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14 December 2012 Whitfield Fallen
Mr James Steeples has compiled biographies of all the Fallen on the memorials at Whitfield. We are very grateful to him for allowing us to publish them on Dover's Virtual Memorial. They may be found here

picture - St Peter, Whitfield

16 November 2012 Presentation of the Unknown Warrior Window to Astor College
The year 2010 marked the 90th anniversary of the Homecoming of the Unknown Warrior to Britain. He is now buried in Westminster Abbey. During the commemorations a stained-glass window and exhibition were created; they were both presented to Astor College on long-term loan during a special ceremony of Remembrance.

Amongst those attending were the Deputy Mayor of Dover, the Member of Parliament for Dover, and the representative for the Deputy Constable of Dover. Dame Vera Lynn, one of our  honoured Patrons, sent a special message of good wishes for the day, and we were  absolutely delighted that our other Patron, Admiral the Lord Boyce KG, GCB, OBE, DL, Lord Warden and Admiral of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle, kindly graced all the guests with his presence and unveiled the window.

11 November 2012 Remembrance Sunday/Armistice Day
This, after a very rainy Saturday, turned out to be a beautiful day and very many indeed were present to honour our Fallen.

The wreath for The Dover War Memorial Project was laid by Brian Banks and Jean Marsh. Thank you both of you!

23 October 2012 William Walker
We're very sorry to hear that William Walker, probably the oldest veteran of The Few, died on 21 October 2012. He was 99. He was a great supporter of the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust at Capel-le-Ferne, and his poem "Our Wall" is displayed next to the Foxley-Norris wall of the names of The Few. We last saw him at Capel, during  the 71st Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.  William Walker was married to Claudine Mawby, one of the "Mawby Triplets" of early-talkies Hollywood fame. Mrs Walker died on 13 September this year in Poole; her twin sister, Claudette, lost her life in 1941, aged just 19, a victim of a bombing raid over Brighton.

photo of William Walker by Dean Sumner

22 October 2012 Western Heights at War
Over the weekend the Drop Redoubt and Grand Shaft were opened with a new theme - Western Heights at War. Re-enactors recaptured the World War II era, and, on the Sunday, complete with authentic rainy weather!

The Western Heights Preservation Society welcomed some 500 visitors to meet the commandoes, military police, medics, and home front. Left, enjoying a tea-break between raids are the Home Guard and the British Red Cross. The Dover War Memorial Project mounted a display in one of the gunrooms.

15 October 2012 War and Peace Symposium
We were very pleased to be asked to talk at the War and Peace Symposium on 13 October, organised by Dover Arts Development Ltd. The Symposium lasted the entire day, and included a tour of the Western Heights and contributions from a number of speakers. The Dover War Memorial Project's topic was "The Virtual Memorial".

photo Dominic de Vere

30 September 2012 "From the Front" - Autumn 2012

The latest edition of "From the Front", the e-newsletter from The Dover War Memorial Project, is now available online.

Articles include Our Fallen - some of the new commemorations to be placed on the Town Memorial and a full account of the unveiling of the Channel Dash Memorial on Dover Sea Front.

right, Swordfish at the Channel Dash Memorial unveiling

21 September 2012. "Dover Remembers"

"Dover Remembers" is the latest exhibition from The Dover War Memorial Project, now displayed in Dover Library. It features the casualties who will be commemorated on the new plaque to be placed on Dover Town Memorial.

6 September 2012. New Names for the Memorial

We are very pleased that at their meeting on 5 September 2012 the Town Council resolved that a new plaque containing 21 names of Dovorian Fallen will be placed on the Town Memorial. The Memorial will also be rededicated to commemorate Dovorians who died in conflicts subsequent to the two World Wars.

14 August 2012. New Names for the Memorial

Following the decision by the Finance and General Purposes Committee of Dover Town Council to decline the placing of new commemorations on our War Memorial, there have now been two further meetings. The members of the Committee have decided to place a number of proposals for consideration before the full Town Council at their next meeting.

7 August 2012. Thank you!

The Firefighters of Dover and their Silly Committee raise funds every year for good causes. Amongst the several donations they have made this year is one to The Dover War Memorial Project.

Firefighters are no strangers to placing their very lives on the line in service to others. Several in Dover lost their lives during the two world wars. We thank the Firefighters very much indeed for their help and generosity, perpetuating the memory of all those who Fell and enabling us to ensure they are never forgotten.

Centre picture are super-volunteers Joyce and Brian Banks, receiving the cheque on behalf of The Dover War Memorial Project, and on the left other volunteers Mike Webb with Maisie Hopkins.

photo: Toni Hopkins

1 July 2012. "From the Front" - Summer 2012

The latest e-newsletter "From the Front" is now online.

News about the Vindictive and the Zeebrugge Raid, Alan Turing, new books being published, and reports on the Diamond Jubilee Tattoo and the Armed Forces Weekend in Dover - they're all here!

right - the White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team, photo Paul Wells

1 June 2012. "Long to Reign Over Us!"

May we offer our heartiest congratulations on her Diamond Jubilee to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We hope the Royal Family have the most "Happy and Glorious" of days on this very special occasion.

In Dover the Jubilee is to be celebrated by a Military Tattoo. This  takes part on 1 and 2 June at Connaught Barracks Parade Ground, just north of Dover Castle. Gates open for the tattoo at 17.30 each evening, with the Tattoo beginning at 19.00. On 2 June there is also a family fun day, between 11.00 and 16.00, with many displays and stall holders. To our great sorrow, we are unable to be there but The Dover War Memorial Project has a small display, hosted in the Freemasons' tent.

We wish the Tattoo every success, and wish everyone the happiest of celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee. 

25 May 2012. New Names for the Memorial - GOOD NEWS!

Following publication of the decision of the Finance and General Purposes Committee (FGPC) of Dover Town Council, reported under resolution 435a), "That the Town council decline the request for the addition of any further names for the People of Dover's War Memorial", there has been widespread outrage and condemnation.

We are very pleased to say that discussions on the Remembrance of our Fallen in the centre of our Frontline Town are to continue. As reported on 24 May in the Dover Express, Cllr Gordon Cowan, the chairman of the FGPC explained, “I do apologise. What I was trying to say is we need to meet with the war memorial project team so we can set criteria to incorporate all the people who have died in front-line active service, not just in the world wars but also modern conflicts. That’s what the war memorial is about." Cllr Cowan continued, "We have not refused to put names on but said we need to meet the war memorial team to talk about the criteria. We want their expertise and advice to see how we can remember those who died during the period of war but not on the frontline in a different way.”

We have had most positive initial discussions, and are now arranging a meeting with councillors. If you have any comments, please let us know. The names currently under consideration may be seen here

pictures: top and right: as reported by the Dover Express on their front page, 17 May 2012. Pictured by the memorial is Mr Brian Sayer, whose uncle John Hulse is one of the Fallen whose name had been put forward for commemoration. Below, left, article in the Dover Express, 24 May 2012, with the response from Cllr Cowan and information on more casualties whose names had been requested.

27 April 2012. New Names for the Memorial

The Town Council passed a resolution in 2006 that the updating of names on our Memorial would be considered every three years. The Memorial was updated in 2009 with 22 names, which had been requested by their families. A new update was scheduled for 2012; 29 names were put forward by their families. Requested also was consideration of 24 Great War civilian casualties, who, with the exception of one, are commemorated nowhere.

We are very sad to state that the Finance and General Purposes Committee of the Town Council have decided that no further names should be added to the Town Memorial on this occasion.  No reason has yet been given. We send our sympathies and condolences to all the families and friends who have been denied this commemoration of their lost loved ones.

The Committee have, however, resolved to invite a small group of interested parties to meet The Dover War Memorial Project to "discuss future support of other ideas for the commemoration of war dead from the town of Dover".

If you have any comments on the above, please let us know

6 April 2012. Good Friday

Wishing everyone the blessings of the season.

In Dover there is a walk of witness, culminating with three crosses placed on the Western Heights. Processions take place in many areas; left is one in Newport Pagnell, complete with distinctly authoritarian Roman soldiers,

31 March 2012 "From the Front"

The latest edition of "From the Front" is now online. Commemorating many anniversaries in this quarter, it features events from the Dash and Raid of 1918 to the Moonlit Bombardment of 1942 with new information and images and memories of our Fallen..

There are happy anniversaries too - a 95th, a 60th, a 50th, and ... a 0th!

The new copy, entitled "For Crown and Country" is here


27 March 2012. A New Birthday

Maggie is delighted to announce that she's on granny duties again! Samuel George arrived on 27 March at 2.15 am.

He is the son of Maggie's eldest daughter, Emily, and her husband, Luke. Their daughter Sophie is now a big sister!

Welcome to the world, little Sam.

24 March 2012. A Golden Wedding

Congratulations to Joyce and Brian Banks, DWMP volunteers. Today they celebrate their family and fifty years of happy married life together. Wonderful news, a marvellous achievement, and well done to our Golden Pair!

image based on Pears#2 by the artist Bruce

20 March 2012. A Special Birthday

We offer our congratulations and very best wishes to our Patron, Dame Vera Lynn DBE, LL.D, M.Mus, who celebrates her 95th birthday today.

14 March 2012. "For Crown and Country"

In the library in Dover is our new cabinet exhibition, "For Crown and Country". Created in honour of the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II, the exhibition features war-time events and casualties associated with 2 June, the date of our Queen's coronation. Also marking the Olympic games in London this year, the exhibition  remembers national sportsmen associated with Dover who fell in the Great War.

14 March 2012. Talk at the Deal Branch of the Kent Family History Society

Maggie and Simon were honoured to be asked to speak at the branch about The Dover War Memorial Project.

Thank you to everyone who came, and for the very warm welcome. You were a wonderful audience as we remembered together all those who Fell and who, sadly, continue to do so.

Left, at Kingsdown, the grave of Squadron-Leader Anthony Downing, who died on 23 December 2011 after being injured in Afghanistan

9 February 2012. Florence Green

We are sorry to hear that Florence Green, née Patterson, has died just before her 111th birthday. She was the the last known veteran of the Great War. joining up a couple of months before the Armistice. Like so many, she served on the Home Front, in her case in the WRAF on air bases in this country.

May she rest in peace.

3 February, 2012. The Unknown Warrior Exhibition

We're very pleased to say that the exhibition and stained-glass window has a new home at Astor Federation for the Arts in Dover. More news on this to come. Thank you for the great welcome, Astor!

13 January 2012. Update of Names on the Town Memorial

In 2006, after request from The Dover War Memorial Project, Dover Town Council resolved that every three years consideration should be given to updating the Town Memorial with the names of Dovorian Fallen that had been requested. The first update happened in 2009.

A new update is to be considered this year. The names already requested are here. If you wish to add your Dovorian Fallen loved one to the list, please contact us.

Note: the War Memorial became Grade II listed on 9 January 2012. Research from The Dover War Memorial Project was used, and the DWMP website, Dover's Virtual Memorial, has been cited as a reference

4 January 2012. Squadron Leader Anthony Downing

We are very sorry to hear of the death of former Dover Grammar School for Boys pupil, Anthony (Ant) Downing. He died from wounds in hospital in Birmingham on 23 December 2011, after the vehicle in which he was travelling was blown up near Kabul Afghanistan. His funeral took place in Kingsdown on 13 January. He was 34. His companion, Captain Tom Jennings, aged 29, was also killed.

We send our deepest sympathies to their families. May both men rest in peace.

1 January 2012. The Winter 2011 edition of "From the Front" is now online

Contents include reports from a number of memorial services, with an especial one of interest to the steam buffs amongst us, some unusual memorials, and visits to last resting places. Ah, but beware ...

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the scariest one of all?

From the Front might just tell you!

wreath 2006, by Simon ChambersDear All,

Welcome to you all to this New Year for Remembrance. We wish you all the very best in the coming months, and hope you will be able to live your lives to the happiest full. It's a grand way too, we think, to thank those who Fell, who had very little life at all.

Last year was another busy one. As always we answered many queries and visited relatives and friends of our Dovorian Fallen; this is one of the great pleasures of Remembrance and we truly have met some wonderful people. This is, we think, a beautiful legacy arising from tragedy - from loss of loved ones comes the bringing together and meeting of others, and the forging of great friendships.

We thank very much indeed those who have so kindly supported The Dover War Memorial Project, through donations, research, information, and simple friendship. On behalf of all our volunteers, friends and supporters, were greatly touched  to receive two awards, our Mayor's Civic Award and a Royal British Legion County Award, for The Dover War Memorial Project to the continuing honour of our Fallen.

This year our Fallen have been greatly honoured indeed, as Admiral the Lord Boyce, KG, GCB, OBE, DL, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle most graciously chose to become Patron of The Dover War Memorial Project. He has taken a great interest in our work, as does our first honoured Patron, Dame Vera Lynn. To remember our Fallen is a great privilege and a deep trust, and we will continue to do so with love as long as we are able.

There are many ways of ensuring our Fallen are never forgotten, and this year we have given talks, held exhibitions, and attended and assisted at many Remembrance events, as well as visiting and tending to the last resting places of our Fallen. We continued to work this year on the large Unknown Warrior educational project; many thousands have now seen the exhibition and educational resources are available online and have been distributed to schools and other young people's groups. That it is essential that the sacrifice of our Fallen is always brought to mind is underlined by the theft of a plaque from the memorial at River last year. An understanding of duty, respect, empathy, and honour could not contemplate such a deed.   

What will the New Year bring? We have already several plans in mind, including a couple of new exhibitions and talks. The first and most important, though, is that this year our Town Council are due to update our memorial with more names of our Fallen. Those whose names have already been requested are listed here: if you would wish your Dovorian loved one to be commemorated this way, please do let us know.

Thank you to you all, who never forget those who gave all they could.

With best wishes,

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(Marilyn Stephenson-Knight)

January 2012

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