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war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


The "We Remember" Booklet 2006


poppy in garden, by Simon Chambers"WE REMEMBER" 8         Alfred Webb and Vera Easton, courtesy Webb family

The Great War was called the war to end all wars. In the 1930s Dovorian teenagers Vera Easton and Alfred Webb went with Alfie’s parents to Belgium. They revisited the fields where Alfie’s father, Alex, fought - and where so many of his friends still lie. Like so many others then they could not have dreamt then that they, in their turn, would be called to serve. Alfie was on the Atlantic convoys in World War II, Vera, shell-shocked by the constant bombardment on Dover, went to a munitions factory in Luton. The scars were life-long.  

We’re told there have been just 26 days without armed conflict since 1945. We remember all those harmed by human hostility.  



Special note: these are Maggie S-K's parents. This picture was taken in Ostend

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