The "We Remember" Booklet 2006


Dover Town Crest


Jan Tranter, Mayor of DoverWe must never forget the sacrifice made by those who died to keep us free. The Dover War Memorial Project lets us appreciate the fallen as people, not simply as a list of names.  By understanding how and why they suffered for us, the past becomes meaningful, whilst encouraging respect for our common history. Hence my delight that so many schools are enthusiastically endorsing our work.   

I extend sincere thanks to both the media for their superb support, and our dedicated volunteer researchers who continue a vital  dialogue with so many surviving relatives. Our successful exhibitions have benefited many, as a consequence. 

Our Project brings together our shared past, present, and future.   As we buy our poppies, let us appreciate those who stood strong for us and who, even today, continue to die for us.  

Welcome then to this, our Remembrance brochure, which is but the first step in our endeavour.

Councillor Mrs Jan Tranter The Right Worshipful the Town Mayor of Dover



Luc Dehaene, Burgomeester of YpresYpres - or Ieper as it is spelled in present-day Flemish - and Dover are two towns whose name and fame are by far exceeding their rather limited size and population. This is due to two common elements both towns share in their respective history: the “border” with France and the important role they played in the world wars.

To the English speaking world Ypres stands for mass slaughter during several battles of World War I. A dreadful and bloody legacy for a pleasant town like ours, for sure, but also one the town is determined to turn into the good. By explaining what happened here, we hope this and future generations will learn from mistakes made in the past. Hence the importance of the “In Flanders Fields” Museum, the daily Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate memorial, and the numerous remembrance activities throughout the year. In Ypres every day is Remembrance Day.

From this vocation, it is evident that we full-heartedly support the town of Dover’s project to commemorate their war dead. Lest we forget!

Luc Dehaene, Burgemeester van Ieper - Burgomaster of Ypres

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