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Walter Tull


Why was Walter Tull named on the Dover Town Memorial, and on the Parish Memorial at Sts Peter and Paul, River? Answering that question led us to the Palmer family, Walter's maternal English relatives. Many of Walter's descendents, from the Tulls and the Palmers, still live in his home area - though others now live as far away as New Zealand and Canada.

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Richard and Margaret Palmer - Walter's great-grandparents

Richard Palmer b app 1791 d1875
married Margaret b app1791 d1874
(possibly daughter of Stephen Fagg and Susanna, née Burrows)

Samuel bp1812 d1860 married Mary Ann Horton 1837, children Robert Pierce b1838, Richard Belsey bp1840 d1843, Margaret Elizabeth bp1841, John Belsey bp1843, Samuel Pilcher b1846  Mary Ann b1848, Hannah Belsey bp1850 Thomas Pierce b 1860 d1909 son Thomas Pierce b1887 (R Navy married Alice Tucker 1905, children: Clara, Harry)

Stephen bp1813 d1897 married Sarah Ann Taylor 1844, children: see below

Richard bp1817 married Mary Sacre, 1842, children: George Sacre (Palmer's coachworks) b1843,  Ann, Sarah b1848?, Eliza Jane b1852  married second time Susannah Brockman 1855, children: William Brockman b1858, Frederick Richard b1860

John b approx1819 d1833?

Matthew bp1822 married Margaret Alice Horton 1856, children Walter Richard b1856 (who married Francina Everardina Anneveld in 1885, and had children Florence b 1884, Margaret, b 1886, Walter b 1889 and Edward Matthew b 1901), d Bridge 1944, William Henry b1859 d Queensland 1952 (emigrated 1880)

Thomas bp1824 d1824?

Susanna Elizabeth Barrows b1826 child Margaret Alice b1845 (who married George Emmanuel Keyton, children: ten inc: Roland Palmer, William, Amelia, Eliza), married Thomas Ryle/Royle 1848, son Richard/Thomas died, married second Richard Constable 1856, seven children

William bp1829 (The Alma pub) married Mary Ann Paramor 1853, children: Mary Ann b1860, Bradley b1857 d1866

Annie Elizabeth bp 1831 married John Aston? 1860

Alice Andrews bp 1833 married Frederick Augustus Beverley? 1860

William and Elizabeth Taylor  - Walter's great-grandparents

believed to be: William Taylor married Elizabeth Greaves (who in 1840 remarried, to Richard Smissen)
St Eanswythe, Folkestone - 1818

Sarah Ann Taylor b1824 d1891 married Stephen Palmer 1844, children: see below

Stephen and Sarah Ann Palmer - Walter's grandparents

Stephen Palmer married Sarah Ann Taylor, 1844

Elizabeth Alice b1845 d1845

William Thomas b1846 d1924 married Sarah Ann Smissen 1869, children: Clara Alice Susanna b1870, Stephen William Thomas b1871, Henry Edward Alexander bp1873 married Constance Lucy Anderson 1900; daughter Constance Sarah A who married Albert Mills in 1925, Matilda Mary Ann bp1876, Miriam Ellen Eliz b1880, nurse child niece Annie Palmer b1887

Richard Graves b1848 married Sarah Hatton 1871, children: Edith Elizabeth Alice bp1872, Albert George Alexander bp 1874, Walter Edward John bp1875, Charles Richard Daniel b1880 kia 1916, Earnest b1881, Ethel Florence b1887 married Walter Lewis 1912

Alice Elizabeth b1853 d1895 married Daniel Tull 1880, children: see below

John Alexander b1854 d1921 married Annie Tomsett 1876, children: Edwin George b1877, Arthur James b1878, Alice Ellen b1881,  Daisy Annie b1883, Edith Mary b1884 d1885, Bessie Emily b1886, Annie b1887, married second time to Harriet Roseblade 1891, children: George Thomas b1892 killed in action 1916, William b1892, Stephen John Alexander b1895 killed in action 1917, Walter Henry b 1897 d 1931, (??Walter Stephen b1898 d1898??),  Harriet b1899, Clara Matilda b1902, Richard Victor b1905

Susanna Taylor b1864 d1870

Daniel and Alice Tull - Walter's parents

Daniel Tull, son of Anna, née Lashley
married Alice Elizabeth Palmer 1880

Bertha Susanna Palmer b1881 d1881

William Stephen Palmer b1882, d1920, married Gertrude Boxer 1903, children - Doris Gertrude b1904 married Arthur Hoskins 1930, Mildred b1906 d1999 (never married), Gladys b1908 d1934 married George Hopkins 1931, Frederick Charles  b1910 d1926, Winifred Alice b1912 d1914,

Cecilia Sarah Ann b1884, never married, d1967?

Edward James Alexander b1886, adopted by Warnock family, daughter Jean married Rev Duncan Finlayson

Walter Daniel John b1888, killed in action in France 1918

Elsie Alice E b1891 married Alfred Seward 1920, no children, died 1988

Daniel and Clara Tull - Walter's father and stepmother

Daniel Tull d1897 aged 41 married Clara Susanna Alice Palmer d1950 (remarried 1899 to William Beer)

Miriam Victoria Alice born 1897, d1952, married Leslie Kingsland 1924, child: Walter b1925

This information is compiled from the research and knowledge of many people, including Susan Lees, Richard Thorpe, Clare Noye, Stephen Coombe, Rita Humphrey, Leslie Kingsland, Beryl Doherty, Graham Tutthill, Helen Howes, Joyce Banks, Heather Owen, Simon John Chambers, and Marilyn Stephenson-Knight. Maggie S-K offers sincere and grateful thanks to everyone who has helped so much and so freely with information. .

Information has not yet been checked fully; please do check for yourself before relying on anything here - and if you spot any errors please let Maggie know


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