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This is the beginning of a list of service injuries in Dover. It will be revised as we access more sources; we can't guarantee accuracy as sources don't necessarily match in information or even conflict.  If you have further information, please let us know. A preliminary list of deaths of service personnel is here.

This preliminary list is based on Roy Humphreys' book, "Dover at War, 1939-1945". Further information in italics is from "Front Line County" by Andrew Rootes. See also the different list from the Diary of Events, Dover Municipal Borough


Date Name Location Notes
27 May P/O Kenkyns Shakespeare Cliff crashed after bombing raid
15 July four Langdon Battery bombs on huts 1
29 July man Dover Harbour bomb
three Dover Harbour batteries dive-bombing 1
19 August several military casualties (around 20) The Castle Junker raid
31 August three Hurricane pilots from the RCAF near Dover around 8am shot down
11 September naval officer Grand Hotel cuts to head, bombing
Guardsman Cummings Western Heights badly injured, shell
Privates Birkett and Clifford Marine Station shell
13 September ratings HMT Botanic, Admiralty Dornier bombing
15 September eleven Langdon Battery and Barracks bombs
16 September six military casualties Sea Baths, seafront shell
six naval personnel seriously Granville Dock bomb
18 October several casualties Connaught Park shell
three Pier Turret Battery shell on Sergeants' Mess 1
21 October several sailors Granville Dock bomb
30 October two Langdon Battery gun salvo on No 1 gun 1
six shells on observation point 1
14 November nine drifter Shipmates, Camnber bomb
28 November military casualties Langdon Battery shell 1
15 December unknown Fort Burgoyne parachute mine
unknown Connaught Barracks parachute mine
21 December six South Breakwater Battery shelling 1


Date Name Location Notes
16 February three Farthingloe bomb
27 February several Langdon Battery Dornier bomb
24 April RAF person RAF repairs, near Dover Engineering Works bomb
26 April eight soldiers near Trevanion Caves shell
29 April several military gun emplacements east of town airburst shells
7 May naval officer Market Square car overturned, shell
5 July one Breakwater Battery shell near no 1 gun 1
29 July Lt Col Knott beach mine exploded in minefield
1 October three military serious Archcliffe Fort JU88 bombing
2 October Gnr W J Carpenter Folkestone Road/Malvern severely wounded protecting civilian Doreen Hart  from bomb, left leg amputated
one Archcliffe Fort bombs on engine room 1
a large number of others * around the lower end of the town bombing
14 December Lt Whittingstall Capel Home Guard injured trying to protect platoon from grenade, received MBE
16 December one Western Heights Battery bombs destroyed Nissen hut 1


Date Name Location Notes
22 January possibly naval police person 14 Liverpool Street shell
3 April several RAF Church R/Folkestone Road bomb
4 September sailor Near NFS, Finnis Cave? flying shrapnel, shell
two naval people Ferry Dock shell


Date Name Location Notes
18 January several casualties RA Wanstone Farm shell
2 March possible naval casualties HMT Opossum, PoW Pier hit and sunk while moored, shell
5 April four military St James church/Woolcomber shell
1 May one Admiral civil police* approach to Prince of Wales Pier shell
22 June six sailors* Trawler Adam by Prince of Wales Pier bomb
27 June twenty one Market Square/Cannon Street shell
28 June two soldiers serious, four slight Priory Road shell
24 August one WAAF Dover College  
4 October one naval   shell
  ATS driver, serious   army lorry caught fire, shell


Date Name Location Notes
22 January 24 or 26 WAAFs* a rural area shell. possibly one was Jean Ramsey, who died in hospital on 30 January
20 March two RAF HMS Wasp shell
28 June thirteen probably RAMC Drill Hall, seafront shell
July-September eight said to be wounded from AAA 127th by Castle one wounded by friendly fire, seven by shelling
13 August gunner serious, four slight Lydden Spout V1 shot by ack-ack fire and blown up
29 August army chaplain Braeside, London Road, River shell
29 August naval Petty Officer Tapley's Garage, Cambridge Road shell
2 September three naval HMT Lewis, Prince of Wales Pier shell
3 September four naval serious Ferry Dock shell
6 September three naval serious Barwick's Cave, Snargate Street shell
10 September gunners Wanstone airburst shells
23 September one serviceman serious Salvation Army Hostel,. Snargate Street shell
25 September one soldier serious 94 London Road shell
26 September three serious Broadlees shell
  WAAF Ldg AcW Kathleen McKinley Frith Road wounds to hands, feet, thigh - shell
  naval officer Mitre pub, Snargate Street shell

1-  from "Conflict Across the Strait" by Colonel B E Arnold TD 1982

A preliminary list of deaths of service personnel is here

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