war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

North Board School, Folkestone

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The North Board Schools were in Black Bull Road. The site is now occupied by the Mundella School. The memorial is no longer there; perhaps it was damaged during the Second World War when the school was hit during a raid. North Board is the school attended by Walter Tull and his brother Edward, before they were sent to the orphanage in London.

memorial, with grateful thanks to Annie and Peter Bamford, the Folkestone and District Local History Society

The memorial is made from polished walnut, and was designed by Arthur Parsons. The central plaque was created by C H Stevens; there is a similar one on the Castle Hill School. The memorial is unusual in that it commemorates not only the old boys who lost their lives, but, below and on either side of the upper central panel, those who served and returned as well. Walter Tull is named twice:

detail, showing Walter Tull's name detail, showing Walter Tull's name

The memorial was unveiled on Friday afternoon, 29th April 1921 by Alderman Spurgen, and was dedicated by Canon P F Tindall, in the presence of many of the relatives of those who had served.  Mr Mummery, the head teacher, spoke of all the letters he had received from his former pupils, bringing back memories. He spoke too of the valiant spirit of the boys, citing one who had received the DCM, and then said, "And now I'm going back to win the VC". He was, sadly, amongst those who lost their lives; we believe this to have been Edward Goodburn.  

In Proud Memory of Those from this School who gave their Lives in Defence of our Honour 1914-18

Edw. H. Amos
Percy V. Amos
Thos. Andrews
Thos. Appleton
Alb. Geo. Argar
Dudley Argar
Step. Argar
Arch. Arnold
Alb. E. Bailey
Walter W. Banks
Ern. Barton
Lewis A. Black
Vincent C. Bourne
Arthur Bushell
Fred. Butcher
Geo. Champion
Geo. R. Carter
Alf. J. Chidwick
Arthur E. Chidwick
Thos. F. Cox
Ern. Crouch
Arthur J. Doyle
Fred. F. Down M.M.
Edw. W. E. Elgar
Walter Finn
Victor Foreman
Edw. Goodburn D.C.M
John Goodenough
Fred. J. Goodman
Harry E. Green
Sol. Grinstead
Wm. Alex. G. Hall
Geo. H. Haywood
Jos. Fred. Haywood
Geo. F. Hogben
Lawrence S. Hogben
Chas. Jacobs
Fred. P. Keeler
Alb. Kennedy
Geo. A. Kennett
Robt. H. Laws
Chas. Lemar
Fred. Lemar
Arthur Marsh
Arch. Maxted
Cyril Mills
Henry T. Milton
Eric J. W. Morford
Arthur Mullet
Harry Mullett
Will. H. Mullett
Arch. V. Newman
Wm. Newman
Chas. Paine
Stan. W. Page
Walt. P. Page
Fred. J. Peters
Leon. Pidduck
Hor. Wm. Reader
Hard. Renwick
Wm. Richards
Ron. Richardson
Thos. J. Robus
Alfred Rolfe
Edw. Rye
Jas. Rye
Fred. Savage
Geo. F. Scott
Victor Spillett
Edw. J. Skerritt
Robt. A. Spickett
Thos. R. Standing
Arth. Stokes
Jack Summerfield
Cecil H. Swift
Cecil J. Tritton
Walt. Tull. LT.
Clem. C. Webster
Alfd. Willis
Wm. H. Willis
Major Per. Wilson
Alf. Wood
Horace Wraight.

Alfd. Andrews
Edw. P. Catt
John Miles
Fred. Henry Page
Geo. Parks
Walter C. Southon
Thos. H. Taylor
Fred. S. Wise

and others unknown

Old Boys Who Served In The Royal Navy

Leonard Adams
James V. Amos
Percy Attwood
Walter Austin
Frank W. Biscoe
Victor Brien
Alb. T. Burvill
Wm. H. J. Carey
Alb. E. Carte
Sid. W. Challis
Alb. Champion
Alf. Clifton
Alf. Cooper
Herbert Cotton
Danl. Coughlan
Geo. Down
Walt. Down
Geo. Doyle
Jos. Dyer
Percy W. T. Edwards
Edw. C. Fleet
Fred. A. Grinstead
Fred. G. Gifford
Harry Gifford
Geo. Haisell
Henry Hart
Thos. Wm. Hart
Wm. J. Hart
Ern. A. Hearnden
Reg. Henderson
Rowland Hill
Fred. C. Hogben
Arthur Jackson
Thos. Jackson
Herb. Kedwell
Fred. Lewis Kennett
Lloyd H. Kennett
Norman I. Kennett
Horace Knight
John B. Maddaford
Geo. F. Maxted
Fred. J. McBrine
David Miles
Alf. Milton
Wm. Moss
Ch. Palmer
John Pay
Jos. Philp
Sid. C. Philpott
Sid. Philpott
Edwin. J. Pollington
Chas. T. Richards
Wm. Rye
Victor J. Setterfield
Horace Shaxted W.O.
Chas. Sinclair
Will. A. Sullivan
Ern. Swift
Stan. Taylor
Wm. H. Vye
Fred. Ward
Hen. Want
Sid. Want
Ern. Whittingstall
Geo. Whittingstall
Fred. S. Williams
Wm. Wise
Fred. R. Wickenden

Old Boys who Served in the Army

Geo. Allen
Edw. H. Amos
Geo. U. Amos
Chas. Anderson
Donald Anderson
Alfred Andrews
Albt. Andrews
Chas. Andrews
Fred. Andrews
John Andrews
Geo. Appleton
Albt. Argar
Thos. Arnold
Walter G. Ashby
Bern. Ash
Walter Atkins Lt. MC
John Attwood
Leon. Austin
Per. Austin
Bern. C. Barton
Fred. Barton
Sid. Barton
Wm. Barton
Stan. V. Basill
Ern. Bean
Wm. Bean
Albt. E. Begent
Herb. J. Begent
Wm. Begent
Geo. E. Bennett
Chas. J. Berritt
Fred. Berritt
Arth. Birch
Geo. T. Biscoe
Ern.J. Black
Fred. Boorman
Cecil J. Bourne
Wm. P. Bourne
Geo. Bowden
Arth. Bowles
Geo. Boxer
Robt. Brazier
Wm. Bridgeland
Geo. T. Brien
Wm. Brisley
Thos. Brittenden
Geo. Brittenden
Dav. C. Brown
Hen. A. Burvil Lt
Step. John Burvill
Fred. A. Bushell Lt
Wm. Butcher
Edg. Butler
Hard. J. Bygrave
John Canham DCM. MM
Harry Carden
Rich. Carpenter
Step. H. Carey
John Carswell
Jos. Carswell
Wm. H. Carte
Alfd. Carter
Harry Chaddock
Wm. E. V. Chaddock
Dav. Chadwick
Walter Champion
Arth. W. Chidwick
John Chidwick
E. Hec. Claringbold
Sid. Clark
Robt. W. D. Clarke
Wm. A. Colegate
Wm. Colyer
Wm. G. Cook
Chas. T. Copping
Thos. Copping
Chas. F. Coughlan
Albt. Cox
Ern. Craker
Fred. Craker
Geo. Crampton
Leon. Crampton
Albt. Croft
Chas. Crumby
Ern..W. Crumby
Fred. Crumby
James Crumby
Jas. Crouch
Les. Crouch
Vic. Crouch
Wm. Crouch
Geo. B. Croucher
Loftus Croucher
Per. Croucher
R. B. Croucher
Cec. Curtis
Ern. Curtis
John R. Curtis
Rich. Curtis
John Dandy
James Davies
Albt. Denny
Albt. E. Diwell
Alfd. E. Diwel
Wm. Geo. Diwell
Har. Thos. Down
Wm. Jas. Downs
Alfd. C. Doyle
Fred. Doyle
Jos. Doyle
Wm. Doyle
Sid. Dryland
Jos. Drury
Step. Drury
Wilf. Durban
Harry Dymond
Dave E. Eastwick
Thos. R. Eastwick
Wallace Edwards
Thos. G. Elgar
Vic. Elgar
Harry J. C. Fagg
Wm. H. H. Fagg
Chas. Farley
Fred. Farley
John Farley
Wm. F. Fedarb
Albt. Finn
John H. Fleet
Wm. R. Fleet
Lewis J. E. Foreman
Ern. Frampton
Chris. W. Friend
Geo. F. Friend
James Friend
Sid. Friend
Nel. Furminger
Geo. Furner
Harry Furner
Alf. Gardiner
Wm. V. Geddes
Alex. Gibb
Dav. Gibb
Robt. Gibb
Frank Gilbert
Thos. Clitheroe
Alf. Godden
Chas. Godden
John Godden
Per. R. Godden
Thos. Godden
Wm. D. Godden
Frank Golder
Step. Golder
Alex. H. Goldsack
Arth. G Woodburn
Fred. Goodburn
Per. C. J. Goodburn
Ern. Goodenough
Fred. Goodenough
Geo. Goodenough
Fred. Goodge MM
Chas. J. Goodman
Fred. Goodman
Per. E. Goodman
Edw. Gorringe
Fran. R. J. Green
Hugh. R. Green
E. Stan. Greenfield
F. G. Alb. Greenfield
T. Wm. Greenfield
Frank Greenland
Thos. E. Grinstead
Wm. A. Greenland
John Griffiths
Fred. A. Hall
Hor. Hall
Horace. A. R. Hall
Rich. C. H. Hall
Wm. Hall
Cecil Hambrook
Reg. F. Hambrook
Wm. Hambrook
Cecil J. Hammond
Dav. F. Hammond
Geo. W. Hammond
John Hammond
Sid. Harman. DCM
Alfd. Hart
Fred. G. Hart
Harry Hart
Hen. A. Hart
Albt. Hatcher
Hen. Hayward
John Hazlewood
Fred. J. Hearnden
Her. Hearnden
Wm. Hearnden
Arth. Hen. Herbert
Chas. F. Hilder
Fred. C. Hilder
Jas. Hilder
Fred. A. Hill
Arth. J. Hogben
E. F. Hogben
E. G. Hogben
Hen. Jas. Hogben
Jas. Hen. Hogben
Ste. R. Hogben
Wm. Hogben
Walt. T. Hogben
Alf. Holloway
Edw. Hopper
Frank. K. Hopper
Jos. G. Horton
Harry T. Howard
Albt. E.I verson
Geo. Iverson
Bert. Jacobs
Edw. Jacobs
Thos. R. Jeffery
Lewis C. Jenner
Chas. Keeler
Harry Keeler
Rich. Keeler
Robt. T. Kelway
Wm. Kelway
John Kendall
Arch. Kennedy MM
Albt. S. Kennett
Geo. E. Kennett
Harold A. Kennett
Her. Hen. Kennett
Hen. V. Kennett
Jethro. Kennett
Per. E. Kennett
Rich. W. Kennett
Geo. H. Kettle
Arth. Kilby
Edw. Kingsmill
John Kingsmill
Frank Knight
Hen. Chas. Knight
Wilf. Laws
Harry Lemar
Herb. Lemar
Wm. Lemar
Fred. Lester
Geo. Little
Allan G.Logan
Sid. R. Logan
Step.T. Luxton
Stan. Muddaford
Walt. Mant
Ern. Marks
Geo. Marsh
Thos. Marsh
Alf. N. Maxted
F. T. Maxted
Per. E. Maxted
Thos. Maxted
Albt. Maycock
Chas. Maycock
Harry McCrow
Owen McGuire
Fred. McKay
Alb. Mills
Wm. Milton
Per. Minnis
Wm. J. Mitchell
Wallace Morford
Geo. Mullett
Thos. Mullett
Wm. T. Mullett
Geo. Myall
John E. Newbery
Her. Newman
H. W. Newman
John Newman
Per. Newman
Alf. Pace
Fred. E. Pace
Wm. Pace
Fred. J. Page
Fred. W. Page
John. W. Page
Thos. Vic. Page
Thos. Wm. Page
Wm. Ern. Page
Per. Palmer
Fred. Parsons
Her. Peerless
Edw. Pegg
Thos. Petley
Geo. E. Phillips
John Jas. Philp
Edw. Philpott
Geo. Philpott
Per. Philpott
Sid. Philpott
Walt. Philpott
Fred. Pidduck
Sid. Pidduck
Chas. Pilcher
Harry Pilcher
Herb. Pilcher
Edwin Pollington
Jos.  Pont
Doug. Pope
Hen. Geo. Pope
Sid. J. Pope
Wm. Pope
J. Arth. Preston
Geo. Price
Albt. Hen. Reader
Ern. Chas. Reader Lt.
John Renwick
Walt. G. Reynolds
Chas. F. Richards
Geo. Richards
Jos. Richards
Ray. Robus
Albt. Rogers
Ern. Rogers
Edw. Rowley
Edw. Russell
Chas. Rye
Wor. Robinson
Alf. Geo. Salmon
John Salmon
Walt. J. Salmon
Har. G. D. Salmons
Geo. Scott
Harry Sherrod
Jos. Sherrod
John Sherwood
Step. Shrubsole
Wm. Shrubsole
Fred. Sinclair
Harry Sinclair
Claud B. Simmons
John W. Simmons
Edw. J. Skinner
Albt. Edw. Smith
Arth. J. Smith
Alf. Jas. Snelling
Alex. Geo. Southon
John Southon
Geo. Spain
Chas. Spicer
Ern. Spicer
Jas. Spicer
Fred. Spickett
Alfd. T. Spratt
Wm. Standing
Chas. R. Stokes
A.Alf. Stone
Wm. Ron. Stone
Herb. Sutton
Saml. Sutton Lt.
Jas. Swain
Chas. Swift
Geo. F. Swift
Albt. O. Taylor
Robt. Taylor
Frank Taylor
Rich. C. Taylor
Robt. T. Taylor
Wm. Taylor
Chas. R. Thaxter
Clarence Thorn
Harold Thorn
Alf. E. Ticehurst
A. Edgar Tidd
Harold Tomlin
Sid. Tomlin
Albt. J. Trask
Walt. Tull
Edwin Tunbridge
Fred. G. Tunbridge
Thos. W. Tunbridge
Herb. Turner
Cecil G. Turrell
Edw. Turrell
Horace Waddell
Chas. T. Wakefield
Fred. G. Sherrod
Fred. Wakefield
Walt. Wakefield
Fred. Wanstall
Jas. Wanstall
Edwin R. Want
Wm. J. Want
Geo. C. Ward
Step. Warman
Herb. L. Waters
Philip Waters
Robt. P. Waters
Chas. A. Weatherburn
Geo. H. Weatherburn
Percy F. Webb
Hen. E. Wenman
Ern. J. West
Walt. West
John White
Wm. White
Chas. H. Whiting
H. Jas. Whiting
Fred. Whitnall
Arth. Whittingstall
Herb. Whittingstall
F. C. Williams
Geo. Williams
Alfd. Willis
Alf. Willis
Chas. Willis
Percy Willis
H. Wilson
Har. W. Willson
John Willson
Alb. Winter
Fred. C. Winter
Alf. Wood
Har. Woods
Geo. Woolcock
John T. Woolcock
Leon .J. Woolcock
Percy Worsell
Fred. Wratten
Step. Wright
Wm. Wright
Geo. Alb. Yule
Wm. Robt. Yule
J. Clement
H. Young

Royal Air Force

Walt. T. Barton
Peter Caven
Fred. Clark
Wm. Cross
Cyril E. Down
Cyril Harvey
Albt. Hill
Chas. Hill
Albt. Hutchins
Fred. Laslett
Ern. Mc Guire
Albt. Mills
Wm. Law. Rennie Lt.
Thos. A. Russell. Lt.
Wm.S almon
Cyril R. Stanley
Harold Wilkinson
Percy Wilkinson
Hor. Williams D.F.M.
Leo. S. Woods
Avery Wraight
Fran. R. Wratten

Members of Staff

Thos. J. Forbes Lt 35 Batt. M.G.C.

Ar. Eyres Sgt. East Surrey Reg.

W.Blackburn C.S.M.Dev.Reg.

We have been searching for information about the memorial for over a year. In October 2008, Annie and Peter Bamford, from the Folkestone and District Local History Society, emailed, and in further correspondence it was possible positively to identify this photograph in their collection as that of the missing memorial. We are very grateful indeed to them for their contact, and for so kindly creating and permitting us to use a copy of their photograph. We thank also Hawksmoor Wheeler of Folkestone, the original photographers, for their interest and permission to reproduce the photograph, and the Folkestone Herald for their unstinting help in our search. 

The memorial was transcribed by Jean Marsh, to whom we offer our grateful thanks.

11th November 2009
picture presented to MundellaAt an assembly on Armistice Day the Dover War Memorial Project presented to Mundella School a large image of the War Memorial.

The picture will be hung in the entrance hall of the school, at child's eye height, so the children' may read it easily. Some of them may even  discover their family name there, of their own forebears who served during the Great War.

Bringing the Memorial home in the photo are Mrs Lynn Seal, head teacher of Mundella, Maggie S-K, Founder of the Dover War Memorial Project, and Mr Neil Hearn, Vice-Chairman of the Governors.

Copyright 2008-11 Marilyn Stephenson-Knight. All Rights Reserved