war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


The "We Remember" Booklet 2006



Arthur Tolputt, courtesy Mr TolputtThe official Period of Remembrance is for around ten days in November. For most serving men and women, however, and for those who have served in action, Remembrance is an ongoing thing, as I am sure it is for those who have lost loved ones in war, or in conflicts since. 

Certainly, as a WW2 Gunner, I find that not many days pass without a thought of the friends who didn`t come back with the rest of us, but who lie in a corner of a foreign field.  I will always remember them. 

The Royal British Legion plays a large part in focusing the minds of people on the reasons for Remembrance with its annual Poppy Appeal. This was first instituted in 1921 and raises money for its ongoing work in assisting serving and ex-service personnel in many ways - not only financially but in such things as health care, pensions advice, residential care, and so on. In today`s climate, with casualties still being suffered by our armed services this help is needed as much as it ever was.  

In Dover the local branch of the Legion has played its part for many years, and although sadly it no longer functions, a small number of dedicated former members ensure that the long established Field of Remembrance, by Simon ChambersField of Remembrance is prepared and set out in front of the Town War Memorial, and manned throughout the period leading up to Remembrance Sunday, so that local people can pay a tribute to a relative, or relatives, who served their country, and by so doing raise money for the Poppy Appeal.   In the past it has been touching to find that many young people, including children, have wanted to show their respect and gratitude for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

On Remembrance Sunday many Poppy wreaths are laid at the War Memorial.  On other occasions they are laid at other memorials around the town, including the Railwaymen`s Memorial at the Cruise Liner Terminal, the Anglo-American Artillery Memorial and the RFC Memorial, both on Langdon Cliff.  In Deal the Burma Star Association remember fallen comrades at their Memorial on VJ Day. 

If we ever stop remembering, we may forget the cost in lives of the freedom we now take for granted. 

Arthur Tolputt, Hon Sec Royal Artillery Association, Dover Branch

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