war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


Exhibition 2006 - A Panel


information panel about William Goldfinch

Note: The Goldfinch family has subsequently been traced by Dave Dixon (of and William was descended from a branch who came from Hoath, near Canterbury. His great-grandfather was William Lacey Goldfinch, born 1808, at Hoath, and who by 1841 was living at Tower Hamlets, Dover. The Lacey middle name comes from the marriage of John Goldfinch to Margaret Lacey on 20th January 1785, at Holy Cross church, Hoath. Dave additionally suspects that the Alkham and Hoath branches of the Goldfinch family ultimately will trace back to Nicholas Goldfinch of Elham, born around 1587.

Thank you, Dave, for this information and for the extensive family tree you kindly sent.

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