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Honorary Dovorians - Roll of Honour

Newly begun - a page for those people who came to Dover came to serve.  We thank you!

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Charles Vulyak, courtesy Charles VulyakCorporal Charles W. Vulyak was a gunner with the 127th ("Screaming Eagle") AAA battalion (Mobile), Battery "B". He is third from the left in the group photograph of his gun crew. The gun crew, courtesy Charles Vulyakpicture was taken in early 1944 at a motor pool near Los Angeles.  

Corporal Vulyak and the battalion arrived at Liverpool on the converted British Cunard Passenger Liner the HMT Scythia, and then proceeded directly to Camp Blackshawmoor (Staffordshire) on 15th July 1944. On 3rd August 1944, the battalion set up their gun positions between St Margaret's and Dover. Their main camp was at Camp Swingate Down. The 127th was the first US Gun Battalion to be positioned between St Margaret's and Dover, alongside the Royal Regiment of Artillery, to protect Dover and London from the enemy  "Buzz Bombs".

After they fulfilled their duties on the cliffs of Dover, the battalion crossed the Channel and arrived in France (Omaha Beach) on 27th September 1944. Corporal Vulyak was wounded in Germany in October or November, and spent a long time in England in hospital before returning to the USA iMrs Volyuk, courtesy Charles Volyukn April 1945.

His wife, the former Rose Ann Senffner, enlisted in the Woman's Army Corps in late 1944, and served in the USA as a nurse until February 1946, just after The 127th - The Screaming Eagle battery - Badge, courtesy Chuck Vulyakher marriage.

She is second from left in the photograph, shovelling snow at Fort Des Moines, Iowa WAC camp. The picture was taken around February 1945, before she went as a nurse to an Army Air Force base in Mississippi. There she treated wounded GIs. 

with thanks to Charles W. Vulyak, Jr

HMS Pens

First Row: Lt Visee Standley, Lt Jorissen, Lt Alexander, Lt Com Hamilton Smith, Capt Adams, Lt Ward, Lt Larive, Lt Truckle, Lt Forster, and "Sailor" the dog
Second Row: SW Dogger, Lt Tegelberg, SLt Mastright, SLt Knottenbelt, SLt Hollick, SLt Everett, SLt Lake, SLt Risdon, Lt Liddell, SLt Bradley, SLt Bradford (two names missing)
Third Row: Lt Brunning, Lt Bommezyn, SLt Murrey, Lt Gardner, Mid Genel, SLt Grassam, SLt Hurrell, SLt Drummond, SLt McFarlane, SLt Van Rossem, SLt Innes, Lt Dempster
picture courtesy Richard Stanley

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