war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


The "We Remember" Booklet 2006



Castle Street, by Simon Chambers 

The plaque is in Castle Street, to the right of the bank doors


Contemporary picture - on the reverse of this image are the hand-written words,
 "Sept 26-1944 Time 7.15pm Last German long range shell to fall in Dover"

Post Script:

In July 2007 a correspondent wrote that his parents were very nearly the last casualties of the last shelling. This is what he said::

"Mum and dad were outside the cinema in Castle Street, looking to see what was on next week. They heard the shell explode, apparently demolishing the umbrella shop nearby. As they were expecting another two shells they ran across the Market Square through Last Lane to the cave shelter in Snargate Street. Mum tells me that they did not see anyone else during the run to the shelter, but when they arrived they were told about the shell hitting the umbrella shop."

The cinema was opposite where the bank now stands. The shell demolished two unoccupied shops, Pickfords, and the umbrella manufacturers, Hubbard's.   

with thanks to Tim Heasman
shell damage image from Maggie S-K's family collection

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