war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

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Service Records
14 December 2009. Joyce Banks has very kindly been making notes on the service records of our Great War Fallen. She works so hard and so quickly our typing fingers can't keep up with her! So in order to make the information available as quickly as possible, we've opened a new section.  There are plenty more to come.

As always, we offer to Joyce our very grateful thanks for her dedication and untiring work in honour and memory of our Fallen.

The Great War Autograph Album - Redruth
3 December 2009. We've recently been permitted to view this delightful little document, an album of signatures from Great War Soldiers recuperating at Redruth. Left is the Lady-of-the-tea, from the book.

Simon Chambers has been researching the names. Sadly, amongst them are several who later lost their lives on the Western Front. But there's also a VC winner who saved lives ... and whose honoured name later suffered a touch of jiggery-pokery!

Find out more here - and if you can tell us more, please do!

Christmas Lights Switch On
24 November 2009. Get into the festive spirit all day THIS SATURDAY, 28 NOVEMBER with Dover's glorious Switch On! There'll be street entertainers - statues, dancers, jugglers, stiltwalkers just as starters - mince pies and wine, and Santa has even lent his very own reindeer.

Don't miss St Mary's Church Hall, right by the church, where those wondrously good eggs, The Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project, will be holding a Christmas Market. Between 10 am and 6 pm, the Market features stalls of myriad delights - jewellery, cards, mini-knits, toys, photography, mosaics ....We're sure you won't need encouragement to look in - but if you're feeling peckish, don't miss the refreshments too, starting at 12!
pictures Michelle and Andy Cooper

Dedication of the New Plaque on the Memorial
Sue Jones, Mayor17 November 2009. Armistice Day, 2009. The dedication of the new plaque was a beautiful and moving ceremony. There was a large crowd of people, including many relatives and friends of our Fallen, veterans, school children, and passers-by who stopped to join the event. Dover St Mary's wreathTown Council hosted the occasion magnificently; and many of the Staff and Councillors joined us, including The Right Worshipful, the Town Mayor of Dover, Cllr Sue Jones (right).  

An account of the dedication is here; if you have a Dovorian loved one who fell during the two World Wars of the 20th century, and would like her or his name considered for the next plaque, scheduled for 2012, please contact The Dover War Memorial Project

12 November 2009. Some more happy news from DWMP HQ! Helena and AlistairThis evening Helena, Maggie S-K's middle daughter, and Alistair announced their engagement. The couple have been together for over six years, having met as undergraduates at Cambridge. (In the picture, right, we suspect Alistair may have ended up second in the snowball fight!)

It's Alistair's birthday on 14 November, so it'll be an extra-special celebration. Congratulations to Helena and Alistair, and best wishes. May they have many happy years together.

North Board School Memorial
11 November 2009. On the morning of Armistice Day The Dover War Memorial Project presented to Mundella School, in the Black Bull Road, Folkestone, an image of the North Board School Memorial. Mundella was formerly known as the North Board Schools, and was the school attended by Walter Tull and his brother Edward before they were sent to the orphanage in London. The original memorial was destroyed, we believe, during a bombing raid in World War II.

In the picture is Mrs Lynn Seal, headteacher of the school, Mr Neil Hearn, Vice-Chairman of the Governors, and in the centre, Maggie S-K.  More details, including a list of the names on the memorial, are here 

Remembrance Sunday
8 November 2009memorial at Olneybugle and pipes








Thank you to Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project, Michelle and Andy, who laid the wreath today at our Dover Town Memorial.

For two minutes the country was stilled, as people gathered by Memorials everywhere to remember with honour those who have lost their lives in armed conflicts. Above is Olney in Buckinghamshire, where Maggie and Simon paid their respects to all our Fallen, at 11am this Remembrance Day.

During the afternoon, New Bradwell held their Remembrance ceremony, at the unusual clock tower memorial. The parade was led by the New Bradwell Silver Band.

Wherever we are, wherever they are now - "We will remember them".






Dedication of the New Plaque on the Town Memorial
29 October 2009. The Remembrance Service at the Town Memorial, with wreath-laying, will take place on 8th November from 10.30.This year there is an additional service; the Memorial is to be updated with a new bronze plaque containing 22 further names of our Dovorian Fallen. The service of dedication will be conducted by Rev David Ridley, the Mayor's chaplain, and children from St Mary's primary school and the local Sea Cadets will be in attendance.

The service will begin at around 10.40 and end around 11.15.

16 October 2009. We've been a little quiet online owing to family matters. Even so the work of Remembrance National forces memorial, detailcontinues! We visited the National Memorial Arborteum at Alrewas, Staffordshire, to stand for a few moments at many of the memorials in honour of those who died in conflict, including the great Armed Forces Memorial, for those who have died in service since 1945. The Memorial is designed such that the wreath in the centre (left) is illuminated by the rays of the sun at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

The group sculpture represent a fallen serviceman borne by his comrades, and the figures either side are representative of the many family members who suffer when a loved one is killed.

Several memorials have been dedicated at the Arboretum over the past few Duke of Gloucesterweeks. We were privileged on September 15 to attend that of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem, whose members are familiar for offering First Aid facilities at events across the country. St John's memorial

Their Grand Prior is HRH The Duke of Gloucester; pictured, above right inspecting the many skills badges won by a Badger, the youngest members of St John's, and left, taking the salute. The Memorial is in the shape of the St John's badge, here, left, viewed side on.

 In the autumn afternoons leading up to Remembrance, we visit some of the many memorials and  war graves local to us. Amongst the names on the War Memorial at Yardley Gobion is a plaque dedicated to the Canadian crew of a Wellington that crashed near the lecternvillage. Inside St Leonard's church, the lectern, left, bears the inscription:

"AMDG. This lectern is dedicated by Parishioners and Friends to the Memory of Eight Brave Airmen and in Thanksgiving for a Great Deliverance - 20th March 1944"

At Cranfield an airfield was opened in the late 1930s, used during the Second World War for training. Wendover plotAmongst the RAF burials in the churchyard of St Peter and Paul are two pilots killed in crashes during the months before the start of that war. Meanwhile, at nearby Moulsoe, in the railed family plot at the church of St Mary, is buried Albert Wynn-Carrington, Viscount Wendover. He was just twenty when he was horribly wounded near Ypres in May 1915, dying four days later at Boulogne. His body was brought home to England the next day. Close by is the grave of Joseph Nichols, whose son, also Joseph, lost his life "on Passchendael Ridge" on 13 February 1917.

Walter Tull
23 September 2009. Phil Vasili, who discovered the story of Walter Tull while researching Black footballers in Britain, is publishing a new book about Walter. Details are here

The Great Toad Race
toad14 August 2009. On 6th September the Great British Duck Race will be held on the Thames near Hampton Court. But the ducks won’t have it all their own way – amongst the anticipated record 175,000+ yellow toys will be a hundred plastic toads floated by members of the Catweazle Fan Club.  

Maggie’s a member and so the DWMP have our own entry – "Toad Kitchener". His number is 44 (after the year Dover was liberated from shelling), and here’s his race profile:  

Toad Kitchener’s  well-known saying is “Your Duck Race Needs YOU” He’s currently living in the Dover War Memorial Gardens under a lump of chalk that fell off the White Cliffs. He limbers up for the Great Race by a dip in the harbour every morning and dodging the seagulls on the way home (those ducks’ll be a doddle now). Motto: “Eat slugs for Victory and remember to change your socks!”

It's all tongue-in-cheek, but there’s a serious purpose. The race raises funds for charity – and the bonus is that if Toad Kitchener should win, the prize will help the Dover War Memorial Project continue its work too. So do cheer our toad on!

PS the picture is of a real toad. This is NOT Toad Kitchener. The toad we're racing is a plastic toy.  No real animals are used in the race. All race toys will be removed from the water at the end.

Update: Poor old Toad Kitchener. Clearly he needed more practice, as the race went to Lady Letitia Longshanks. With a name like that, no wonder she'd got paddle-power in her pins!  Never mind, Toad - better luck next year.

The big day! Emily, Maggie S-K's eldest daughter, marries Luke. The wedding and reception, followed by a celebratory barn dance, took place in Solihull.

 Luke and Emily

wedding ribbon from The Fabric Fairy

Susannah, Emily, Helena

Maggie, Emily, Luke









It was a superb day, and a brilliant start to Luke and Emily's new married life together. Congratulations to the happy couple, and we wish them many joyful years together.

illustrations: Luke and Emily outside the register office; detail of the wedding ribbons from The Fabric Fairy; Emily with her sisters, Susannah and Helena; and Maggie with Emily and Luke after signing the register. Photos by Simon John Chambers

Walter Tull Exhibition
3 August 2009. Michael Stanier, of The Grand, on the Leas at Folkestone, tells us that the hosting of the exhibition at Folkestone was a great success, with several thousand visiting it. He adds that the intended last day, 31 July, "was manic"! So successful has been the exhibition that it ran beyond its scheduled finishing date, until the main panels had to be returned to London this morning.

However, some components will remain for another couple of weeks. They include displays from Mundella School (Walter's old school), and from Step-Short and the Folkestone People's History Centre. Also remaining are the "Tull Trail" panels, from the Dover War Memorial Project, which detail many of the places in Folkestone and Dover associated with Walter Tull and his family.

We thank Michael very much indeed for hosting the exhibition, and Folkestone Town Council and Lawrence Avory, the Town Clerk of Folkestone, for making the arrangements. If you missed the main display, do still pop in to the Grand, as there is much still to see.

Harry Patch
25 July 2009.

Harry Patch

1898 - 2009

Rest in Peace

He was the last Great War veteran in Britain. They are now indeed our Lost Generation.

"War is not worth one life," said Harry Patch. In memory of all those whose lives were taken,  let us live the gift of our lives to the full, in thanksgiving.

Henry Allingham
18 July 2009.

Henry Allingham

1896 - 2009

Rest in Peace

When asked about the accolades he was receiving, as one of the last survivors of the Great War, he said, "I feel that I don't deserve it. It's trading on other men who did so much for me and everyone else here."

As are all our lives. We are forever grateful.

Maggie's brother.
brother17 July 2009. As quite a few of you know, Maggie S-K's brother has been in hospital. We're delighted to say that he's now home.

Thank you so very much, to all of you, who have been enquiring about his health and progress, and for all the good wishes you have sent for his recovery..

New Plaque for the Memorial in Dover
10 July 2009. The plaque of names to be added to the War Memorial has now arrived! There is it is, left, in the workshop of Cleverley and Spencer, Monumental Masons, Dover.

They will be adding it to the memorial, on a date to be decided by the Town Council. We'll keep you posted!.

Walter Tull Exhibition Opens in Folkestone
children and Mayor10 July 2009. From now until the end of July, the Walter Tull Exhibition is on display at The Grand, on the Leas. There's a host of other displays too in the alcove to the right of the main entrance, including the "Walter Tull Trail" by the Dover War Memorial Project and The Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project, showing just some of the local places in Dover and Folkestone connected with Walter and his family. 

Mundella School, Walter's old school, have also displayed some of the work they've been doing on him and his career, and there's a super little animation, created by children under the direction of a professional animator. Above are some of the children from the school, who sang at the opening of the exhibition "Please don't leave us", the haunting little song from the musical performance of Walter's life, describing the moment when Clara, their stepmother, had to take Walter and his brother Edward to the orphanage in London. With speeches from Maggie S-K and Michael Stanier, of The Grand, the exhibition was opened by Cllr Janet Andrews, the Mayor of Folkestone. There she is, above, with the children.

group at opening

Above ....just some of the people who attended the opening - from right to left they are Mr and Mrs Paul Everitt, related to the family of William Tull, Michael Stanier of The Grand, Stephen Coombe, cousin of Walter Tull, and Janet Andrews, Mayor of Folkestone. In front of her is Rita Humphrey, great niece of Walter Tull, and next to her is Sandra, her daughter. Sandra's dad, Charles, is to the far left. Behind Rita is Andy Cooper, Secretary of The Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project, next to him is Maggie S-K, and Lynn Seal, head of Mundella.

With grateful thanks to The Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project for their support and for the Tull Trail display.

"Land of Hope and Glory!"
6 July 2009. Dover en fête!  From the carnival that sang, played and danced its way through the town, to a fun music day by Priory Forum in our beautiful Pencester Gardens by the River Dour, what a glorious weekend it was in our frontline town, as it celebrated the best of local community.

It all kicked off with the Proms in the town hall, a building with roots in the 13th century. launch of boatsHere, between the wars, Dovorians used to gather for Remembrance concerts - and we sang our hearts out to all the old favourites they too used to sing; "Jerusalem", "Land of Hope and Glory", and, of course "Rule Britannia". She even graced us with her presence, just spottable in the picture above is Britannia herself, complete with trident and shield.

The horticultural show at Pencester finished the weekend with a fun dog show, a pet show (Maggie's niece Nikki  won second prize with her pet rats!), a superb display in the horticultural tent, including a fearsome fire monster made from chillis and peppers, and of course the ever-popular paper boat race down the River Dour. There's the launch on the left above - though we have to say that not every boat successfully managed to "Rule the Waves"!

It was a special day of note for the Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project as they held their first-ever stand. (Plenty more are planned!). There it is, above, with three of the Friends - Brian, Andy and Michelle. The display moves on now to the Walter Tull Exhibition in Folkestone between 8 and 31 July, with new panels about Walter Tull's local connections.

It'll be back in Dover for the Regatta on 8 and 9 August, in honour and memory of all those who gave their lives so we could enjoy ours .... and who kept our homeland "Mother of the Free".

The Walter Tull Exhibition
26 June 2009. The Walter Tull Exhibition has now ended at Dover Discovery Centre, and is moving on. Despite the problems of vandalism and the theft of the collection boz, it's been a great success. Marie Bchara at the Centre estimates a daily average of some 898 visitors to the building, all of whom had the opportunity to learn more about our local hero and pioneer.

It was much appreciated it too. "A wonderful exhibition – a real eye-opener about someone rising above adversity though through use of his gifts. Well done Walter Tull and also done for bringing this for us to see," said one Dovorian. Some of Walter's English relatives still live in Dover, "He is remembered as a genuinely nice man, who didn’t let the prejudice of his day stop him. It proves what can be achieved despite a difficult start in life."

Meanwhile a whole family of Tulls wrote, "A unique individual, arguably ahead of his time. We are proud to bear the same name". All eight Tulls signed individually. Another family travelled especially from London to see the display; another Londoner wrote, "So glad he is not forgotten ...he deserves his Military Cross. Amazing exhibition, a great man!" But .... perhaps the prize for the furthest distance travelled goes to the couple who wrote, "A remarkable story and a pleasure to see him receive long overdue recognition." They were from Honolulu! 

It won't be necessary to travel too far from Dover for another chance to see the exhibition. From 8 July it will be just along the coast at The Grand Hotel, on the The Leas in Folkestone, Kent,  complete with newly-created panels detailing Walter's Folkestone links. Do visit if you can!

Armed Forces Day.
armed forces flag22 June 2009 - Here's Dover, getting ready to raise the flag for the first Armed Forces Day.

Cadets from across the district, with the Chairman of Dover District Council and the Town Mayor, attended the ceremony this morning, by our War Memorial.

Armed Forces day is 27 June this year, and it's intended to demonstrate support for everyone linked with the armed services, from those currently on active service through to veterans, recruits, and their families.

In the picture with our cadets are Rev Andy Bawtree, from River, and Brigadier Iain James OBE, Deputy Constable of Dover Castle.

photo © Locations Photography. Tel: 07976 914374

Theft and Vandalism - and Wonderfully Good Hearts!
20 June 2009. What can we say? After the dreadful blow of finding our display vandalised and the collection stolen, we can truly say there are far more good hearts than bad in the world - and that Dovorians are amongst the best-hearted!

So many people joined in condemning the disrespect to our Fallen Dovorians, and helping to cover the costs of the repairs and theft. On the left are Jeannette Harper, Chairwoman of the London Road Community Forum and Chris Precious, Chairman of the George Cross for Dover Campaign, making donations to Andy Cooper, Secretary of The Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project. The photo was taken by our very own Joyce Banks, volunteer extraordinaire, who discovered the vandalism, and whose good husband Brian helped patch up the damage as best as possible so the exhibition could continue. Thank you very much, all of you.

Thank you too to Rhys Griffiths, of the Dover Express, for support and advice, and to the many other kind people who helped and who made generous donations for repair and replacement, including the Urban Surgeons, Phil and Mandy, and our stalwart transcriber, Jean Marsh.

As Andy said in the Dover Express, "The response has made me proud to be a Dovorian .. .when you get a response from people who are so generous and kind-hearted, it affects you. I was in tears when people started coming forward. It is terrific". Our Andy is a big gruff scary fellow, says Maggie S-K, so his tears thoroughly  underline how wonderful you all are.

Rolf Harris shirt and bookHeaven Sent!
20 June 2009. Today is a day of thanks! The Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project have received items from ... the stars! Many of those who took part in the enthralling BBC series "Who do you think you are" have donated items to The Dover War Memorial Project to help with fund-raising.

The series explores the stories behind the names - who are they, and who were their family? That's exactly the same approach taken by the Dover War Memorial Project in remembering our casualties - not as statistics or campaigns or names engraved in stone or metal, but as real individual people, with families who truly soldiered on, no matter what the cost. Indeed, part of our Walter Tull exhibition, currently in Dover Library  is called "Who Did He Think He Was?"

As above, we've seen gruff strong men reduced to tears - and quite a few of the ladies Ian Hislop tietoo! - when they learnt what had happened to their ancestral families. The past isn't always golden and rosy, as we might be tempted to see it today. But we hope thanking them for their generosity and support will bring a smile - their kindness will help ensure that others who suffered in the most appalling of ways in the most dreadful of times, our Fallen and their families, will never be forgotten.

Thank you so very much to Sheila Hancock, Ian Hislop, Rolf Harris, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, to Boris Johnson, Bill Oddie, David Tennant, Lesley Garrett, Ainsley Harriott, Catherine Tate, and to Jeremy Paxman, David Suchet, Barbar Windsor, Michael Palin, Carol Vorderman, and to Colin Jackson. Thank you also to Manchester City Football Club, Blackburn Rovers Football Club, and Arsenal Football Club.

True stars - and may you continue to shine brightly!

To help with the fund-raising and to see the treasures we were given, do have a look here

illustrations -Rolf Harris tee shirt and book, and Ian Hislop's tie, worn on "Have I got news for you!"

"The Friends" on E-bay
11 June 2009. The Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project have created a new E-bay account (FODWMP)selling items for fund-raising. Amongst those who have so kindly donated are Lesley Garrett and Jeremy Paxman.

The Secretary of The Friends is an established E-bay seller - see here for more information, and bid and buy with confidence!

Theft and Vandalism
3 June 2009. Very sadly we have to say that someone has irreparably damaged two of the panels of the Dover War Memorial Project exhibition, part of the Walter Tull exhibition in Dover library. It seems that this person was behaving inappropriately, and took his revenge when asked to leave by the library staff.

Also, the collecting tin at the exhibition has been stolen, the links of the chain that secured it sheared through.

This is a very great disappointment, and a heavy blow financially. The Dover War Memorial Project is run entirely by volunteers and is heavily subsidised by Maggie S-K. We can only keep it going at all thanks to the kindness and generosity of others, and it's hard indeed to think that they have been betrayed by a couple of dishonest and self-interested people. Even worse, though, is the total lack of respect shown to our Fallen, and to their families, who mourn their losses to this day.

This, we believe, underlines the need in our modern age for a Project such as ours. We can only hope that those who have perpetrated these unpleasant deeds will one day come to understand how great was the sacrifice made for them by others, so that they could have the lives of freedom they enjoy today.  

It's Open!
17 May 2009. Now online, the opening of the Walter Tull Exhibition, along with some of the panels created specially for Dover.

Peter LakeWalter Tull's Dover
15 May 2009. Mr Peter Lake, Chairman of some panels at exhibitionKent County Council, cuts the ribbon to open the Walter Tull Exhibition at the library.

Who did he think he was? Does your family live in a house that once belonged to the Tulls in Dover? Or maybe you're even related to Walter!

Discover Walter Tull's Dover - and meet more Dovorians who Fell - at the library now!.

AYME logoToday is ME/CFS Awareness Day
12 May 2009. ME/CFS is a life-stealing neurological condition. Sufferers have a range of symptoms; they can include agonisingly painful cramps and headaches, through tiredness to the point of collapse even when trying to achieve simple day-today tasks (described as having "an elephant always on your back"), and "brain fog", where one is unable to think or concentrate clearly. Others include memory loss, nausea, and extreme and painful sensitivity to light or sound or smell or touch. Drugs, even commonplace ones such as a tiny measure of alcohol, can have a devastating effect, as though the sufferer has imbibed a severe overdose. 25% of the estimated 250,000 sufferers in the UK are so badly affected they are bedbound and may even be intubated as they cannot swallow.

There is no cure. Anyone might acquire this life-long disability - it can be triggered by stress, a trauma, including an operation, or by infections, such as the 'flu. As many of you know, Maggie S-K has two daughters affected by ME/CFS. One of the debilitating factors in ME/CFS is that sufferers are so often disbelieved; they're treated in a way that can and does increase the harm, and they're often told that it's a psychological illness, with the implication that they'd get better if only they'd get a grip . If only .... if only that were true. 

Everyone can help sufferers from ME/CFS by learning a little more about this horrible illness, and then following one simple guideline : -

Don't "diss" ME/CFS - because DIS-belief  increases DIS-ability.

The Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project
14 May 2009. Just begun - our new pages for The Friends, including Fund-Raising Items for Sale. and signing up for the quarterly e-newsletter. Do look!

The 11th hour of the 11th Day
dog on lawn, by Andy Cooper
1 May 2009. Isn't he sweet! This is Mungo, just for the moment putting aside such essential canine matters as who will throw his ball, or when is dinner-time. The reason? Well, as honorary mascot of The Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project, Mungo's listening intently to plans for the opening of the Walter Tull Exhibition at the Discovery Centre in Dover.

The Friends are delighted that Marie Kelly Thomas has agreed to sing a song composed by schoolchildren about Walter Tull, from the original launch of the exhibition in London. The Chairman of the Kent County Council, Mr Peter Lake, is honouring us by cutting the ribbon, after speeches from The Friends, given by Mr Gordon Cowan, Town, District, and County Councillor, from Camilla Bergman, of The City of Westminster Archives which led the year-long commemorations, and ... um ... well, a few words from Maggie S-K too.

The Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project already have a full calendar of events, and, we hear, have some other exciting news too. It'll all be published on our new "Friends" page. But in the meantime - the date to remember is the 11th Hour of the 11th Day ... of the 5th Month!

Civic Awards 2009
28 April 2009. The Mayor's Civic Awards for Voluntary Service began in 2008, and are intended to recognise people of Dover who give of their time freely for the benefit of others.

Guess who was awarded one this year! With her family, standing on the left of the Mayor is our very own Joyce Banks, stalwart researcher for the Dover War Memorial Project, and definitely with bloodhound in her ancestry - she never gives up on a trail for information!

Here's the citation that gained her the award, "Joyce is a very quiet lady who does so much to help people all over the world to seek out relatives for their family history.  She trawls the internet, spends hours at the library and also researches the local cemeteries.  She also travels miles to meet the families, putting them in touch with those who are far flung across the world.

She seeks no reward and in her words “she just loves it unravelling the past”.  She has set up a website which has so much history of the names of roads in Dover, why and when named, also a potted history of the events and people that shaped the town. 

She also helps with the War Memorial Project when asked."

Just so. There's only one correction we'd make - that Joyce never needs to be asked to help with the Dover War Memorial Project. Instead, she finds information and helps wherever she can. Though we do ask too! We don't live in Dover at the moment (sadly), and Joyce is our lady-on-the-spot; always willing to find that vital fact that solves the mystery.

Well done, our Joyce. An award that's richly deserved.

left to right in the photo - Trevor, of TKWebservices, who designed and hosts Joyce's sites; Lesley, of Urban Surgeons, who so kindly helps care for graves; our Mayor, Diane Smallwood; Joyce; and her husband Brian, proudly holding the award.   

new panelUpdated Names on the Memorial
15 April 2009. Cleverley and Spencer, Monumental Masons of Dover, have undertaken the work, and Dover Town Council have kindly sent us this template for how the new panel for the War Memorial will look.

Very handsome, we feel.

There are a couple of slight alterations to be done, and after that - it's off to the foundry!


The Walter Tull Exhibition
11 April 2009. The Walter Tull Exhibition will be in Dover in one month's time! It's open at Dover Library, The Discovery Centre, Market Square, between 11 May and 29 June.

The Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project have organised an opening ceremony for this nationally important event. We are absolutely delighted that Mr Peter Lake, Chairman of Kent County Council, has agreed to open the exhibition. The ceremony will begin at 10.45 for 11 am on 11 May.

Do please come along if you can, and discover more about our nationally and internationally famed local hero.

memorial with wreathsUpdated Names on the War Memorial
30th March 2009. Following communications from the Dover War Memorial Project with Dover Town Council, the Events Committee of the Council on 5th March resolved to recommend  that a quotation for further names to be added to the War Memorial should be accepted. This was agreed by the Full Town Council on 25th March.

The War Memorial will therefore in due course therefore be updated with the names on this list.

We of the Dover War Memorial Project know how much this means  to the relatives of those who died. Thank you, Events Committee and Dover Town Council. You do not forget.

Update on the Proposal for the Erection of a Sign in the War Memorial Gardens

28th March 2009. Owing to the many protests received, this proposal was returned to the Events Committee by the full Town Council meeting on 25th March.

We were informed yesterday by personal message from a Councillor involved with this proposal that it will be withdrawn and the sign will not be erected.

Thank you, everyone, for so quickly letting the Town Council know your views. Thank you, Town Council, for responding so quickly to those views.

War Memorial Gardens - Erection of Sign?
Responses must be received by Dover Town Council by 3rd April 2009

image by Phil Eyden23rd March 2009. The Events Committee of the Town Council are considering having a tilted sign erected on the lawns of the Memorial Garden, in front of the War Memorial. This sign would be some two metres square (around 6 and a half feet), and the tilt would mean that the front of the sign would be around 30 centimetres (one foot) high, the back some 60 centimetres (two feet) high. There is no visual representation available from the Council of how this sign might appear.

The Committee are suggesting that logos could be displayed, either made from plants or sign-written. Amongst the suggestions for the logos they have offered are "Dover Town Council", "Fairtrade", maybe a poppy wreath for Remembrance Day, or logos of organisations or associations.

You may wish to read the views of The Dover War Memorial Project on this proposal.

All of you who visit this website are concerned with Remembrance of those who Fell in the Two World Wars. You may also wish to express your views to the Town Council on the proposal for this sign . They've requested the views to be in writing, and here are the contact details:

Mrs Tracey Hubbard,
Technical Support Officer,
Dover Town Council,
Maison Dieu House,
Biggin Street,
DOVER, Kent,
CT16 1DW.
Tracey may also be emailed on

3rd APRIL 2009


The picture above is a slightly tongue-in-cheek mock-up by Phil Eyden of how the proposed sign might appear. We are assured by a Councillor that this appearance would not be the exact case. While the Town Council are proud of Dover's award in February of Fair Trade Status, Phil's image nevertheless underlines a most serious point that the sign, whatever the logos included upon it, would not accord with the War Memorial or its intentions.

Here and There
10th March 2009. I suspect everyone is feeling the effects of the current economic situation! The Dover War Memorial Project is feeling rather a large mini-map, by Brucepinch too, and that does mean that we may not for a while be able to carry out some of the events we undertake in Remembrance of our Dovorian casualties and their families. However, we remain dedicated to their memory, and will continue to discover more and update this Virtual Memorial in honour of all Dovorians lost in the two World Wars. We'll also continue helping relatives and friends of casualties and their families discover more about those we lost - if you think we can help you, please do contact us.

At the same time, if you can help the Project, please do! If you know anything about a Dovorian casualty, or perhaps have a photograph, please let us know. Also, although we fund much of the work ourselves, if we've helped you, or you think our work is worthwhile, and would like to help with essential and unavoidable costs, please consider making a donation.

The Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project are beginning sterling work in support of Remembrance of our casualties. We've had the pleasure of several meetings with them, and they are considering a number of different initiatives. We'll be hearing more from them in due course; in the meantime, this very day the Secretary of the Friends has been into Dover Library to discuss the arrival and display of the panels from the Walter Tull Exhibition, currently touring England and Scotland.  The panels will be on view from 11th May to 29th June in the Library.

Walter Tull remains in the news. We hear a new play about him has been commissioned; we hear also that under discussions are new memorial plaques, to be erected in Folkestone. Also currently under consideration  and consultation is the renaming of Mundella school in the Black Bull Road (the school Walter and his brother attended before they went to London), to the Walter Tull School. If it's agreed, this too would be a fine memorial, and a superb means of helping our younger citizens learn more about their forebears in a personally meaningful way. 

After a request from the Dover War Memorial Project in 2006 regarding updates to the Dover Town Memorial, the Town Council passed a resolution that updates should be considered every three years - and this year is it!  In November 2008 the Dover War Memorial Project communicated with Dover Town Council again, and we now hear that updates to our Memorial are under consideration . Well done and thank you very much indeed to the Town Council and the Events Committee, who are also discussing the re-design of the War Memorial garden. 

Back in Project Towers (or "Calamity Towers" as one of the Friends has been known to call it, owing to our catastrophe-prone nature) the artist Bruce, who has already created several brilliant artworks for the Dover War Memorial Project, has been kindly working for the past few weeks on a new addition to the Virtual Memorial. A map to locate the places where civilians lost their lives in our town (small picture above, left), the first draft is now online. Meanwhile, Simon has been refining and reconciling our casualty information for World War II; a large and complex, but much-needed and greatly-appreciated task.

Kantara, Michelle and Andy CooperOther people have been busy too; Alan and Brian and their (and our) good friends continue to visit graves for the Project and for relatives, and have a long list of casualties for whom they will be laying crosses in Germany and Holland; while Andy, Michelle, and Brian made a trip to Egypt, visiting Dovorian and other casualties there.  Joyce continues her wonderful work in discovering more about our casualties - to her we're very grateful. Dean has supplied more very welcome photos and a great deal of information about our aviation casualties, and of course we continue to hear from our other volunteers, and other people in Dover, across the British Isles, and around the globe, with queries and with information - which communications it's our great pleasure to receive.

Thank you everyone. As we all remember those we lost, so many are brought together in friendship and kindness. What a wonderful legacy, and what a wonderful way to honour the memory of those who lost their lives in strife. 


Dear All,

Happy New Year!

As usual, this last year has been a busy one on the Dover War Memorial Project. The 90th anniversary of the Armistice marked a number of special events; one, a year-long iwreath 2006, by Simon Chambersnitiative, was, of course, the commemoration of the life of Walter Tull. More about these can be found in the many articles on the information index  We were delighted to see Donald Hunter achieve his aim of a memorial to Merchant Seafarers on our seafront; this is something especially close to my heart as my own father was a merchant seaman, serving on the Atlantic convoys. Coinciding with the 90th anniversary was also the creation of a number of books and theses; it has been our absolute pleasure to help with research for these, as well as to supply information to the media - local, national, and even international. .

As always, though, our focus is the Remembrance of those from our town who lost their lives during the two world wars of the 20th century.  The pages on this Virtual Memorial have been constantly updated; there is much more information still to go online. At the same time, we've been delighted to help relatives and friends across the globe discover more about their own lost loved ones, and to have learnt so much more from them about our frontline town and her children who fell. It's been a real pleasure to chat with you all, by 'phone, letter, and email - and in person too! - and we certainly look forward very much to learning more over this coming year.

While on the subject of friends, we're very pleased to announce that a new group has been formed. These are the Friends of the Dover War Memorial Project. An object of their constitution is "to stimulate public interest in The Dover War Memorial project, and to support the Project in any lawful manner". (Though ... we've noticed the lengths people will go for fund-raising; we're hoping that dressing as flamingos and dancing a cancan in the High Street is out - at least for this year anyway!)

Seriously now, in respectful honour and memory of those who Fell, the Friends are brimful of good ideas and enthusiasm. Here are the Secretary's views on their inaugural meeting on 7th January. "I have to say that the consensus was that of a very positive meeting, with much optimism from all  ... I feel genuinely excited at the launch of this new project; there is much that can be achieved." Some initiatives are already successfully underway, and there will be more news about the Friends soon. In the meantime, details of how to contact them are on our contact page.

Those of you who follow the news will know that currently much in the world is grim.  For most of us the future is uncertain. Yet even in this we are blessed, for there were many who had no future at all. Perhaps more than ever now the knowledge that there are those who did and do lay down their lives for others shines as a beacon of hope for the human spirit.

"At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them"

With best wishes,. 

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(Marilyn Stephenson-Knight)

January 2009

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