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31 December 2013 A Year of Two Halves

A significant change in family circumstances in July, compounded by Maggie becoming unwell in August has meant that the last five months on the DWMP have been rather quieter - though work, as always, has continued behind the scenes.

But now ... Operation New Year! May we wish you all the best for 2014 - and in this centenary year of the Great War, may Remembrance be always in our hearts.

21 July 2013 "From the Front" - the e-newsletter from The Dover War Memorial Project

We finally made it! Better late than never, they say, and here, at last, is the Summer 2013 newsletter from The Dover War Memorial Project.

Included is the rededication of the bows of the Vindictive (of Zeebrugge Raid fame) in Ostend, the honouring of Dover firemen for their George Cross actions in WWII, and .... our lovely Mayor as you've never seen her before.

Read all about it in From the Front!

4 July 2013 "From the Front" - the e-newsletter from The Dover War Memorial Project

The newsletter for this summer has been a little delayed, so please don't be concerned if you haven't yet received your copy. We're aiming to have it out by the end of next week. Thank you for waiting!

1 July 2013. Talk at Royal British Legion, Downs Branch, Deal

Maggie and Simon were kindly invited to the Downs Branch of the Royal British Legion to give a talk about the work of The Dover War Memorial Project.

Thank you very much for the invitation and for being such a super audience!

29 June 2013. Rededication and New Plaque on Town Memorial

On Armed Forces Day 2013 the Dover Town War Memorial was rededicated to include those who had lost their lives  "in all other conflicts".

At the same time a new plaque of 21 names of Dovorian Fallen was placed on the memorial. The service was attended by many relatives of the Fallen, who had requested their commemoration.

It was a very moving day; a full report online will follow.

14 June 2013. Advance Notice! New plaque on the Town Memorial and Rededication

On Armed Forces Day, 29 June, this year, at 2pm, the Town Memorial in Biggin Street, by the Town Hall, will be rededicated by the Bishop of Dover in honour of Dovorians who Fell in all conflicts. At the same time a new plaque of 21 names (left) will be added.

Do please be there if you can.

24 May 2013. The Vindictive.

The Vindictive was used in the raids on Zeebrugge and on Ostend in 1918, attempting to block the egress of enemy battleships and submarines to the North Sea. For many years now her bows have stood in Ostend, Belgium, as a memorial to the brave.

Recently refurbished, they were rededicated on 24 May in the presence of the King and Queen of Belgium. The DWMP had the honour to attend; we'll be putting online more pictures and words soon!

bows photo by Geert Declerck  

20 May 2013 "Tommy, Tommy Atkins"

Tommy was killed on the Somme in 1916. The YMCA in Folkestone contacted us after they had found two of his day books. In them were drawings and poems by Tommy and his friends and family. 

The new display in Dover library is based on Tommy's life, one like so many other Tommies which came to the end on the Western Front.

2 April 2013 "From the Front"

The Spring 2013 edition of "From the Front" is now available online.

With articles ranging from the Garrison in Dover during the Great War to the high-tech Dambusters raids in the Ruhr valley, and with some unusual little glimpses into folk history around war-time - and a modern-day treasure hunt! - we hope you'll find it an interesting and enjoyable read.

With thanks to our kind contributors to this edition

29 January 2013

One of our super viewers has told us that Dover Community Radio have uploaded to YouTube a couple of interviews with Maggie.

We scurried over to listen! They're both from 2010. One is a 3-minute interview from the Hellfire Corner weekend - the other, 19 minutes, is about the Unknown Warrior, recorded just before the 90th anniversary of his homecoming.

Happy  listening, and thank you DCR!

19 January 2013

Astor College for the Arts have created a video of the presentation of the Unknown Warrior Window on 16 November 2012.

It includes delightful performance from Astor students of the poignant "Cleaning my Rifle" and the famous war-time song "The White Cliffs of Dover"

The clip is here! Astor College and The Dover War Memorial Project  - and here is the direct link to YouTube

7 January 2013 "From the Front"

The Winter 2012 edition of "From the Front", the DWMP newsletter is now online here.

Articles include the presentation of the Unknown Warrior window to Astor College for the Arts and Remembrance in and around Dover . Oh, and watch out for the fearsome World War II re-enactors we found at the Western Heights!

wreath 2006, by Simon ChambersDear Friends,

We wish you all a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

We think it will be a busy New Year too; there is a lot in planning in Remembrance of our Fallen. Last year was certainly busy, and one good piece of news was that after much negotiation and discussion between The Dover War Memorial Project and Dover Town Council it was agreed that a new plaque, commemorating more of our Fallen, will be placed on the Town Memorial this year. There are still many of our Fallen to be remembered, and we will continue to honour all our Fallen here on Dover's Virtual Memorial, as well as looking into other ways of commemorating them - especially those who at the moment are commemorated nowhere at all.

Young people have a marvellous opportunity to learn more of their local heroes and heroines, thanks to the magnificent support from Astor College for the Arts. With over 1,000 students on their roll each year, they will now be caring for the Unknown Warrior stained-glass window. This was created in honour of the 90th anniversary of the Homecoming of the Warrior to Dover in 2010, along with an exhibition and educational resources, and was presented on 16 November 2012 in a ceremony at the College where it was unveiled by one of our gracious Patrons, Admiral the Lord Boyce.

That we should never forget is underlined by the very sad losses we suffered in our area last year, owing to service in Afghanistan. Our servicepeople continue to place their lives on the line, just as they did when our country was under the greatest of threats in throughout the 20th century. Very sadly, those who served during those days are slowly leaving us, and it is even more essential that our young people should have the opportunity to learn of their forebears and their current counterparts, and to learn of respect, honour, duty, and sacrifice. We hope to continue our educational programmes this year, and, at the same time, to ensure that many others too have the opportunity to meet and learn about those who lost their lives on service, through our programme of talks, exhibitions, and displays.Remembrance is every day, not just for November.  

We could do none of it without you! We thank very sincerely all the wonderful friends who support the work of The Dover War Memorial Project in so very many different ways. We simply could not have carried on without the wonderful support we have had in fund-raising and donations last year, and equally we owe a huge debt to all those who beaver away behind the scenes, supporting through research, grave-visiting, transcription, photography - you name it, and someone has helped to do it! Thank you so much to you all.

So off we go, into the adventure of a New Year. Already there's much to do in memory of our Fallen, and as always, of course, we shall continue answering the many queries we receive (at the rate of three or four a day) and visiting the families and friends of our Fallen - those who truly know and live each and every day the meaning of sacrifice and duty. We will never forget those people who gave all they possibly could, for us, the future in which they believed but could never know.

For them, whose days were so short, let's live as best we can, a Happy and Thankful New Year.

With all best wishes,

(Marilyn Stephenson-Knight)

January 2013

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