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Below are the monthly costs of running and researching The Dover War Memorial Project in memory of those who died, and of representing and promoting our heritage Frontline Town.  These are exclusive of  website and material acquisition costs, which are borne personally by Maggie S-K,  other infrastructure costs which are borne personally by Simon Chambers, and major research costs which are borne jointly and personally.  The costs for previous years may be found here.

We, Maggie and Simon, and all our super hard-working volunteers, gain no financial or any other reward from our work, save the joy of giving and the knowledge that those from our home town who died in the two world wars and on service otherwise are remembered and honoured with love and respect.


Unfortunately there are costs which are unavoidable, including such items as postage and stationary.  The Dover War Memorial Project is heavily subsidised from our own pockets, but it is becoming ever more difficult to cover these essential costs, and, given the current economic climate, neither we nor our volunteers can afford to bear any more costs personally.

We will continue always to give of our utmost to ensure that our Fallen are remembered, but if you wish to help, please consider making a donation. There are many other ways to help too - scroll down here - or alternatively, do please contact us.


2018                              Total cumulative cost this year = £tbc
(not inclusive of, for example, website and development costs)

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picture: Field of Remembrance at Brandwood End Cemetery, Birmingham

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