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Walter Tull


The Tull family worshipped at Grace Hill chapel. Before the chapel was completed in 1866, the Folkestone Society used premises in the High Street area and at Sandgate Road, in Folkestone.

A hundred years after completion the chapel was in need of repair. In 1974 a new church was built at Sandgate Road, and it was opened in January 1976. Various congregations - Grace Hill, Sandgate, and Canterbury Road - then all used the new church.

Grace Hill chapel was demolished, and became Grace Court, Methodist Homes for the Aged.* 


Baptisms Solemnised in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Folkestone, Kent, from 3 March 1878 (M13/6/3/2)

77, July 4, 1882
William Stephen Palmer, son of Daniel and Alice Elizabeth Tull, of no 8 Allendale Street, North Board, born April 7 1882 (baptised by Tharpe?)

100, June 3, 1884
Cecilia Sarah Ann, daughter of Daniel and Alice Tull, Folkestone, born March 14 1884, by John Burgess

No 125 August 17, 1886, Edward James Alexander, son of Daniel and Alice Elizabeth Tull, Folkestone, born June 24  1886, by Samuel Hutton

139, July 10, 1888, Walter Daniel John, son of Daniel and Alice Elizabeth, Folkestone, born April 28 1888, by Samuel Hutton

206, October 19 1897, Miriam Victoria Alice, daughter of Daniel and Clara A S, 51 Walton Road, born September 11 1897, by George ?)

(crossed out - 73, April 26 1882, William Stephen Palmer, son of Daniel and Alice Elizabeth Tull, Allendale Street, born April 7, 1882)


Poor Stewards' Cash Account 1870-1903 (M13/6/2/8)

1894 Oct 2
To Mr Burrows for Mr Tull 20/- (£1-0-0)

1894 Dec 18
To Mr Burrows for Mr Tull 20/- (£1-0-0)

1895 March 19
Mr Burrows for Mr Tull 10/- (10-0)

1897 Dec 11
G A for Mrs Tull GA (£1-0-0)


*Source: Index to Folkestone Circuit, MK13, East Kent Archives
illustrations: above right, Grace Hill Chapel, below right, the new homes built on the site of the chapel

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