war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper



Remembrance 2008

"THE RED POPPY"  by Doug Atkins

Field of poppies, Simon Chambers

The Dead we must remember,
The Red Poppy a God-sender.
War-Dead gave all their worth,
Most are buried under the Earth.

Wear your Red Poppy with pride
For all those in war that died.
Money collected that you will give
Help service-wounded that do live.
In War you need not be a gonner
But to serve your country, a great honour.
Every November the Poppy that's Red
Will help you remember the War-Dead.

The money you will be giving
Will help families of the War-Living;
Just like the servicemen injured at War
Some of the money the Red Poppy is for. .

By Doug Atkins, Saturday 15 November 2008
Ex 1st Queens Own Buffs Reg
Ex 2nd Queens Reg


Members of Doug's family served in both world wars. Two are commemorated on the Town Memorial.

Field of Remembrance at Brandwood End cemetery, Birmingham, 14 February 2009, by Simon John Chambers

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