war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


The "We Remember" Booklet 2006



MAY’S WAR        

May, drawn by BruceMay lived with her family in Dover, where her Daddy delivered barrels for Leney’s brewery. One day May was told that England had gone to war, and everyone was very excited about it. Soon Daddy and Mummy told May and the rest of the family that he was going to fight in the war. Her eldest brother John was going to fight as well. 

Daddy and John went together to sign up for the army and were given their packs and new uniforms. May thought they looked strange. Even theirDaddy and John, drawn by Bruce church clothes weren’t as smart as these.

Daddy told the family that they might be gone for a long time and he said to May that her bear would keep her safe while he was gone. But when the day came for Daddy and John to leave everybody was very sad.  

When May and her family waved them off she noticed that there were a lot of other families there too. It seemed as if all the men in Dover were going to France. But Mr Waverley the doctor stayed behind, and May heard him tell Mummy that he wished he could be there too. For some reason this made Mummy cry.    

It was very different without Daddy and John around. They saw a lot more of May’s aunts and all the ladies who lived nearby. A lot of their husbands and sons had gone off to fight as well. Mummy and all the wives had to do a lot of things that the men did. When May’s little chair broke a woman from down the road mended it. They were gone so long that they weren’t even back for May’s birthday.  

One day May helped Mummy make a package for the boys. They put in some biscuits and some pairs of gloves and some Castle Street, drawn by Brucetobacco. Mummy told May that these would be things they were missing.  

In the summer they got a letter saying Daddy was coming home. May was very excited but Mummy asked her not to show off in front of the other women.  

When Daddy finally arrived home he seemed very different. He was sad and his uniform didn’t look so new any more. He found it difficult to walk because his leg had got hurt. He wasn’t the same, but having him home made it easier to wait for John.  

Alistair Pound

pictures by Bruce


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