 1st Class, WILLIAM HENRY, SS/103409, (RFR/PO/B/4468) HMS "Good Hope" Royal Navy. Killed in action at Battle of Coronel 1 November 1914. Age 26. Husband of Minnie Jane Gold (formerly Williams) of 23 Moselle St, High Rd, Tottenham, London. From Dover. Panel 5

$WISE , Leading Signalman, JOSEPH, 222824, D S M, Mentioned in Despatches, HMS "Flirt" Royal Navy. Killed in action with TBDs in Straits of Dover 26 October 1916. Age 29. Son of James Loftus Wise and Agnes Eleanor Wise of London; husband of Edith Green (formerly Wise) of Corporation House, Tower Hamlets Rd, Dover. Panel 14 

from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission


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