war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


World War II




Date Name Location
January 3 Thomas Coveney Trevanion House
January 10 William Henry Bennett injured 2 June 1943, Glenside, Temple Ewell
January 21 Valerie Ann Hemmings injured Stanhope Road, died Casualty Hospital
January 22 Thomas Godsmark 8 Stanhope Road
March 19 Delza Ella Collor 31 Church Road
March 20 Donald Drummond and Maureen Drummond Smillie 13 Prioress Walk
June 7 Stephen Jenkins
John Mullane
25 Clarendon Place
41 Albany Place
June 16 Henry John Whitewood injured at Marine Station on 7 June, died Casualty Hospital
August 29 Alice Violet Marjoram 19 St Andrews Terrace
September 1 Charles Tytler Benbow
Mabel Edith Hubbard
Ellen Kate and Yvonne Mary Mills

William Henry Cook
Sheila May Hare
Lydia Ellen Ricketts
Rosalind Elizabeth Staveley
Robert Wheeler
Lagoon Cave, High Street
Lagoon Cave, High Street
Lagoon Cave, High Street
5 Military Hill
7 Lowther Road
18 Wyndham Road
44 Dixon Road
injured at Pavilion Bungalow, Kearsney, died at Casualty Hospital
September 5 William Hutchings Camber, Dover Harbour
September 10 George Clifford Locke
Frederick Wilshaw Mead
injured London Road, died County Hospital
London Road
September 11 Agnes Flora Hart 2 Dodds Place
September 12 Herbert Dowdell
Ernest Lionel McGuire
Harold Sinclair Hogben and Kathleen Lucy Cassandra Hogben
Rosalyn Elizabeth Staveley
Christopher Wade
Folkestone Road
Folkestone Road

42 Dickson Road
44 Dickson Road
Folkestone Road
September 13 William Champion

Thomas Doherty
Julie Annette Green
John Arthur Price
Frederick Ernest George Spinner
Alfred Langley
Albert George Bussey

injured at Chitty's Mills, died at County Hospital
Granville Street
Priory Station
Kearsney Avenue
Priory Station
Priory Station
injured at Church Entrance, died County Hospital
September 23 William Lewis Aspinall
Ruth Berry
Muriel Alice Goldup
Isabella Bonor Simpson
Betty Charlotte Bushell
Salvation Army Canteen, Snargate Street
Salvation Army Canteen, Snargate Street
Salvation Army Canteen, Snargate Street
Salvation Army Canteen, Snargate Street
Salvation Army Canteen, Snargate Street
September 25 Adaline Buswell
Doris Elizabeth Buddle
Patricia May Ann Perkins
Ellen Miriam Sydenham
Mabel Agnes Wakefield
Elizabeth Ann Willson
Folkestone Road
London Road
London Road
London Road
London Road
37 Edred Road
September 26 Dalley
Ronald Chapman
Ethel Crockcroft
Leonard William Edmond
Florence Jane Marsh
Patience Ransley
47 Salisbury Road
injured London Road, died Casualty Hospital
19 De Burgh Hill
Military Hill
41 Salisbury Road
Barwick's Cave

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