St Paul Roman Catholic Church

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The church is situated in Maison Dieu Road




Inside the church there are two windows as memorials. On the left is the Soldiers' Window. The inscription reads, "In Memory of the Soldiers once stationed in Dover. May they rest in peace."

Right is the Fragments Window. In memory of William McVey, who died 16th June 1966, the window was reconstructed from fragments of windows damaged by bombardment during the Second World War.

Outside the church is one of the first war memorials erected in Dover. It is in the form of a wooden cross, and may be seen here. Also outside the church is the cherry tree, planted  on an anniversary of Hiroshima day, 6th August, 1989. It may be seen on this page

The church was razed by an arson attack, and very little could be saved from the furnishings. A roll of honour said to have been in the church is longer in existence.

all pictures by Simon Chambers

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