war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

The Redruth Convalescent Album

1 Leonard Norton Hollis, 59 Bacchus Road, Winson Green, Birmingham

2 Gilbert Gibbons, 124 Green Lane, Smallheath, Birmingham

3 Robert Hughes, 54 Cornwall Road, Handsworth, Birmingham

4 Alfred Johnson, 11 Lady Margaret Road, Southall, Middlesex

5 F R Scott, 56 Lateward Road, Brentford, Middlesex

6 J J Jackson, 57 Rhodeswell Road, Mile End, London East

7 Reginald P Elsworth-Smith, 9.14.14 (ie 14 Sept 1914), London Auditorium Hotel, Chicago, USA, c/o House “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die”

(right) loose inside thealbum, this photograph. Please tell us if you know who it is. 

8 Horace V Levy, 10 Donaldson Road, Killburn, London, North West One of Kitchener’s recruits! We shall never forget the kindness of the ladies of Redruth – Cornwall!

9 H E Spencer, 61 Crampton Street, Walworth, London Happy Memories

10. J Cockerill*, 27 Mitre St, Lambeth SE, London J.O.B.

11 Leslie Hubert Forster, 25 Birchdale Road, Forest Gate, Lonon, E6 With best wishes and many thanks to the ladies of Redruth, for their kindness to Kitchener’s recruits during their stay in Redruth A recruit

12 Richard Hall, 199 Well Street, Hackney, London, W3 Kitchener’s recruit at Redruth.

12(sic) Frank Peasant, 145 Fairfax Road, Hornsey, London N In appreciation of the kindness shown while staying in Redruth. Three cheers for the ladies. Kitchener’s recruit (below)

13 For aye! G Grayson, Sergeant, 19.9.14 Restronguet ((near Falmouth!))

14 J W Dance? 110 Drayton Gdns, South Kensington, London

15 C W Thorpe, 7 Flodden Road, Camberwell New Road, S E

16 A W H Thompson*, 221 Heath Street, Winson Green, Birmingham And Pte W Summers*, 75 Cross Street, Smethwick, 2nd Wilts Rgt

17 L A Chadwell, Craighleigh, Iver, Bucks

18 J E Ford, Sideview, Ewell Road, Surbiton

19 R N Flint*, 39 Hestercombe Avenue, Fulham, London With hearty and sincere thanks to Redruth

20 E A Loton*, 40 Madeley Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham Happy memories

21 ? Daly, 33 Maitland Road, Beckenham, Kent

22 blank

23 Feed me well and keep me clean, I’ll put a shot in Berlin Green. Elsworth-Smith

24 H S Jenkin, 29 Commercial Road, of Hayle. 22.11.20

25 A H Kirk, 64 Janson Road, Stratford, Essex

26 J A Broad, Bodriggy Street, Hayle. 22.11.20

27 A G Port*, 70 Langham Road, West Green, S Tottenham, London N

28 F C Rowe*, Chapel Row, Praze, 50orSO?

29 V E? Hamshere* 2 Keogla? Rd, Stratford, London E

30. Reg Caswell*, DCLI

31 G Hale, 5 Abbey Lane, Stratford, Essex 32 John Edmund Cumbers, 122 Milton Road, Stoke Newington, N. 19.9.14

33 Sam Hall, 88 Chapman Road, Victoria Park, London, NE

34 W Andrews, Lieut. Witwatersrand Rifles, South African Defence Forces Pro Dio Regi Et Patria

35 Herbert V Horton, 3 Heston Road, Spring Grove, Isleworth, Middlesex

36 Charles S Evans, 54 South Esk Road, Forest Gate, London E

37 Albert Frank Davis, 57 High Road, Willesden Green, London NW and Edward Charles Williams, 49 Lyham Road, Brixton, London SW

38 William Thomas Drummond, 34 Haliford Street, Downham Road, Islington, London, N

39 Leo McSweeny, 18 Arundel Avenue, Sefton Park, Liverpool

40 We do see some life in the Cornwalls. We are never afraid when we are on parade, We are the idols of the girls and parlourmaids. They all fall in love with the Cornwalls. The motto that we got is the one that touches the spot. Up boys and at them every time! W T Drummond

41 G W Todd*, 22 Minerva Street, Hackney Road, London E Cornish generosity appreciated

42 H J Cornwell*, 6 Minerva Street, Hackney Road, London, NE Shall ever remember Redruth

43 blank

44 G G Williams, Claremont, Redruth

45 G F Mason*, 2 Regents Place, Hockley, Birmingham

46 G Henry Wilson, DCLI, London

47 Percival R Tull, 56 Dixon Street, Limehouse, London, E Shall always remember our warm reception at Redruth

48 Sapper W J Mc Kenny, Royal Engineers, 57 Little Vauxhall, Redruth

49 Alfred Isaacs, 39 Lansdown Gardens, Stockwell, London, SW and Charles Cobbold, London

50 J Kessell*, Bassett Terrace, Portreath

51 Arthur Henry Capnerhurst*, Handsworth, Birmingham and Harold R Williams, 17 Station Road, Forest Gate, Essex

52 Pte H A Dowes, 1st Bat Royal West Kent Reg Wounded in the hand on 4 October 1917

53 Percy J Hargrave, Hatcham Park, London and C T Camberswill?, Surgeon RN

54 Wilfred J Hill*, 6th DCLI Wounded Ypres Dec 1915 Killed Somme Sep 17 1916 (left)

55 Aubrey Roberts, Nechells, Birmingham

56 ? W ? Lilly?, Kitchener’s recruit, Redruth. 25.9.14

57 Arthur Stone, The Lodge, Culm John, Rewe, Stoke Canon, nr Exeter, Devon

58 Frederick Tonkin (Kitchener’s recruit) Redruth Sept 26 1914

59 J Capnerhurst, 66 Clarence Road, Handsworth, Birmingham

60 J Priestley, 25 Victoria Road, Handsworth, Birmingham

61 C Fanning*, 674 Old Ford Road, Bow, London E and H B Foster (A Sgt)*, 81 Manchuria Road, Clapham Common, London SW

62 F Stribbling, 9 Parson’s Green Lane, Fulham, London, SW

63 Lce Corpl J E Rendle VC, 1st Duke of Corns L I, Redruth, 17 Feb 1915 For God and King and native land, For Britain home and beauty, Divided we fall, united we stand, when Britain’s sons have done their duty (right)

64 Pte J Trow? 2nd Devons, Redruth, wounded at La Bassee 18 Dec 1914

65 June 5th J Spencer, SQMS 9th (2nd) Lancers Wounded at Ypres 24 May 1915

66 Dvr Lee. W 56 Bty RGA, June 5th 1915

67 Pte E James*, 3rd Worcester Regt, June 5th 1915

68 Pte H G Williams, 1964 RAMC South Midland Stationed at 2nd Southern Gen: Hos: South Mead, Nr Bristol and L Corp H King, 2nd East Surrey Reg, Peckham, London SE

69 Pte C A Skillun? No 84. ASCMT, Accident Ypres Feb 1915 and Signalman L P Mosling?, 4th Batt Canadians and Pvt L Clark, 23375, 1st BC Regiment, 7th Batt Canadians. Ward 18

70 Pte J Peckham, 2nd Bat Lincolnshire regt, Wounded in the head May 9th 1915 Beneath is a drawing of an insignia – Egypt, Lincolnshire, with a sphinx on top (right)

71 Pte A G Crook, 18th QMO Hussars, wounded 24th May at Ypres Beneath is a drawing of an insignia with a crown on top, Queen Mary’s Own, XVIII

72 Pte A Palmer, 8th Canadians, 90 WPG Rifles

73 Cpl Jas Lydon, 31st Bty RFA Beneath is a crossed out address – 22 Albany Street, Goldinhill, Stoke-on-Trent 74 Pt W Hickey, 12th Battery RGA wounded on 16th June at Lancature?

75 Sergt Major J Burke, 1/4th Loyal North Lancashire, wounded 16th May 1915 at Festlebert

76 Lpc? F Cherry, DCM, 2nd Kings Shropshire L I, 27th Division, 80 Brigade Wounded at Armentieres, 22nd June and at Ypres on May 19th

77 Corpl Wm. J Smith, 77637, 1/Coy 16th Battn. Canadian Scottish. Home address Elfern, Cundletown, NSW, Australia. Wounded at Richebourgh, 19th May 1915

78 James Tupier? Lieut. 8th Somerset L I, 63/1 Trench Mortar Battery BEF 8.5.1916

79 S Roberts, 61st Batt, MGC

80 J P Whetter Lt RAMC att? 1/5 AREU?

81 F Bates, alias Tiny, 90 RNAS Geertefraid? Desseir Teransport Automobil dans la guerre, 1914-1917

82 Stanley E A Royle, 2/Lieut. 8th East Surrey Regt, February 20th 1918

83 A card inserted, of a lady holding a china vase and stuck over it “Remembrance” Signed J W Brownshill 2.1.23 Written underneath and next to a red cross; O, the ladies of the tea! Fair, and young, and gay were we, Just to meet the pensioners’ call, Right within the massage hall. (right)

84 Ronald Crichton, 3rd Officers’ Cadet Battalion, (late 20th Royal Fusiliers), November 18th 1916, wounded Cambrai Feb 1916 Mametz July 1916

85 Souvenir de mon passage dans les Charmantes contrees de Cornwall pendant la guerre 14-15-16. Le 5-10-1916. Toute ma simphatie a l’Hospitaliere Angleterre. Delvaux Herman Grenadier Volantaire 6-8-14 – 23-6-16. Auxillaire au ?enie? le 5-10-1916. Armee Belge. Vive Les Allies.

86 George Livermore, late RAF, Cadgwith, Cornwall, 17.1.21 and Thomas Kemp, late DCLI, 10th Batt, Pengegon, Cornwall, 17.1.21

87 Yours, Euan A Cameron, Corporal, C Coy, 38th Battalion Australian Imperial Force, Redruth Sept 5th 1917 Apres La Guerre ‘West Hoy’, Tennipon Street, Sandringham, Melbourne, Australia

88 G R Bennett, Lieut Devonshire Regt 4.12.16 and L Dreal, 2nd Sportsmans Batt, Royal Fusiliers, 22.11.20

89 Thos.Hry Woodworth, 1st T F? Wiltshire Regt. By hook and crook, were in the book

90 G H Williams, 16544, 7th DCLI. Wounded 25th Oct 1917 at Cambrea at 12.45p.m. One of the tea-ites of the massage room and thanking her for her nice cup of tea. 2.5.22

91 W Hampton, late pte 2nd Devons, 2 Pendarves St, Beacon, Cambourne, C-Wall Inside at end 1114 F Ginns, L/Cpl Rifle Brigade, 27 Prospero Road, Highgate, London N 1219 R F Johnson, Rifleman, Rifle Brigade, 200 Park Road, Crouch End, London N

Notes, compiled from internet information:

The VC winner 7079 Lance Corporal and later Sergt Thomas Edward Rendle was born in Bedminster, Bristol, in 1884. He gained his Victoria Cross at Wulverghem, Belgium, on 20th November 1914, by rescuing wounded comrades from a collapsed trench covered under enemy machine-gun coverage. He also attained the Croix de Guerre. 

Later, Thomas Rendle received injuries to his eyesight from shell bombardment, and was sent to a hospital in Exeter, near his wife and children. Perhaps this is why he was at Redruth in 1915. 

He died in Capetown in1948, whither he had emigrated in 1920. He was the only one of six brothers to survive the war.

An imposter, also named Rendle, assumed Thomas Rendle’s identity in England and attended a number of functions before being exposed. and fined.


* died owing to the war; those on pages 16, 28, 29, 41, 42, 50, 51 are possibly but not positively identified as fatal casualties


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