war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Monthly Cost 2007

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Here are the monthly costs of running and researching The Dover War Memorial Project, and representing and promoting our heritage Frontline Town (not including internet access and website costs) for the year of 2007. Costs for other years may be found here

2007                                              Total year cost = 1,934.21
February 95.12  
March 135.63  
April 190.81

including 77.81 as travel and accommodation costs for major event in France, representing Dover's fallen,  by invitation

May 325.66

including 134 as petrol costs of attending several special events by invitation, representing Dover and Dover casualties, and 69.99 for external hard drive for secure storage of records

June 200.53

including 99.77 for portable exhibition in memory of our casualties

July 62.83  
August 74.20  
September 209.29

including recording of memorials and extensive research (with work for national event next year), the commemoration of John Ripsher, fact-finding in France for WWII commem-orative event

October 221.40

including commemorative event in Ypres, presentation, and Remembrance events, including Civilian service for 6th November

November 256.09

including 92.55 for 'phone bills and 18 for postage arranging the Civilian service, with 75.80 for commemorative events

December 162.65 including research trip to Belgium

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