war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Castle Hill School, Folkestone

We follow a number of different trails on our searches. Here's a delightful memorial we came across in Folkestone, not then on display. It's from the Sidney Street School, once also known as the George Spurgen School.

The central plaque reads: "In proud memory of those from this school who gave their lives in defence of our honour 1914-18". Left is a detail from that  plaque. At the foot of the plaque is engraved the name of  C H Stevens, of Folkestone. This was Charles Hastings Stevens, who was an art and craft teacher.  A similar plaque is on the North Board School memorial..

The wood of the memorial is oak, and has shrunk with age.


  Lewis Dilnot
William L Hughes
Maurice Wood
James F Wootton
William Norrington
Stephen L Allchin
Charles Anderson
William Anderson
Arthur Byrne
Albert E Bailey
Montague Baker
George J Bowe
Philip Cox
Charles Childs

  Ernest Catt
Fred J Dought
Walter J Duncombe
Albert Featherbe
William A Ford
Harold Gautier
Leonard F Gilham
Harry R Hill
William Hogben
William Johnson
Percy G Linkin
Thomas W. Meath
Leonard Milton
Robert C W Parker
Thomas B Philpott
William Peters
Denzil Pilcher
Sidney Pittock
William F Poile
Herbert E Poole
George Rayner
William R Richards
James Rye
Edward J Shopland
Fred J Summers
John W Taylor
William Tutt
Clement C webster
Cecil Winder
Alfred Wood

with thanks to the school for their help and kindness

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