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World War I


Surnames B

J Beatty home, by Simon Chambers

J Beatty grave, by Simon ChambersBeatty, J.
John Beatty, 86159. He was in the Royal Defence Corps and died on 9 July 1919 aged 45. He was the husband of Annie Elizabeth Penn (formerly Beatty) of 7 Tower Hamlets St, Dover, and the son of John Beatty. He is buried at St James' Cemetery, P X 22

Blagrove, J. Pvt Blagrove and Miss Moore marrying, courtesy Dover Express
Joseph or Joshua Blagrove, 8668. The son of Mrs Blagrove of Oxford and of the late Moses Blagrove, a tallow chandler, and living at 21 Douglas Road he was a Private in the 1st Battalion of the Royal Berkshire Regiment. He had served since the beginning of the war and came home on a short leave from the trenches to marry Miss Violet Moore at St Andrews, Buckland, on 2 April 1916. She was the eldest daughter of Mr Robert James (a cycle engineer) and Mrs Ada Moore of 7 Woods Place, Buckland, Dover

Private Blagrove was killed in action on 14 November 1916 just seven months after their wedding. The next year on the anniversary of his death Mrs Blagrove inserted an announcement into the Dover Express

"Blagrove - In loving memory of my dear husband Jack,  Royal Berkshire Regiment, killed in action November 14 1916

You are not dead for in my heart youre living,
And all my joy of life was of your giving.
The sun will shine, and sometimes oer again
Ill hear your voice, half laughter and half pain

From his loving wife Violet"

Jack Blagrove is buried in the Waggon Road Cemetery, Beaumont Hamel, France. A 15

Mrs Blagrove on 27 September 1919 remarried at Charlton church, to Daniel John Hocking, a postman. Her brother, Frederick Walter Moore, lost his life in a raid on 12 June 1941. Daniel's sister Edith married in 1930 John Arthur Decent, the brother of George Decent.

Bonfield, A. V.
Albert Victor Bonfield, 23427, was born at 63 Victoria Road, Walthamstow, on 8 January 1892. His mother was Emma Jessie Bonfield nee Youngman and his father Edward Bonfield  was a timber salesman. He became a Pioneer in the 4th Signal company of the Royal Engineers and died on 1 July 1916. He is buried at Pargny British Cemetery, France. II B 33

His wife was Carrie Maude Terry (formerly Bonfield nee Barton) of 43 Devonshire Road, Tower Hamlets, Dover, daughter of labourer Alfred John Barton. She had been living at 1 Hartley Street at the time of their marriage at Christ Church on 11 April 1914. Albert Bonfield is described as a Sapper in the Royal Engineers living at the Grand Shaft Barracks, Western Heights. His father was deceased by this time

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BrownG, courtesy

Brown. G.
George Brown, 306510, was a Petty Officer Stoker in the Royal Navy. He was lost on 15 October 1914 when the HMS Hawke was torpedoed on 15 October 1914. He is commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial. Panel 4

He was the husband of Laura May Pearce (formerly Brown nee Howard) from 17 Selbourne Terrace, Dover, formerly 42 Bridge Street previously Albany Place


Browning, T. J.
T. J. Browning,
49925 was in the 85th Company of the Machine Gun Corps. After he died at the age of 39 on 23 September 1916 he was buried at Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery, Greece. Grave 453. His brother William lived at 6 St Radigunds Road, Buckland, Dover

Burr, S. E. 
Stephen Edmund Burr, 285238, was a Gunner in the 228th Battery of the Royal Garrison Artillery. He died on 21 March 1918 and is commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial, France, Panel 10 and on St Mary's Parish Memorial

He was 29, nearly 30 on enlistment in Dover as no 10238 Private on 11 December 1915. He lived at 1 Stembrook and was a shoemaker and repairer. His parents were Annie nee Hicks and Stephen Burr married in 1885. He was married to Edith Elizabeth Burr nee Chandler who later lived at 12 Crafford Street. They had at least one child Reginald Frank George Burr who was born on 13 November 1911. Stephen was half brother to John Carlin

Later at 20 Bartholomew Street, Dover, Mrs Burr remarried in 1919 to Horace W. Leith. She revealed in a note to the army that she had not been on friendly terms with her late husband's family for a very long time and had no idea of their whereabouts

BURR - In loving memory of my dear son and brother, Gunner S. E. Burr, eldest son of Mrs. Carlin, of 7, Victoria Row, Dover, who was killed in France on March 21 1918

Weep not for me, mothers, brothers, and sisters dear,
I am not dead, but sleeping here;
My glass was run, my time was spent,
to you, dear mother, brothers and sisters, I was but lent.
From his loving Mother, Brothers, and Sisters.
Gone, but not forgotten by
his Mother, Tom, Rose, George and Prissy

(His sisters Emily and Annie also placed an In Memoriam notice)

March 1919

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